I’m Psychic (No Seriously)

I get very few phone calls on my cell phone… maybe 3 calls per week or so. Anyway… sitting in the car with my roommate, I started singing my ringtone (which I don’t do normally). And 10 seconds later my cell phone started ringing. My roommate had a pretty weird look on her face. 🙂

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  1. i’m pshycic as well and i’m only twevle
    i hear the peoples thoughts when i dont want to i cant control it i need help

  2. i’m afraid when i can see and hear things others cant i’m seeing visons of people in my sschool getting hurt by a man in ablack coat ‘m worried my vison said it would happen tomarrow please call 1-508-963-5948

  3. hey, i’ve been psychic ever since i was born ive seen my gran, and felt her stroaking my hair when im in bed and i think about her and something strange happens. ive never seen anything like what stanley smith has but people have diffrent powers and they chose what to see and what to hear. it may seen weird talking to someone who isn’t there but trust me the livng and the dead are compleitly diffrent im more affraid of the living to be honest. but thats just me if you want any free readings call me on 01942 607216 and ask for lesley ann take care xxxx

  4. I’m psychic, i have dreams and visions so i know wats going to happen and sometimes i get weird vibes and feelings and i just know wen things are going to happen. i have been like this since i was 8, wen i had an out of body experience and some how i must have connected with the spirit world which is also why i can sense when there is a ghost around. i can do things with my mind and have a bit of fun at the pool table and stop simple shots from getting in just so i have a chance, hehe. i have so many stories of my gift, if you wanna chat email me [email protected].

    1. yes…. I get these i have only had like 4 visions in 23 years everyone has come true and its just like watching tv but not as clear

  5. I’m 12 and psychic and I watch TV all the time and when I do I thin of a show and eposoed and soon it’s on.And I dream sometimes they happen but nothing fantasy of corse.And wen I’m grownded and all I have to do is listin to the radio and think of a song and soon it’s on.

  6. i am true to what i do becausee having visions runs in my family. i am able to tell ur future, and i can read babies mind, and i can sense people vibe knowing if they r either crazy, nice, mean, or what they r even thinkin…

    i would like to meet syilvia browne one day cause i felel a very strong connection between her…

    any question contact me @ [email protected]

    thrust me u’ll thank me tommorrow……

  7. i have dreams and they come true…i had a dream that my friend who i havent spoken to in about a year got into a car crash. it wasnt even a dream really, more of me imagininig things when im half asleep in the morning, and it was so vivid. i was just thinking about it then later that day, randomly he calls me. i havent spoken to him in a year and all of a sudden he calls me to hangout. of course i say yeah. wen i see him, he tells me that he had a really bad car accident that day…

    the only difference was that in my dream i was in the back seat

    ive had dreams like this many times before, and i wish i knew a way to control it, to be able to tell wich ones are predictions, and wich are just regular dreams

    i also get vibes and feelings and can make things happen with my mind; whether it be someone walking one direction, or someone sitting in the seat next to mine when i dont even know them

  8. I guess I’m psychic. I really don’t want to be. Often I know what someone’s going to say before they say it word for word. I dream things that happen a couple of days later. I find that this is a problem. I really wish it wasn’t happening. I wish there was some kind of practical use for this “gift”. I haven’t found it yet.

  9. i’m psychic. it runs in my family as far back as i know. all the gifted ones in my family are clairsentient with side gifts. me for instance, im clairsentient with clairvoyance. my gift works mostly around the dead. i don’t know if it always runs in families but would have thought so. all the other gifted people i know inherited it too.

  10. im15 and i get this feeling bout twice a week
    i close my eyes and a birds eye veiw of myself flashes through my mind this has been going on for a bout three months
    then one day i was reading about comunicating mentally and i meditated cleared my mind and saidto myself ALEXCALLME
    and 1 minuete and 21 sec later she called
    now i get vibes about what ppl will say on the news or what my teacher is going to say

    and when i was in second grade i remember a vision i used to get all thetime
    of a classroom
    tht summer we moved and the classroom in my vision was my 3rd grade science class
    i want to kno how to hone this skill bcause it is very sparatic and i think i could put it to good use
    any tips
    ill check the board for a week

  11. I am also psychic . i always have the felling of the thing has happend before my dreams sometimes come true(not the millonaire or rockster ones)but normal dreams and i mess with electronics without touching them!!!

  12. I think im psychic i often have dreams that come true i have for years now i also have the thought of a person n seconds later they will phone me i am kind of gettin used to fucked up dreams n the calls but two weeks ago i wanted to give meditation ago n did n sore in the mirror somethin nasty evil like with horns like on my face i also had tears rolling down my face . The nxt day i stroke my cat n wen i did i had this feeling allmost a vioce in my head saying run over i thought nufin of it stroke him again n told him to be carefull then i let him outside about 2 hours later there was a noc at the door this man had run down my cat BASTARD.Tiggy was in a bad way poor thing we rushed to the vests n they give him some pain killers but he past some time later. I felt like shit noing wot i felt earlyer and fuckin well spooked i still do now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. |Try this … stand in a room at night… has to be dark outside.. Stand about 6ft away from a window. Your room light turned on. Stare into the window at your reflection for 5-10 mins trying not to blink… everything around you will fade away .. your eyes will twitch slightly …you will then show no reflection in the window then suddenly you will.. and you see your true self … what you really look like and it will not scare you …only last’s about 20 seconds… *this will only work if you’re open minded* NOT scared and willing to see one’s true self.

  13. And yesterday shortly after the hooving around the house was done there were white feathers found about the house n they didnt come off the christmas turkey if u no wot i mean .

  14. I’m psychic, but very strong. I have dreams that come true, and I can sometimes see a glimpse of ghost orbs. The strongest part is that I think about a song on the radio, or a TV show, and then I turn it on and it’s on.

