My Dream Cell Phone

Motorola announced two new cell phones today based on the RAZR V3.

The RAZR V3i is basically the same phone, with the addition of iTunes (big deal… I don’t care) and a microSD card slot (which I *do* care about). More memory is always good.

The other one is the RAZR v3c, which will give Verizon a RAZR phone offering for the first time. I don’t personally care all that much since I use Cingular, but one thing I *did* notice is it supports Verizon’s EV-DO high speed network. So uhm, why not put out a GSM based RAZR that supports HSDPA since Cingular is now rolling it out?

So my dream phone would be someone taking the new V3i (because of the microSD slot, not because of iTunes), add HSDPA (3G) support and throw in a GPS. I never thought a GPS on a cell phone was all that useful until yesterday when Google released a new Google Mobile app (which is really cool, and 10x cooler if you have a GPS in your phone).

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