Sony Violates Copyright With Own Copyright Protection System

Sony is in all sorts of trouble when they were recently exposed as to installing rootkits on user’s PCs without their permission in order to “protect the copyrights of their CDs” which can’t be uninstalled. That in itself is enough to get Sony in pretty hot water.

Hackers are now using backdoors in the rootkits to attack/take control of people’s PCs. Oh boy… I’m sure Sony loves that too.

Now, the funniest part… Sony’s rootkit was compiled with the LAME music encoder inside it. LAME is licensed under the Lesser General Public License (LGPL), which requires those who use it attribute the original software and publish some of the code they write to use the library. Sony hasn’t done any of this, which means Sony’s dangerous rootkit software that “protects its copyrights” is a copyright violation by Sony in itself. hehe


3 thoughts on “Sony Violates Copyright With Own Copyright Protection System”

  1. Wow, the pictures on the EFF site show a compatibility box on the back for Portable Devices that only lists:
    Secure Windows Media & Sony Walkman digital music players

    No iPods? That’s insane. It’s like Sony is just screaming out, “Boycott my CDs, boycott my CDs!”

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