  15. Hi My Name Kelly-Marie And i Am 12 i was born on the 4 june 1995 and i think i maybe psychic Becouse I hear thing then i ask my dad did he here that noise and he said no and when i go a bed and i turn of my light i get scared and i have to turn the light on i never used to be like this i think i see faces in the dark and i hear ppl calling my name and then i ask ppl and they say i didint call you and its really wired sometime i see flashing light go passed in the conner of my eye and its really scary Plzz How Do i no if im psychic Cose i Dont really understand someone plz help me im really frighted and i read in a magazine a woman who rited to a psychic had the same has what i get and the pychic rited back to her you have some psychic ability and just say when you go a bed in the dark pplz go away your scarying me but i wont to say that so they go but in a way i dont cose i dont no why but i just feel spechil that i get these sents and when i go to a place sometimes it feels really wird cose it feels like ive been there before but its been my first time the same with faces when i see someone on the street for the first time it dosent feel like a first time its really freky plz can someone help me cose im frightend and would you be able to get hold of me on [email protected] plz email xx kelly marie

  16. i’m psychic as well. i know things before they happen and jet wierd vibes. they used to only come by dreams but not there getting stronger and come like visions. its happened to me since i was little and very few people believe me until now when i got a vision in front of people in my classmates. my mom is the same way.

  17. U Know me u can hear me i hear u. those who know ,know how to contact me u know what is coming we need to act now hurry

  18. jen ur not psychic ur being watched my friend and its not ur gran think & look harder u know what i mean

  19. I’m 11 and psychic it’s creepy becuase last week a kid was about to punch from behind and i turned around and flipped him.and if i told family or friend i’d be going to acrazy people house or something

  20. i am to i have dreams and the next day they come true or i start thinking about somethingh and comes true.

  21. i have had gut feelings and know things far before they happen. i can sing a song and hear it on any given station moments later. i can tell something about people just by talking to them over the internet. and when i was little, i told my parents that my great grandma had died, i ended up “mimicking” her voice..and for some odd reason, that we should all wear pink b/c that was her favorite color. i have deja vu very frequently. as crazy as this all may sound, my family believes that im just imagining things…maybe i am?? whats going on??? and how can i focus in on whatever it is and allow it to benifit me as a person??

  22. Hi my name is Andrew, I’m turning 17 and around the 7th grade I started to feel like I “knew” things… I would say something and it would happen like my friend, he was using his birthday and age and favorite number to calculate some result on the computer, I was doing dishes and kept saying 8. his number turned out to be 8. this could be a lucky guess but any way as the years went on I have been getting great feelings of something dark watching me I know I sound crazy but its made me so paranoid. for the past two years I have ignored all the feelings and dreams but I think its time I accept it all and make it strong to work in my advantage.

  23. I’m Psychic too, ( with ghosts ) ive been psychic since i was 4 and im 11 now turning 12 very soon.

  24. I’m a psychic… I can read peoples minds!
    It first happened when I was in the 7th grade… Then suddenly I heard voices… alot of voices everywhere…
    It was getting annoying… until I looked at my fat teacher and concentrated on her while she was eating her hot dog…
    Then I could read her thoughts…. She was staring at me and thinking “Oh god i want to fuck you up hot little kid”

  25. I am also Psychic and I know people dont beleve in this stuff but i am a Pyro/Aqua kenetic yes i do both

  26. hey,
    im phsycic to, im 14 years old and when i was in 5th grade i had a dream that my friend was going to standup to ask the teacher a question and then look at the tv screen when she got up to the desk and fall and have a seizure cus the tv was showing something about blood.
    then 2 months later in science class she stood up and i got all nervous[we were watching a video about blood] she walked to the desk,looked at the tv screen[my heart started beating like super fast cus i knew what was about to happen] then she fell, hit her head on the desk and started to have a seizure.

    its creepy.

  27. i think im psychic too because i never ever remember my dreams and everytime i remember them they come true like i had a dream that we did yoga in spanish class and i thought it was funny so i told all my friends and the next day we did yoga in spanish

  28. im psychic. im 17 and i found out last year when i went to a hypno tharapist. i can sense the dead and I can feel people’s energies. like if i move my hands over your body i can terll whats wrong with you even if i dont have a medical record of you. like last night i did it on my grandma and i feli her neck on herlaft side was wrong and she told me after she has thyroid problems. i want to improve my gift but i dont know who to go to. please relpy

  29. I can tell when people are going to die! i get the feeling that i’m indistructable this just comes and goes its not a good to know this shit its too much info for me as i’ve suffered a shitty life in a bone yard and ten of my close friends have died of drink and drugs and we were all very close this all is a fucking nightmare and help! it seems is a dirty word i attention seek anyway possible because of all this! i find it disturbing when i meet strangers and family who i know have not long and am desperate to know what to do! these other people have no idea about this insanity I’m put through not being able to help them around me! i used to be a carer for the elderly for five years until i was twenty-five i saw my and their the future in their palm like a feeling it cracked me up and disturbed me and it all happened is this sight just a joke as I’m tired and becoming an alcoholic and want to give up on the world as i’ve seen too much pain and had six people in my life try and kill me one gets out of prison next year! I’m not scared of death just pain its no friend has anyone some advise that can help me with painful info about my family i have tried to change the future invain it does not work and have never felt any good karma!

  30. how does this work no one has said anything i’ll just go mad with this stuff as i said help is just a dirty word but at least i i can spell that one!

  31. hi, im psychic, and its really weird, today iw as at a sleepover and i thought about my family at home. then i had adream about one of my dogs. then when my mum came to pick me up she told me that the same dog i had dreamed about had had a stroke and couldnt move. its awful, really, and i knew it would happen.

  32. Well I have had this for about a year now but i have very high observation skills i can see things before others even get a chance to look around i also sometimes can see my body and others around me when im in class also i can feel when people are looking at me so please help me

  33. Hey guys! I am psychic and just recently found out. I feel really wierd because I can see the dead, read people’s minds and see the future. If there is anyone who can help me please post back on this website thanks. It would mean alot to me! Love Helena xxx

  34. I’m psychic too. I have been since as long as I can remember. It’s weird but @the same time AWESOME!

  35. I have some abilities too but the crappy part is that I get this feeling and I cans see what is going to happen but then it happens moments later so i have no way to do anything about it. I can also tell what people are about to say or do and then seconds later they do it. I wish i could see things sooner so that there if something bad was about to happen I could actually do something about it. I also cant tell that I just had a precognitive experience until after it happens so my gift is pretty much useless.

  36. I am legend.

    Call me on 07742500004 for free readings, just trying to give back to mother nature what mother nature gave me.

  37. i am psychic and i am 10 yrs. old. i can see peoples faces and hear them and then i get dizzy and faint. when i get to the hospital, my mom tells the doctor i had low blood sugar. i dont feel comfortable when my mom lies to the doctor. i dream something and then it actually happens. i’m thinking of transfrering schools bcuz my school is over 120 yrs. old.

