I’m Going To Enter The 2006 NFL Draft

I was in Mexico on Saturday helping give out gifts and feed kids (I never want to see another hot dog or piece of carne asada in my life), and we took a break to play a little street football.

I never realized how awesome I am at football… I caught the only touchdown for our team (we only had one) and on defense I had 2 defended passes and all the interceptions for our team (2). In fact the whole game ended when their quarterback quit after my second pick.

So, I’m hereby entering the 2006 NFL draft. I should be a high 2nd rounder I’m thinking. I can play offense and defense!

Oh… did I mention that the kids I played against were all 10-15 years old? 😉

7 thoughts on “I’m Going To Enter The 2006 NFL Draft”

  1. Make sure, that the day after you declare yourself draft elligible, that you stomp on someone’s face and pull a gun on some kid in a fast food restaurant parking lot. Seems to be the “in” thing this year 🙂

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