20 thoughts on “WTF Is This Guy Doing?”

  1. It’s a trick. That way you can bet you will drink from the toilet but the sneaky part is in the fact you put the tube above the water level (25) so you’re not actually drinking but just breathing fresh air (see 15).

    That way you can get a lot of attention at parties and all the girls digg you a lot. Purple pants and pink polo highly recommended.

    For added effect, take a dump first without flushing.

    You can earn quite a bit of bull shit money betting this way.

  2. I get the impression he’s trying to release a clog by blowing air…… :S

    Shawn, you should test it out and report back. 😀

  3. Apparently…
    “What it is, is a long tube that is attached to an airtight mask which fits over your mouth and nose, or to a scuba-style mouth-breathing fixture. If you are in a high-rise building which is on fire, and you are unable to escape, and are in danger of being overcome by smoke, you put the mask on, and then snake the tube through the trap in your toilet, and breath the air out of the drain pipe.”

  4. Stevievep – Then the firefighters are going to find your blackened corpse sucking on a tube coming from the toilet. Persoanlly, I would just take my chances with the fire

  5. I’m with yfs1… I can think of better things to do than go scavenger hunting for a tube and a toilet if I’m in a burning building. Like maybe finding a way out of the building.

  6. The guy mut’ve been way too druck last night. So i think he is trying to figure out what he ate last night. 🙂

  7. I saw a picture like this in basic training for NBCW
    Nuclear Biological Cahemical warfare traning. Problem is it has limited success rate so your last few moments spent on earth are breathing sewer gasses. Rather just take a deep breath and take a nine mm pill to the brain.
    In a fire it will just prolong the agony if you don’t get out. In a radiation scenario (dirty bomb) it will help to prevent radiation in the lungs. Mostly this is one of those things that the government came up with to placate the masses during the cold war when people were still trying to figure out ways to survive a holocaust. Truth is the effectiveness of those strategies is suspect at best and absolutely horrendous at worse.
    Have A Nice Day 🙂

  8. actually this is a patent drawing i have seen before , and yes it is for fires , if theres alot of smoke and you either can’t get out and need to wait for the fireman , you can use this to breath fresh air so you won’t die from smoke inhalation

  9. There’s a reason drain pipes and toilets are designed so as to keep air from coming out of the drain. Maybe he’s just a fan of inhaling sewer gas.

  10. this guys just trying to find his friend who he lost last night after giving him a swirly and he dissapeared thru the drain. or he had a big night last night and hes vomiting thru the tube so theres no smell and he dont get in trouble by his roommates ie. his parents

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