  38. u kno, this mite sound wierd, but my friend & i were flipping a coin on the bus, and i guessed if the coin would be heads and tails and i got it rite almost every time….is that unusual?

  39. I’m psychic, i have dreams and visions so i now whats going to happen its so weird..i new i was psychic since 2007.. When i was in bed and my window was open i saw my dead family members.. i have many stories to my gift.. i never seen anything like Stanley Smith but i felt many spirits in my room and they stroke my hair one of them was my aunt that just recently died i went in to the spirit world before too… im 10 and its so scary some times but i’m glad i’m psychic .. if you want to chat my e-mail is [email protected]

  40. hi!!! i know what the futur is and im freaking out!!!!!
    i know when things will happen. i havent told anyone, no one would belive me !!!!!!!

  41. heyy, stanley im only 12 too. i talk to my nana(dead) and we talk and its like she is actually there but im not sure if im going crazy or psychic. so how can i find out if im phychic???

  42. I had a dream a few years ago, that my family was gathered in the living room of my grandmothers house. everyone was there but my grandmother. 2 days after i had the dream my dad told me that my grandmother passed away.
    I had another dream that someone by the name of Burkett was in the obituary section. i read it in my dream. i told my dad the next morning. the day after i told my dad he told me that a “regular” from the coffee shop we used to own had passed away. their last name was Burkett.
    I can tell when my phone is about to ring. i sometimes pick it up before it starts to ring. I can sense when someone arrives at a place. and when they will arrive before they even leave. my girlfriend lives an hour away. she was leaving my house one day to head home. I sent her a text saying “home sweet home =)” she told me she got the message as she grabbed the door handle.
    i can tell hidden messages in what people say just by the way they talk.
    I come off as a very intelligent person when i speak to people. i can easily persuade others. i can make them believe that i am more than what i actually am.
    I like to call these “powers”. I believe i passed some off to my girlfriend. who just recently started visiting places that she has seen in her dreams unintentionally.
    My father has also had dreams that came true. He too may have “powers”. he believes that an angel saved him from a car accident. He was driving on a two lane road and was trapped between a median and another car. while a car that had crossed over in front of the median was coming towards him, he closed his eyes. the next thing he knew, he was pulled over to the side of the road. a man walked up to him and asked if he was alright. my dad said the man told him the car went strait through him.
    He also had a dream of an airplane crash. a few day following the dream, a plane crashed in Lancaster Pennsylvania. this was his first dream that came true.
    I believe that i am able to see these things and sense what happens without being there because of a small brown dot on my iris. My eyes are blue. and my hair is blonde. could i possibly be an angel sent from god?

    If you have any questions please e-mail me [email protected]

  43. i’m pyschic, i can be in a great mood and then suddenly i get this awful feeling like something bad is going to happen. When i get these feelings; i’m almost always right. I can remember all of my dreams; good and bad. While i’m dreaming, i feel like as if i’m actually there experiencing everything that is happening. Everything feels so real; every touch and emotion. When i’m being hurt in a dream i can feel the pain and remember almost exactly how it felt. Very often, i get feelings of when something is going to happen and what is going to happen. I’ve been wrong a few times by changing my feelings but when i listen to my feelings i’m right. When i look at people i see like these colors around them like blue, green, yellow, etc. I can hear people whispering in my ear when no one is near me. I can see and hear things no one else can hear. I often wonder if i’m the only one with this unexplainable expieriences.

  44. Sometimes I hear someone shouting my name at me when I’m trying to go to sleep, and I hear it vividly even though it’s the middle of the night and everyone else is asleep. Other times I feel like the ceiling just crashed down on me. It’s interesting but it makes it freaking hard to sleep.

  45. Ok… I am really shocked now…
    Just about 30 minutes ago, I typed in the word psychic. Just randomly. No purpose at all.
    My Dad had left about 4 hours ago to my grandparent’s house, and I am staying at home (I finally can, I’m 14.)
    I found out much information about psychic ability, and I did a test to confirm whether I had any psychic ability. Unfortunately, I lost connection before finishing, but then I was browsing this thing about someone being psychic. I was wondering why nothing like this has ever happened to me.
    Suddenly, I had a desire for Chicken; KFC chicken in one of those red boxes. I was wondering why Dad was taking so long to get back. It was 8:30 and he should have come back an hour ago, as planned.
    I decided to call him. I was on the third last digit when I heard the sound of the garage door opening. ‘Coincidentally’ he had arrived just as I was phoning him. Dad apologised for being a little late, but held out a red lunchbox. Inside it was some home made chicken and noodles my grandma had prepared for our dinner. Ok, so it wasn’t KFC, but it was chicken in a red container (ok, maybe not a red box either.)
    And then when we were done eating, I went to have my shower. I returned and Dad said he had eaten the last piece of chicken. But I had a sneaking suspicion. When I went to the fridge to get my water bottle, I spotted a last piece of chicken.
    Can someone explain what you think I have? What the technical name is or something?

  46. I have this wierd humm in my ears when i concentrate and then i can do wierd stuff like i did it @ school and i was worried that i’d be late for my bus because it was raining and so i concentrated and it stopped raining soon after.

  47. hey i am erica iam 12 and i think i am pscic but i dont know how to tell i mean i have been going to sleep and having dreams that actually come true either within the next day to 3 days afterwards is that a sign???

  48. i think im a pscic, i think, i have dreams about what people say and they happen, allways, well once a month it happens to me anyway,sometimes twice,i think you should not be scared, we have a gift and we should enbracet, really im serious.

  49. tommy, you have the gift of premenision, on some cases like mine it happens when your a sleep, you on the other hand can have visions when your awake

  50. i have dreams about the future, i know what people are thinking, including my dogs, i see lights glowing around everyone! if i put my hand on a persons head i can know about their entire life and there future, im not lying, im 13 and no one believes me…and i refuse to use my… ability? to show off. every time i try to post this the electrisity goes out, but this time im hoping it works. im using a car battery and my laptop, email me with help! [email protected]

  51. Uh… i’m not really sure how this whole tihng works or if any of you are telling the truth, not that im accusing you of doing so…. i just want answers is all i want to stop feeling scared and confused. I er… at night sometimes when i dream, i see people driving cars, its like im the person next to them and its a blur and i can hear shrieks and the sound of metal scrapping against pavement. Then im on the outside looking in at the people… i cant see their faces its like they dont have one, but i know there dead and i wake up crying at night. And then ill b watching the news on tv and theres a picture of someone and then there face appears in my dream and i know it was the woman that died in the car crash. I see death… sometimes i see people i know or dont knows future it depends and now i dont sleep because everytime i close my eyes or even blink i see the womans face on the back of my eyelids lying dead. Please help me….

