And Google Said, Let There Be Shawn.

This was taken from the Book of Google (chapter 1, verse 1-5)…

In the beginning Google created the web.

Now the web was formless and empty. Spam was on the surface of the results, and the spirit of Google was hovering over the face of the index.

And Google said, “Let there be Shawn”. And there was Shawn.

Google saw Shawn, and saw that Shawn was good. Google divided Shawn from the spam.

And Google called Shawn awesome, and the spam he called lame.

You know the rest… 🙂 Anyway, it looks like my blog is no longer banned in Google’s index (believe it or not, I actually have some useful posts/information once in awhile). I can only assume that Matt Cutts may have had something to do with it since he read (and commented) on this post last week (since it’s been banned for 15+ months and I’ve tried 3 or 4 re-inclusion requests without any success).

This is what my traffic (just from Google) looks like this month:

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