Sony Qualia 006 (KDS-70CQ006) Discontinued

Sony discontinued their entire Qualia line of high-end products. Okay… no biggie, but maybe they should come out with something to replace the products that are now gone. For example the Qualia 006 (KDS-70CQ006) was a 70″ rear projection TV with SXRD technology and it was freaking AWESOME. No seriously… AWESOME!

Sony now has 50″ and a 60″ SXRD rear projection TVs with the same picture quality (and true 1920×1080 1080p resolution), but I still think they should come out with a 70″ replacement.

Oh well… I guess I’ll look at maybe getting the 60″ (KDS-R60XBR1) for my new HDTV…

3 thoughts on “Sony Qualia 006 (KDS-70CQ006) Discontinued”

  1. There was actually one in the small employee store yesterday. If you want it, you could pick it up Monday if it is still there. It was A stock. I think low 3 thousand something.

  2. Oh, yea…and I can get you a 70 in B stock for low 7 thousand. They have an extended warranty for cheap that makes it a great deal. They will deliver that one to your door since you are my kid.

  3. Seriously … The Pioneer Elite Plasma is the real deal … Anything else is just a waste of time and therefore money … three flavors … 42″, 50″, 60″

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