  52. wow thats weird but im psychic and im 14 i see visions when im like awake like they just come to me at random times of the day, week, month, you name it i’ve been able to do this since i was three years old. but its not uncommon get an account at this adress i have one to but got to this website its (psychic-experiences.com) they can help you know an deal with your psychic ability. don’t worry its free.

  53. this may sound weird but I’m 10 and I believe that I have psychic powers. When I sleep I sometimes have dreams that I go places. I never see myself go in there. I’m just in a middle of a dream and I see a place show up. I just see a place and I see all around it then I go make to the dream i was in before or I start a knew one. Later, I go to that place and I never see it coming. This has happened severa tilmes before and some my friends say this has happened to them too.

  54. im ten i may not be a full powered phychic but when i was litle my grandfather had passed away when i was born he held me but he was dead i still remember it. hold on some ghost noise is bothering me bye.

  55. it happened last night i was asleep i guess now looking into phychics im feeling eary feelings but any way i woke up cant see them just feel them rubbing my head i was about to punch that spirit upside the head but hey isn’t being dead torchur enough.

  56. i went to a psychic yesterday, and she said i was psychic though my dreams. i think it’s true, how do i work on this ability to make it stronger. i also really have a great feeling im psychic, and idk why. pleas let me know what you think, and how i can strengthen my abilities

  57. i am 13 years old and i have been seeing things that happends the next day to 2 weeks later. sometimes it hurts to see it and it is in black and white. I would like to not see it in black and white and hear the gods beter. Please help.

  58. I need help. I’m almost positive im physic, I dont know where to begin, When peopkle are talking to me and theyre about to say a number, im thinking of it in my head before they say it. I’ve had a few OOB experiences and i have lucid dreams about 3 times a week. I can guess somethings about to happen and usually it happens. I sometimes have to go on planes by myself and i watch the people come down the aisle, i can tell whos about to sit next to me and i get this inpression of them like “shes really friendly,” or “hes bold” and sure enough- they are. I need help, i need to know what to do now, im only 13 and i dont think my mom will believe me but my Nan might. i need to learn to controll my thoughts, sometimes when i daydream i picture a sinero and it will play out just like i saw. please post a reply and i willl check back

  59. hello,

    im a 13 year old and me and my 2 friends have been having some, “odd happenings”. we are a little freaked out and hope someone can help us. i am a trained aura reader, and my other friends are beginners. we all have experienced paranormal things happening to us. we are all scared and hope that someone can help us.

    peace for now,
    rusty 🙂

  60. Hey I’m 14 years old and recently worthless objects have been catching my attention and later on, what I noticed has something to do with anything like seeing, reading, or experiencing what I saw or heard. One time during math class I was thinking about Hello Goodbye and later on that night, one of their songs came on just as I was about to go to sleep. My friend Michelle always used to sing “Rock The Boat” and hasn’t been around for a few days, so I’m getting a little worried if something has happened to her. I’m not sure what this is called -relative subjects resulting in beneficial, or malicious discovery- but if anyone knows… help?

  61. im psych ,and im ten ,so i do beleive you very much.and i see ghost,spirts,and demos ,and i can tell peoplps feelings.so welcome to the psych would ,if u r.

  62. Danny, This happens to me all the time. I wish I had some advice for you. Our minds are very powerful. If you think long and hard enough. You can make things happen. Be careful about focusing too much on what has happened, and think about her being safe and sound. See what happens. Good luck …

  63. please help me. I think I might have a…”gift”. Right now it doesnt really feel like one though. 😛
    I’ve seen things before, although it isnt as frequent now as it used to be. For instance, me and my friend jamie were walking through a well visited forest. we usually walk through it together with our dogs. jamie didnt take her dog this time, and it was just jamie, me, and my dog kelly. I suddenly felt a cold breeze and my armhair stood on end. Kelly started to snarl at jamie, so I looked at her.
    I saw a blackness surrounding her, and it looked like she was dissapearing. Apparently she couldnt feel anything at all. I grabbed her hand and pulled her along with me to the exit of the woods. Kelly was at my side, still barking down into the woods.
    That was the first of my visions and vibes, and that was when I was 11. Now i’m forteen, and very scared. At my dads house, there is a little spirit of a girl who likes to inhabit my room. She throws temper tantrums mostly, and I will wake up to find the lights flickering on and off, and my record player (yes, i still have a record player) on the fritz. I can tell she’s angry, but I cant get what the scource of what is making her angry. I tried asking, but I only was rewarded with the slamming of a door.
    I get the strong feeling of deja vu about once a month, and it usually happens. I get cases more frequently that seem to have a lesser strength to them, and only happen about 5 minutes- 5 seconds before it happens.
    I really dont want to get messed up in an occult, or religious ordeal please, I just need somebody to tell me what’s up and how to deal with this. I havent told anybody but my mom. My stepdad’s reformed and he’d call me the seed of the devil and sprinkle holy water on me, and my real dad, who is in quebec at the moment, would call me a schitzo. I hope you understand, as I really dont have anywhere else to turn.
    P.S. when i said I dont want any more religious mess, I meant it. I’m a christian, and I’m also stuborn. Please dont judge me for this. I refuse to meddle with the spirits, I know they’re real. I know there are positive as well as negative ones. please keep my out of this.
    If you have an answer, please contact me at:

    [email protected]

  64. well i think im gaining psychic abilities.i will have these visions and a cou[le days later it happens.the other day i was sitting here and then it got dark,i saw a man driving a cab and then i saw 2 men,one who was about 13 or 14 sliced the mans neck open and then the other who had to be much older had robbed the man.then a week later it happened.and there are times i feel others pain which i cant explain.then when i touch a picture i will see when and where it happened in a vision..and im scared of it all

  65. Hey, my name is Jamie, and i have a feeling that im physic because i have really wierd dreams, and then they come true! For the past month i would think of something just randomly and it would come true! I know what people are gonna say, and will say a show i want to come on, and it comes on! I like it but it only happens a couple times a week, and in a good week about 6! Someone please tell me how to controll it! 🙂 thanks.

