$290 Baseball Tickets?

I’m not a *huge* baseball fan, but I’ll go once or twice a year, and I’m going Sunday for the Padres/Dodger game (this will be my first game this year).

Steve at Bank of America called and asked if I wanted some tickets for the game, so I figured… what the hell. Free baseball tickets… I’ll go. I picked up the tickets today while in the branch, and I just about crapped myself because the tickets are $290 EACH (“Dugout Seats” whatever that means). Does that mean I get to sit IN the dugout? Where do you even get “dugout seat” tickets? I just went to the Padres website and the most expensive tickets I could find are “Premier Club” at $59 each. For the price of these two Padres tickets, you could get the nicest season ticket for the Chargers.

Bobby and I are going on Sunday, so we’ll see if these 2 seats are really worth $580 or not. Maybe we get massages or something. {shrug}

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