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Speaking of downloading movies, I wish Apple would hurry up and deploy a full blown Apple Movie Store (they obviously have the ability to do video with the iPod Video and their ability to sell TV shows). If they sold DVDs you could download for $10, it would be the end of retail DVDs and DVD rentals (not unlike what the Apple Music Store did to CDs).

As it is, I never rent DVDs (I always buy) because I’m too lazy to make two trips to Blockbuster.

On a conference call with analysts last week, Steve Jobs, who serves as chief executive for both Apple and Pixar, acknowledged that it still takes too long to download feature-length films over the Internet.

Too long to download? That’s the only holdup? Gay.

By my calculations, if they used their H.264 compression algorithm, it would take about 20 minutes to download a full length movie. That’s not too bad if you ask me.

4 thoughts on “Download Movies”

  1. I agree. It doesn’t take too long to download a movie with broadband. And a lot of people have broadband, or will switch with the promise of movie DVD downloads cheaper than DVDs from a retail outlet. If they setup some sort of multiple server download like how P2P networks download from multiple sources you could get better DL times. Heck even if it took a whole hour to download a full length movie, I’d start the download before I started dinner and it’d be done by the time dinner is through.

  2. 20 minutes! That’s all!??!?! Try getting to your local Blockbuster and back in that time. Traffic, gas cost and having to deal with every dumb-ass along the way just takes too much of a toll on my fragile mind.

  3. What is The cost of this service? Do you accept money orders? If so how should it be made out and where should it be sent? Is there a guarantee?

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