  66. I have the same thoughts i hear peoples thoughts and if i tell someone there like ya rite so its like really weird but i can here thoughts im the only one that knows i can my parents dont even know

  67. Hey My name is Kathia Alexis….i dont know if i am pshysic or not but almost everytime i have a dream it come tru, the other at school i was doing a school work and suddenly spaced out saying that soomething was gunna happen 1minute later people started fainting beacouse of a gas leak and today i wrote the word Shi(death in japanese) in my note book with out knowing and the lunchroom got set on fire, its really wierd.

  68. what does it mean when you touch and object or a person and get a dark feeling everytime i touch something i get a feeling and back away really fast i happens when im in old stores and the other day at the hospital…does enybody know….and what about shadows of animals and people running next to you??

  69. im 11 years old and really scared because ive been seeing things and ive tried to tell people about it and none of my friends take me seriously im all alone………………….. please if ANYONE has answers for me e-mail me on myspace at [email protected] please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    scared and lonely but just like u,

  70. HEY “R” how would u know if i am psychic u dont even know me! and by the way both my grans are still alive! so its obviouse ur not psychic!
    no need to have a dig at me when im not the only one that has wrote on this wall. if ur psychic u will come back on here!

  71. im the same as u guys only i have mind manipulation, and i can see things b4 they happen. i can also heal ppl and protect them but i guess i just developed a lot….
    anyways i wanna know if any of u other guys have felt something pulsing like i have, i keep seeing a lot of other places being hit by disasters and im not sure how to take it. but there is a lot of fear and something is growing. anyone felt anything?

  72. hey im psychic too! i had a test about it and i have top marks of psychicness in all areas! its really creepy and every time i try to tell someone they laugh and i get picked on for weeks or months. i have been psychic literally all my life. i can see ghosts 24/7, move some objects,hear some ppls thoughs, know what ppl will say before they say it sometimes, (most common) have dreams that come true – i can sometimes see years into the future, freak out some electronics, know ppl as soon as i meet them, make some things happen with my mind, predict some things and sometimes make ppls decisions for them by concenrtating on what they will say hard. im also kinda nocturnal, i dont need to sleep as much as most kids. the only down side is ppl think im crazy and i cant control my abilities. oh also i can sometimes see ppls auras! talk about freaky right!?

  73. hey im psychic too! i had a test about it and i have top marks of psychicness in all areas! its really creepy and every time i try to tell someone they laugh and i get picked on for weeks or months. i have been psychic literally all my life. i can see ghosts 24/7, move some objects,hear some ppls thoughs, know what ppl will say before they say it sometimes, (most common) have dreams that come true – i can sometimes see years into the future, freak out some electronics, know ppl as soon as i meet them, make some things happen with my mind, predict some things and sometimes make ppls decisions for them by concenrtating on what they will say hard. im also kinda nocturnal, i dont need to sleep as much as most kids. the only down side is ppl think im crazy and i cant control my abilities. oh also i can sometimes see ppls auras! talk about freaky right!?

  74. oh by the way i forgot, i can heal faster than most ppl and sense vibes and many other psychic abilities. you name it, i probably have that psychic ability. plz reply to me and tell me what you think, am i crazy or psychic? is being psychic evil?

  75. hey i just found a site that said that being psychic is a sin! as if! if u ask me its not my fault i have these abilities and u know i cant control them! plus its not a sin because its more of a helping hand its never been a bad thing to me.

  76. you know what, im just glad that there are others like me out there u know what i mean?
    bye i wont be writing any more comments for now

  77. this is so weird…but i believe you guys i think im psychic too…i had a dream like 2 weeks ago that this guy at my school would go missing and i had a really bad feeling it was gonna happen and for the whole last week he hasnt been at school but his brother was and he looked worried….i know that doesnt rlly make me sound like it but maybe the dream could represent something? theres more examples that are a lot more convincing than this one cuz i know this one isnt really but i wont tell them all….just that one time my dad was on the phone and i heard him say “oh thats terrible” and i didnt know how i knew this or who y dad was even talking to but i said to my friend (who was at my house) “oh no steve died” (steve was my dads best friend) and then my dad came in and told me that steve died….but steve was young so it wasnt one of those “oh youre old so youre gonna die soon” moments….ya and the tv/radio/phone thing…i can do that too…

  78. hey i forgot one ability: when i read i sometimes (most commonly) mentally become that character for a while and my feeling become in sink with what the character is feeling, its creepy. thnx for listening. bye.

  79. hey. just wanna say, my abilities are becoming strongerand more active each day. what about u?

  80. hey im psychic coz i like get these vibes that i have seen a place before ( deja vu ) even if i visited the place for the first time .
    Everyone is Psychic . People have to understand and concentrate . Only then ppl will realise that they are psychic too .
    Im only 10 years !

  81. I think…I may be psychic. I have dreams every night and I always remember them when I wake, most are abstract but they always connect to something that happens the next day. A few years ago I got home a few days before my mother’s birthday I touched the keypad into our garage and suddenly thought “We’re getting a dog today” and a white dog’s image flashed through my head. As soon as I walked through the door, my stepmother told me to come out to the car with her and that we were going to go get my mom’s present. It was the dog from my thoughts minutes earlier.

    Also I kept having dreams of a car crash and 3 days after my birthday my stepmother’s car was totaled and she was barely not killed. I also knew when my grandmother was going to die when i was 11 the night before I was told.

    I always know someone’s true character and I think i have stopped time once–a walk that normally takes close to an hour took me 5 minutes.

    One of my friends is going through similar changes, only she’s more in touch with her gift than I am. Any information or way to get in touch with our powers would be really helpful, my email is jewls57558@

  82. I scare myslef all the time, i have dreams and they come true, i think of numbers in my head, then see them on a number plate, i had a dream that maddie mcaan was alive and in Newark, im terrified that this will come true seeming as i didnt even know Newark was a place untill i had that dream, i see faces when i close my eyes, i hear voices telling me what to do, i hate it, please help me.

