New Equipment Is Here

The blade chassis arrived on a palette today (and boy, was that an awesome time getting it upstairs), so that means all the new server equipment is here (except for additional RAM).

We got 1 blade chassis, 10 loaded blades (except for RAM right now), 2 load balancers (1 is a hot spare) and a managed 48-port gigabit switch (along with redundant power supply).

Now I need to go to Home Depot and get an extension cord and plug adapter so I can plug the chassis into a 220V outlet.

Until the equipment is ready to be installed in the data center, we have Yashi (and his camera shy brother, Wiggly) standing guard over it all.


Just so I don’t forget, the chassis has an L6-30P NEMA plug and the drier has a 14-30R NEMA receptacle (for my adventure to Home Depot later).

8 thoughts on “New Equipment Is Here”

  1. No Webby, I think Johan should hit the new servers as hard as possible once they are up… see how they hold up. Will be a good test run for them. =)

  2. I’m thinking they should be fine for anything TOPS can throw at them. It’s 10 new servers and 2 new load balancers. Each server has 4 CPU cores (2.8Ghz each) so 11.2Ghz total, 12GB RAM and 2 146GB 15k rpm drives.

    So the bottom line is it’s adding 112Ghz in 64-bit CPU power, 120GB RAM and 2.9TB of drive space (spanning 20 hard drives).

    The load balancers will then distribute individual requests to whatever individual server is the least loaded. A 2nd load balancer will just sit idle as a hot spare and will automatically take over if the primary load balancer fails.

    The sucky part is I’ve been making ethernet cables all day today (need about 30 of them to hook all the equipment up), but I’m almost done (I think I need 6 more cables if I’m counting right).

  3. No, they are at my house while I get everything configured, but they will go in the data center when they go into production.

  4. Hey Shawn,

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