WordPress Is NOT Scaleable

The core of WordPress (this blog software) is pretty much a piece of crap as far as it’s “guts” are concerned (although I knew this already, I just didn’t care because my blog doesn’t get enough visitors to really make that fact matter much).

Anyway, I woke up this morning to my servers being thrashed (database server was hitting it’s max limit of 2,500 concurrent connections). Turns out it was because of a front-page Digg (the 3rd one for digitalpoint.com in the last 60 days, but the 1st one for my blog with the crappy WordPress backend). That didn’t hold up to the “digg effect” for very long.

I ended up cobbling together a caching mechanism for WordPress real quick that actually made everything okay, but what I really want to know is if anyone knows of any blog software out there that doesn’t have a crap backend? One that can hold up under load if need be. Sure would be nice if there is one out there already so I don’t have to do it myself.

This is the digg in case anyone is curious. It was dugg by the same person that got a front-page Digg for digitalpoint.com previously. Digg is powerful… a crazy amount of traffic at once. It’s also what spawned the server fundraiser going on now. I think TOPS30 needs to be stabbed.

17 thoughts on “WordPress Is NOT Scaleable”

  1. Because then other people are going to bug me for a copy, and I don’t want to support other people. But I probably will end up doing it one weekend anyway (if I don’t find anything better).

  2. Then make it paid, I know I’d buy one (and I imagine thousands would too) or does money do little to motivate these days … *hopes Shawn has an incredibly boring weekend*

  3. Hey man, leave poor T0PS alone, he doesn’t deserve to be stabbed! 🙂 Just raising awareness of the fund donations as well as the MPAA bollocks… ahum

    *I shall stop breaking people’s websites; I wouldn’t like it if they broke mine either…*

  4. Shawn,

    I highly recommend b2evolution.net — its a fork off of b2 just like WordPress originally was. Extremely customizable and extremely robust. I have two high traffic sites as well as my personal site on the same server, all are running b2e (I also have 2 wordpress installs on the server). One of the b2e sites has seen the Digg front page over 6 times in the past year (most recently this week) and b2e handled it like a breeze.

    Worth a tinkering if you get a chance to download it.

  5. A nice one that I like to use for some community-based sites is Drupal. It tends to be a bit of overkill for a blog, but it’s got a great caching system, and the ability to turn off features (such as database-intensive searches or bandwidth-intensive photo galleries) once a certain number of concurrent hits happens.

  6. I don’t know wheather WordPress is scalable or not, but I know it works fine. I also recommends drupal, it have a lot of features.

  7. What kind of bandwidth did the digg push the site to in MBPS? I know this is kind of old. Just curious as to how much it compared to a /.

    A client of mine held up on his blog to a /. (written in aspx) but I do not know if a digg is much more then the other 🙂

  8. I am constantly trying to open up the forum but i am unsuccessful in doing so because of Database error! I don’t know why it is down but there must be some reason related to Database. Here in Pakistan it is unacceptable, I also tried to open forums.digitalpoint.com from my web server (Located in USA) through putty but till now i am unable to access it.

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