Fiber To My Door

I just found out today that the house I’m building is going to have fiber to the door from the phone company (SBC/AT&T), so there will be no old school twisted pair copper wires coming into my home. 🙂

The downside to this is the temporary construction trailer is going to need special equipment to get a temporary phone line from the fiber. Oh well. 🙂

39Mbit “DSL”, here I come!

6 thoughts on “Fiber To My Door”

  1. From a technical standpoint, it could be 39Mbit either way.

    The only reason it’s limited to 39Mbit, is at the node, they use one strand of fiber per 16 homes. So 622Mbit on a single strand divided up into 16 pieces is 39Mbit. Nice thing about that is they could later upgrade the node with more strands and bring a single home up to 622Mbit without doing anything on the premise (by that time they probably will have figured out how to squeeze more bandwidth out of a single strand anyway).

    I heard a rumor that the actual Internet connectivity offering is going to be 25Mbit down/3Mbit up.

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