5 thoughts on “I’m Psychic”

  1. I am psychic too, but not as good as you :D. I used to have no control of when i had a psychic thought and it was hard to distinguish between whether it was a psychic thought or a normal thought.

    I have had psychic dreams as well as thoughts.

    Recently i am starting to pick up the ability to distinguish, and the psychic abilities are becoming under control.

    What should i do? I need your help to enhance my abilities. How did u get urs, did u learn it or were u born with it?

  2. I’m Only Twelve And I Can Read People’s Mind’s you Might Nor Beleive Me But I Would Never Make This Up. Only Part Of MY Family Know And Only My Best Friend ***** Know’s…. It’s Really Freaky I Also Have Dreams Of What’s Going To Be On The New’s Like Murder’s And It Happens This Is Really Freaky Please Help Me To out To Control This….

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