Poop Flavored Jelly Beans

Can someone please tell my why Jelly Belly makes buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans? They are f’ing disgusting, and I would rather eat poop flavored candy any day of the week!

There are a couple other nasty flavors (like jalapeno), but none as bad a buttered popcorn.

31 thoughts on “Poop Flavored Jelly Beans”

  1. I dislike the buttered popcorn ones the most as well. Pretty gross. I will put them aside and send them all to you for your birthday. 😀

  2. Haha…Buttered popcorn flavored jelly beans are by far the worst. And I’ve tried them ALL including the following flavors: dirt, vomit, sardine, spinach, ear wax, booger and black pepper. No, I’m not kidding, I bought these:


    Mike & Ike just came out with buttered popcorn flavor too. This is what is really wrong with America…YUCK!

  3. Someone agrees with me! I always buy those boxes with all sorts of flavors, and the popcorn, er, poop, flavored ones never get eaten.

  4. Buttored Popcorn beans (and their Mike n Ike equivalent) are awsome.
    If you want bad, try Cantaloupe, or any coffee flavor.

  5. Pfffft, the butter popcorn is amazing.
    but what’s really fun, is taking a handful out of a mixed batch and eating it all at once.
    The buttered popcorn flavour is strong when you do that,
    but delicious!

  6. I came across this looking for popcorn flavored mike and ikes because I can’t find them locally. I love popcorn flavored jelly beans. I’ll take anyone’s extras too.

  7. Butter flavored popcorn jelly belly jelly beans are by far the most awesome beans ever! Blueberry is also awesome.
    Thank you

  8. WTF, the coffee flavored ones are the best! Buttered popcorn…not so much. Tastes like stale popcorn to me.

  9. you would never expect them to make a poo flavored jelly bean that would taste so nasty i would puke my brains out i mean seriously that is so weird and why they did that idk that is so weird and i would seriously not wants to eat it or be the seller of it because you would probably lose a lot of sales

    tellin you my opinion on

  10. buying 4 bags of Bertie Bots.. $5 a bag
    Leaving a decorative candy dish full of Vomit, Dirt, Sardine, Rotten Egg, Bacon, Booger, Ear Wax and Soap on my desk so unsuspecting co-workers can eat them..PRICELESS!!
    Watch the faces they make..bring extra underwear 😛

  11. The worst ones are definitely Cinnamon. My mouth burns and i explode all over the fairys that live in my back garden. Long live Yellow afro’s.

  12. I don’t no about you’ll but I like all the flavors. I’m with Johann! I love buttered popcorn I eat those first.

  13. my bff gives me all her jelly beans cause she dont like them now i have to barf my way threw them all and i hate butter pop corn ones. seriously go cook a f’ing bag of pop corn not eat a f’ing jelly bean one

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