That’s the only way I can sum up the Charger’s season. Now that they are officially not going to make the playoffs. They *should* be 14-1 at this point, but they aren’t… Instead they are 9-6.

All they need is to upgrade their defensive backs and maybe add another good wide receiver and it will be all good for next year.

On a positive note, the Raiders lost today too, so I don’t have to make sweet love to them.

One thought on “Augh!”

  1. 14-1? you are smokin’ something good there 😉

    Chargers got some soul searching to do in the offseason though. Not only a QB controversy (brees or the other guy who they have a ton of money invested in), but also 2 years of underacheiving.

    Bucs are going to the playoffs after they beat the Saints next week. Too bad the Redskins will be the most likely opponent. A rematch of the 36-35 game is not what I’m lookin forward to.

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