Tilt Shift Photography

Been seeing some interesting pictures floating around the last week or so where people take a picture of a real scene, but it’s done in a way so it looks like a very detailed model.

For example, check out the pictures on these sites:


Being a dork, I started digging into the “how-to” side of things and found a really informative site…


One thought on “Tilt Shift Photography”

  1. We went to visit an old VOC ship that was re-built exactly like they used to be hundreds of years ago when they did the Holland – SE Asia route. I took a picture of the model that was on display and then a whole load of pics of the actual ship. When I had them developed (back in the analogue days) I had forgotten about the model and just couldn’t figure out how I had managed to climb all the way to the top of the 100ft mast and take that snap.

    Sort of your blog post in reverse…

    *on to do useful things now *

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