Chargers Are The Grinch

San Diego was the team that went into New England and beat the Patriots at home for the first time in years (21 straight home game victories). Now they went to Indianapolis and treated Peyton Manning like the little bitch that he is. Indianapolis was the NFLs only unbeaten team (13-0) and San Diego killed their aspirations of an undefeated season.

Peyton Manning isn’t all that great. Maybe Indianapolis will bring Ryan Leaf out of retirement to give them a real quarterback. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Chargers Are The Grinch”

  1. Colts mailed that game in. They didn’t wake up till the 3rd quarter. I figured they lose this week and/or the next week and go 15-1 or 14-2.

  2. Yeah the Chargers played a great game… now if they only hadn’t lost last week to the Dolphins they’d be looking good for the playoffs. I still hope they get in, but they have a tough schedule.

  3. Why all the hate? Peyton a bitch? Lets think about that for a second. 2 straight MVPs, 7 consecutive 4000 yard seasons, single season TD record, led his team as only the 3rd in history to go 13-0. 48 hours ago, everyone was on his bandwagon talking about how he’s magnificent.

    Peyton would never say this, so Ill say it for him. Kiss his big white ass.

  4. I didn’t mean Peyton Manning was a bitch figuratively… just literally. I heard he likes to make out with his brother Eli and that Peyton is the bitch. 🙂

    Everyone wasn’t on the Peyton bandwagon 48 hours ago. He’s okay I guess, but he’s not magnificent. My cat, now HE’S magnificent.

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