Grenada – Rescued From Rape And Slavery

It’s pretty funny to see the propaganda that the United States drops on countries we invade. In 1983, we rescued Grenada from “rape and slavery”.

This is issue #1 for the comic book (I wonder how many issues came out? hehe).

Check page 8 to see the enemies “master plan”.


3 thoughts on “Grenada – Rescued From Rape And Slavery”

  1. Damn, I thought that was Bush’s master plan, now I know where he got it from, just change the word Carribean to world and the word Democracy to Democrats.

  2. This really made my christmas spirit peak 🙂

    Can this really be true… Can a huge government agency like the CIA really act so sadly amateurish, and all for an invasion that took what, 4 hours or so?

    Well, they’ve had their fun with the great arch-enemy Castro over the last odd decades.

  3. I actually just came across one of these comic books in near-mint condition. If anybody is interested, leave a comment. Thanks.

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