Ferrari Enzo Crash In Malibu

I heard about this yesterday, but apparently it’s been an ongoing saga the last few months…


The driver hit a telephone pole going 162 miles per hour and only suffered a bloody lip.

The amazing part to me is that the Enzo (a $1,000,000 car) can be repaired by Ferrari to be “good as new” for $250,000 (1/4 the cost of the car), because from the looks of it, it uhm… got cut in half, and the engine ripped out. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Ferrari Enzo Crash In Malibu”

  1. Thats that swedish mafia guy.. He made a couple of millions extorting ppl in sweden, then stole some ferraris and got cought in US facing many years in US jail (much much much worse then swedish jails) Im just glad some criminals are retarded (since he could afford to buy many ferraris from the mafia money he made). Let him rot in US jail so we wont have to see him here in sweden again. 🙂

  2. Ah…. I could weld it back together again and then buffer out those scratches and it would be as good as new!!! All for a low low price of $150,000. You cant find a lower price anywhere in town!!!

    No but seriously though… I’m the biggest ferrari fan there is and it’s sad to see a beautiful piece of machinery in ruins. Goodbye to a legend that drags to its death a 65° V12 with 4 valves per cylinder, dual overhead cams and variable valve timing. Bosch Motronic ME7 fuel injected masterpiece.

    Till next time

  3. the ferrari enzo’s are designed so the engine releases itself from the main compartment to break the momentom that the car has going spinning ussualy the main shell will stop where it is…and the engine will keeeeeep on flying….

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