  83. hi, i am pretty sure im psychic but it annoys the hell out of me that i cant control, i have the usual dreams of things happening, i know if someones about to call and who it is and i know if someones phone will be on answer phone when i dial the number, so much so that sometimes i dt bother, its constant. I have even dremt which numbers will come up on the roulette wheel the nxt day but ive stoped gamling mainly due to this, i want to make proper use of this because at the moment it just spins me out and makes me feel like im wasting something special, anyway if anyone has any tips email me cheers [email protected]

  84. I’m only 11 but I can see future in my dreams ever since I was 6! It’s not all the time but it’s pretty often. Once I dreamt that my maths teacher asked for scores of a maths test and I looked at my sheet and saw 17/20. 2 Weeks later that very thing happened. I told my friends but they look at me as if I’m mad! I did research and It believes that I’m psychic! please let me know if anyone else has the same problem because my friends look at me as if i’m mad.

  85. i just realised. were gathering. all the psychics are getting more powerful and more are coming. i dont know what for. maybe for the supposed 2012 idea, maybe not.

  86. ive been able to hear and see spirits since the age of four…growing up i began to push myself away from it..why im not sure i do believe its a gift, maybe fear. Now i am a mother of two girls. my daughter is four and i have begun to realize she is also gifted…I need to know how i can “practise” my gift, and grow with it..I have personally had a spirit following me for years i can not make it out clearly as to it being male or female, so i saw a psychic and she says its a he and its been 8years (which it has) she says im loosing my abilitie to communicate and if i keep pushing it away well then thats it…another thing my grandmother passed in aug. 09. and she has been trying to contact me, she tries to help me sleep, and shes always with my children…why cant i hear her? i hear fighting, crying, children, coughing, laughing, full conversations but i cant hear her!!!!! shes my stone! i need to hear and see her again…how to i get intune with what i have to do? The psychic i saw said i said and exstremely sensivtive gift and im need to help those who are looking….PLEASE HE:LP ME

  87. ive been able to hear and see spirits since the age of four…growing up i began to push myself away from it..why im not sure i do believe its a gift, maybe fear. Now i am a mother of two girls. my daughter is four and i have begun to realize she is also gifted…I need to know how i can “practise” my gift, and grow with it..I have personally had a spirit following me for years i can not make it out clearly as to it being male or female, so i saw a psychic and she says its a he and its been 8years (which it has) she says im loosing my abilitie to communicate and if i keep pushing it away well then thats it…another thing my grandmother passed in aug. 09. and she has been trying to contact me, she tries to help me sleep, and shes always with my children…why cant i hear her? i hear fighting, crying, children, coughing, laughing, full conversations but i cant hear her!!!!! shes my stone! i need to hear and see her again…how to i get intune with what i have to do? The psychic i saw said i said and exstremely sensivtive gift and im need to help those who are looking….PLEASE HE:LP ME

  88. I think i am psychic because back in January of 2009 i had a daydream (which is very unlike me) and i was dreaming of
    it raining and we were watching the morning show and it said that it was going to rain. But i have also been seeing these daydreams since i was 3… can somebody help me with my problem?

  89. I’m 15 year’s old and i see this little girl that no one but me can see , My dreams are becoming real like I dream i see a cat in a dream the when i wake up i do (bigger thing then just a cat tho) It’s been like this for 4 mounth’s now and i dont know how to tell my parents this.I feel like if I do they would tell people then people thinking that im a freak!! and never want to be my friend again…I just feel alone.

  90. hey, i have been reading this site with lots of psychic experiences on recently. and one persons comment to an experience was: ‘i wonder what would happen if psychics went to war against the normal humans? how long would it take for us to be exterminated… or would we be?’ it kinda made me a little nervous to hear, though it sounds like an interesting thought. i wonder what would happen… will it ever actually happen? so. what do you lot think of it?

  91. Hi everyone my name is Brittanyim 14. Im glad to see that im not the only one who is seeing/feeling things. I see people all the time that no body else sees. I have resently moved into a new house and seeing this woman alot. its realy only a shawdow of a woman but still. and i have been having VERY disrubing dreams and i have no clue what the heck to do. If anyone has any adice it would be nice,

  92. Hey, I fully believe you. The thing you need to realize is, you’re not a rare case. Everyone is “psychic” in the least. The subconscious holds many abilities not recognized by the logical community merely because there is nothing “logical” about it. These minor premonitions mostly occur when the subject is relaxed in a familiar environment. They manifest themselves in the form of random impulses, such as the urge to sing a ringtone. If you care enough to wonder how I know this, I have been what people call a psychic for quite some time. Just another person that can use these premonitions not only in the subconscious.

  93. heyy I’m psyic to can some1 please help me if i tink of a TV show than 1 day later its on & its not only the TV I had a vison about me swimin with my dad & den it hapened the next day an hour ago i had 1 it was my mum crying like some1 had died & it felt like som1 had died text mr 0858467606

  94. hey my again I forgot to say I think my dad can read minds and if we are psychics real dan wat eles is?? I’m scared

  95. heyy im psychic i tink of a tv show and the next day its on & i think my dad can read minds I had the same thing at the top with the ringtone bt if psychics are real than maby werewolves& vampires are 2 so wat can we do call me 0858467606

  96. by the way. dont you think its strange that the government allows psychics to continue to live and be on tv and all that if they know psychics exist?

    because if you think about it, psychics are powerful and can do things normal humans cant. some can even do stuff like kinesis that can possibly kill a person.

    if the government knows this then why arent they calling psychics dangerous and do anything to stop us from existing or even use us as weapons?

    that just means that the government doesnt belive all these psychics are real. if they knew we really existed and we arent just fakers and all that. what would they do? do u think a war might break out between the government and psychics and the world would become a dangerous place for psychics to live? im planning on writing a book all based of this sort of stuff.

