Canon VB-C50i/R

I need to get a good pan/tilt/zoom camera for the site of the house construction (to automatically make a time lapse of the house being built and also just to see what’s going on at any given time).

I’ve done a little research on it, and so far the Canon is the best one (for the job) I can come up with… It has good zoom capability (26x optical + 12x digital for a total of 312x zoom), it has a built-in server (no need to connect it to a computer), you can schedule it to take pictures (at a pre-set pan/tilt/zoom) for the time lapsing, has a night mode with an infrared illuminator to see in the dark, etc.

So go test drive it over here, and tell me what you think:


Or if you know of anything better, please let me know…

9 thoughts on “Canon VB-C50i/R”

  1. That’s a pretty sweet camera. Demo page is pretty cool. What are you going to mount it on for watching the construction though?

  2. You need a network switch to plug in the ethernet cable from the camera :), for some, and for others a PC yeah.

    But some have really cool features.

    Just helping here.

  3. hey, can you please tell me what all acc. does the canon VB-C50i camera come with? like cables, software ect.

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