Winn & Sims Employs The Borg?

I think that Winn & Sims employees have a single collective conscious known as “The Borg”. How else can you possibly explain three employees independently making identical statements on their personal websites?

“Hey Everyone! These are just a few of my law firm links, including my favorite Law Firm: Winn and Sims, APC. I just love working for them!”

A truly heartfelt testimonial as quoted from Aric, Lauren and Stephanie’s personal websites.

These three must be Borg probes masquerading as human beings, and you better believe I’m going to be reporting this to Star Fleet Command so they can start planning for the full scale Borg invasion. I wonder if you need a green card to work here on earth when you are an intergalactic alien?

6 thoughts on “Winn & Sims Employs The Borg?”

  1. Well if you ask me (and nobody usually does) when you look at the pictures from left to right, the 3rd person seems to be a composite of the other 2.

    Borg Theory: 2
    All other Theories: 0

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