Color Rendering Of Front Elevation

I have a color rendering of the front elevation of my house now (it’s required for the second phase of the design review by the HOA).

It was too big to fit in my scanner, so I pieced it together from two different scans. If you don’t like the line where the images were joined, too bad! 🙂

Notice the moat on the front (with a bridge to the front door).

9 thoughts on “Color Rendering Of Front Elevation”

  1. Wow, very nice soon to be house. I just came upon your site, I was searching for a google map mashup help. I saw the live traffic post you made with the traffic speeds in the area. I’m trying to do something similar using yahoo traffic rss feeds. I am having some trouble though and I was wondering if you could help me. You have my email listed above, so if you have a chance only 🙂 Thanks.

  2. Since VS says the house sucks, maybe she can be the cleaning service for ‘ya … I understand she has some nice French Maid outfits … 😉 [inside joke for those that don’t know]

    Pretty fabulous looking Shawn – when’s the house warming party!!!

  3. Holy Shit !

    THATS your house ?

    Look out Elvis !

    I remember seeing some pretty awesome pictures of a House designed by some firm, but knew you were building so figured they were there just to showcase an awesome interior.

    I suspect now I was looking at the planned interior of your castle.

    You know, every castle has a name.. (I mean what the hell you’ve got a moat right ? (awesome BTW :))..

    So have I missed the post, or are you still thinking about it ?



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