Coke and Mentos

I’m not sure why, but the video oddly makes me want to try it myself to see if it really works. 🙂


We confirmed that this does work. 🙂 We didn’t quite have as good of a technique for getting the Mentos into the 2 liter bottle as quickly, but it does in fact work. Maybe Julien or Scott will post the video to YouTube.

4 thoughts on “Coke and Mentos”

  1. lol – it does work a matter of fact, I tried as well 😉 The best way to get them in is to crack them in half or powder them and pour.


    Good to see your still alive and well!

  2. I made this video.
    Here’s the trick to getting them in quick:
    Slide the foil mentos tube out of the paper wrapper, leaving the paper tube in tact. Take the Mentos out of the foil and slide them back into the paper tube. For a really good effect, put two paper tubes together (scotch tape!) and use double the mentos.

  3. Also… just for the record, it doesn’t have to be the original flavor. We did it with the fruity ones.

    And it does NOT work with diet Coke.

  4. Will it really not work with diet coke? I downloaded this pdf off and they recommended the use of diet coke.
    I’m planning to take the experiment to our school lab and I don’t want the fountain to be too high, so I’m gonna have to make sure it’s not too warm. The pdf says the reaction would be more explosive the hotter it is. I hope I get the temperature right.
    Anyway, thanks!

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