  97. well i think im a wierdo sometimes wat people are ssayng iknow wat thier gonna say up next i can tell what type of person they are like i can telll if the person is good or not help please i need it

  98. I don’t know if I am or not how could I really find out?I want a concrete answer.I think of small things like…”I like this song i hope it comes on the radio” and a minute later it does.And lots of little little stuff like how someone is going to do something…I don’t knw how 2 describe it.But its just tiny things…..Answers [email protected]

  99. Hi ive posted on here now more things continue i can still see sprits and have dreams on whats going to happen the next day because now something new has happen to me i can feel peoples emotions cause if i foucus on the person i can feel there emotions and once when i saw this boy i saw his aura it was red and i saw his future dearing my eyes open i saw him killing someone and i wasnt frightin by it that only happen once and now i keep hearing little kid voices everywhere and idk whats happening when i go to sleep i see the future of my own i feel like another eye is on my forhead it is called the 3rd eye it is a ability for the ones who have ”gifts” but it might be rare to have it during day for it to open ive been tired recently because of my 3rd eye so that ability i have makes me tired so i have alot of sleep but im always tired but idk when this will stop continueing because there are fake phycics out there and i dont like it but i wish i was normal cause idk if i should accept it or not but im not scared of it so i suppose i could accept it……

  100. Hey if us phycicis are powerfull then why dont the government or president do something? because im still a little shocked because the only thing there useing phycics for is 2012 cause on youtube they used 2 phycic twin females they looked like they were in there 20’s
    but theye only said hi were phycici so dont worry about dooms day in 2012 like what the heck dude just like that those too girls may have a few phycic abilities but there just ugh just a show off on stupidity and just exposed phycics and some normal mortals are stero-types on phycics they think we use a crystal ball like what the freak its hard for us phycics for once they should just stop being ugh so annoyingly horrible people sometimes i just hope they dont do something to us phycics cause i heard that the government do expriments and all that stuff but i hope they dont do it on phycics though

  101. I’d like to know, How can I unlock my “powers” to it’s full extent and full control? I can feel peoples emotions sometimes without the sight of their impressions. But I believe that with this ability comes with seeing the souls and the ups and downs of their personalities. Give me some pointers, it would be much appreciated.

  102. hey… its been a while hasnt it. hey alannah, i know what you mean. im nervous about what would happen if the government found out were real too. i bet it would be hell for us. im honestly scared of that thought. i recently found out im a reincarnate as well. im a very old soul and i can now remember a few of my thousands of lives and their names. even what i used to look like sometimes. sometimes i start to act like on of my past lives by accident, sorta like im combining all my past personalities ya’ know? some of my past lives werent even human! so im kinda like a starseed or something i guess… lately i have been having some of THE most creepiest dreams. i swear they are so weird yet feel so damn REAL! like one of the dreams, i was in my room lying on my bed fully dressed feeling like i had just woken up from a short nap and it was dark. the whole place was a mess and abandoned. i went down stairs etc etc and when i walked outside it was dark, like night or something and the houses down my street were all destroyed and only partially standing. i started walking down to the dead end of my street and in the sky you could see planets. saturn and jupiter
    and even their moons orbiting them it was so creepy yet it felt sort of normal like things had been like that for a while. i was older, like sixteen or something. (im still an early teen right now, still a couple of years away from sixteen.) i turned back around when i got to the end of my street and started walking back. i saw a dead dog or something on the ground. a jackal i think, it was stiff and its skin was all taunt. in my dream i got REALLY upset but i didnt show it. i picked the dead dog up. (kinda ew) and continued to walk. i heard a yell and then what sounded like the crack of a gun. (i dunno how i knew what a gun firing sounds like, i just knew) i turned around in the direction of the sound in shock (it came from an alley that im sure isnt on my street as far as i know) and then i saw someone running towards me but didnt see their face then everything went black and i woke up. creepy huh. the most vivid points were the planets, “waking up”, the buildings, the sound of the gun and the dead dog. it really shook me with how real it felt.

  103. I can join people in their dream’s not by choice. I have named it Dream\Weaving.. It doesn’t happen often maybe once a year.. the persons dream that i enter comes true eventually and the other person can also remember me being in the dream but cannot remember what happened. The dreams i have feel more real than when i am awake. Considering we sleep roughly 7-9 hours a day i think dreams may be another way of life… we as a race haven’t learnt how to embrace this… I think somehow everyone dream-weaves but doesn’t remember or is not an open minded person… I think the reason peoples dreams come true is because you dream-weave with others and you all make it come true without your knowing. That is my opinion and what i believe in

  104. hey…
    im back again…
    i know i post a lot but theres so much to talk about…
    that dream-weaving sounds interesting. recently i have been feeling this sort of looming disaster kinda feeling. and when i think about destiny and fate i kinda have a really bad feeling like whats in store for me isnt good. i have been remembering more details about my past lives and i have to say its all very interesting. but you know what i noticed about all my past lives? all of them looked similar in some way or another, all of them ended up with the same guy (as in the same soul… he is always a little blurred but i know roughly what he looks like although his name eludes me… and the other thing i noticed was that none of my past lives have lived long lives, the oldest one of them got was about 32-40 years old (i know its a big gap.) before she died, also, most of them died tragically, often by murder or some more supernatural reason. the rest died of diseases or plain old accidents. but you wouldnt belive some of the stuff my past lives have gone through. i have always been a tough go down fighting person but i really wouldnt like to go through some of the stuff they did fate, destiny or otherwise.

  105. HEY! I was browsing through sites about psychics and sites where people discussed about psychics and the government and you know what i saw someone write! i hardly belive this myself but they said ‘in my opinion psychics should be scientifically investigated (a kinder way of saying experimented on) first… and then killed.’ can you belive that person! if i had an account on that site i would have SOOOO made them wish they werent born for saying something as cold as that. i mean HOW WOULD THEY LIKE IT IF SOMEONE WROTE A COMMENT LIKE THAT ABOUT THEM HUH? HOW WOULD THEY LIKE TO BE EXPERIMENTED ON AND THEN KILLED HUH?! GOD some people make me SOO ANGRY!

