Check How Much You Pay For Crap

Geez man… I’ve been paying $140/month for my 6Mbit DSL line from SBC for years. Today I ran across something that shows 6Mbit DSL lines from SBC are $44.99/month with a 1 year contract or $59.99 if you pay month to month.

So I called them and asked what the difference was between my $140/month DSL and their $45/month DSL… Uhm, nothing is different… only the price.

“Gee, can I get the cheaper price then?”

“Sure, let me change if for you.”

“Am I going to have any downtime?”

“No, it’s a price change only. Your service will be exactly the same and won’t be affected.”

Nice… so I overpaid them like $2,000 in the last 2 years. haha Oh well…

4 thoughts on “Check How Much You Pay For Crap”

  1. is that a line rated at 6Mb or your speeds can be up to 6Mb? I am paying speakeasy 110/mo for a 6Mb/768kb line right now. Where do I peep that deal?

  2. It’s the same as Speak Easy’s… up to 6Mbit (I think 3Mbit guaranteed). But I’m close enough to the CO that I’m actually getting about 6.3Mbit.

  3. There alot more deals out there. Things get cheaper as they get older , exception is me, of course.
    Never, never, buy things when it’s the latest whatever, and that goes for anything.
    When the x-boxes were new, my friend had bought it for $500. Now you can get a wii for about $300, and that’s way more high tech. This is in a span of approximately 6 years , I guess. Same thing with dvd players, initially $350, now they go for under $100.
    And the best part about it is when you get it cheaper, it’s usually updated 10 times over, too.

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