  106. If anybody thinks there psychic, I want them to send a reply. I want them to read(guess) what my name is and put it below. I bet nobody will get it correctly. Hint it is not the name above

  107. … oi ‘aizen’ i can tell youre one of those stereotypical people who arent open minded enough to figure out that your idea of psychic is all wrong and was probably given to you by american tv am i right? well let me tell you that psychics arent like that. psychic doesnt mean you can tell who someone is without even seeing them or predicting excaly what there thinking or what there gonna say. HELL it doesnt always even mean seeing the future for some of us! so sorry but youre not gonna get a proper answer for that stereotypical question of yours that i would personally LOVE to send to hell and torture because i hear it SO DAMN OFTEN! also that isnt a hint. anyone can tell that that isnt your name. isnt it the name of some evil dude in bleach? so its obviously not a hint. stop taunting us thinking ur such a big shot coz ur not got that. your view of psychics is wrong DEAD WRONG mister. psychics are people who have special abilities. sure some CAN see into the future or sometimes instinctively know a person or read minds but they often cant control it. they more often than not cant just give a prediction at the click of a finger it happens more at random especial since that ability is the most abstract and hardest to control (in my opinion). others can control elements to some extent conciously or otherwise but will probably deny it unless you leave them no other option other than to speak the truth. others can see auras or ghosts or inflict harm on people with some concentration or enter/weave dreams, do astral prodection etc… and you cant just ask us to prove it because us REAL psychics (NOT the fakers on tv) more often than not prefer to keep our powers confidential, to ourselves or only let people close to them or like them know of it so you can just shove off mister smarty pants and rethink your whole person. THANK.YOU.VERY.MUCH. good luck with hell btw i hear its a lovely place to torture people like you at. *you have it coming for offending me like that mister*
    wishing you luck and a joyful life~arrelia your worst nightmare yet best dream *depending on my mood of course*
    bye bye!

  108. p.s whats with the ‘if anybody THINK there psychic~’ trash? were NOT psychos or delusional or ANYTHING like that and we dont THINK were psychic, we KNOW were psychic coz we have had WAY to many signs and proof to beilive otherwise JERK. INFACT quite a lot of psychics dont belive it themselves at first but eventually realise they cant run away from the truth ALSO i KNOW for a FACT that there are quite a few psychics who are SCARED of what they are or scared of what will happen to them if certian people find out. that sort of UNCERTANITY and FEAR doesnt come with something fake or make belive, ESPECIALLY if the fear is on the level they feel theres no way its make belive coz of cold, hard, PROOF and because theres simply so MANY of us, TOO many of us for it to be FAKE. why are YOU even ON HERE ANYWAY? coz ur obviously NOT PSYCHIC and are most definetally a NON-BELIVING STEREOTYPICAL person so you shouldnt have reason to be on this site even if you just want to prove your right. the only way you could have found this site is if you wrote in something along the lines of ‘im psychic’ into the search engine which im amazed you would write considering your a non-beliver and all. i would more expect you to write in something along the lines of ‘are psychics real’ or ‘psychics are fake’ etc… which i know for a fact wouldnt make this site appear on screen since i just checked with a different tab. so let me ask you something aizen…
    well?… why aizen?

  109. oh also..
    please answer i am genuinely curious now
    thanks~arrelia~the fallen angel that only tried to do what thought was right *even though i fell im still fighting-take that god!(blegh!)*

  110. Im psychic as well but my ability has nothing to do with visions, its more of a strong feeling that comes out as a. perfect description of something thats going to happen within days. At first i thought it was coincidences and then i started witing them down and writing when they were confirmed and it kept happening way to often whther its death, life, marriage, just anything i get a feeling about it.

  111. I recently discovered i’m pyschic and i get scared about what i see i see people animals and objects no one else see. i have visions in my dreams. What really scares me is that yesterday i thought all day about my fish dieing and this mornig i found it dead. I getvibes from people.I am only a 13 year old it makes me happy to know other people go through this.

  112. Hi, my name is Sara and I’m 16. I’ve been psychic ever since I can remember. I’ve dealt with it my whole life. Ive never really talk about it with anyone outside the family except for my best friend, but I recently it’s been really hard for me. Im the kind of psychic that just knows things. I can tell when the phone is going to ring, when someone is thinking about me and if something is going to happen. I sometimes even read minds in the sense of I know what their thinking bt it’s not so clear.

    Recently it’s been getting stronger to the point that I subconscious send my mom like psychic messages where she can feel vague feelings that I feel. It’s been getting complicated for me because she can tell when I’m up to something. For example she will call me freaking out if I sneak out of school at lunch to get extra food, because she feels like I’m being sneaky. So now she can always tell and she won’t let me out of her sight which makes it so hard for me because I can’t sneak out and see my boyfriend anymore.

    I really need to be able to conroll this because it sucks!

    Please help, even just being able to talk about it will make it a little bit easier, in kinda desperate at the moment.

  113. I was tortured as a child by spirits that I and still to this day refuse to see, in fact I make it point to tell them I won’t look, but if they need to tell me something then I’m open to that; my fear is that I can FEEL in my soul that once I allow myself to see them then they’ll never go away and it will open me up to all of them. As my health gets worse ive noticed that my abilities have exploded and so now I feel I need to learn more. I’ve been tested and out of 11 tests by separate entities and out of 10 I ranked between 8 and 9 every time. I need help from a reliable source to sort my abilities out, I wake up at 3:33 almost every night and now Im exhausted so I go to bed after that time now and that has worked. I’ve had dreams that I don’t remember but A name might pop into my head only later to learn they have died, this happened recently with Amy whine house and with several other people in my life and now I make sure everyone hears me and I clock the time for validation later and it freaks people out. My life has been of suffering and pain since I was a child and I now wonder if it’s because of my abilities….I need help so if anyone out there can give me some tips on how to open up all the way or turn off then please….I beg you….help me

  114. sounds like you have it bad… i cant really help you coz the few spirits i see/ sense leave me alone and its hard to get them to actually talk to me (they avoid me like the plauge TT TT). they may be spirits but they sound pretty malevolent, though they might be demons? im no expert though so dont take my word for it… how about posting this on the site psychic experiences? the responses are rather good and it helps answer a lot of questions. good luck.

  115. about the spirits… i can see them and communicate with them… that is if they didnt avoid me… i always wonder why… i see them often enough but they never enter my house and have never caused me trouble… they more stay distant, avoid eye contact and conversation. they dont exacly run away screaming but if i try to talk to one they ignore me. but i know they can see and hear me coz they keep glancing at me and sometimes they react to some things i say but i dont see any reason for them to avoid me… its most curious… so yeah i cant exacly help much with your case coz i have no experience with that kind of problem. demons, premonitions, light/darkness and other certian areas however…
    well cya! and again good luck.

  116. Hey, im 16 years old and bear this in mind, i am VERY VERY mature for my age. Lets say 16 goin on 36. ive known i was Psychic for at least 3 months now. I can feel auras, sense spirits, read tea leaves and much more. Has anyone else experienced this?

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