Cell Phone As A Flashlight

Have you ever used your cell phone as a flashlight? It’s not terribly bright, but just bright enough you can see stuff if it’s pitch dark (for example moving around your house in the middle of the night without tripping over stuff).

It gives off a faint/eery glow that lets you see about 2 feet in front of you. Someone should make a movie about a boogieman that you can see in the dark only with your cell phone light. It would be suspenseful for no other reason than you can only see 2 feet around you.

Oh, and whoever makes that movie, give me some money for the idea too… thanks.

5 thoughts on “Cell Phone As A Flashlight”

  1. Yup, use it all the time. Especially if it’s dark out and I can’t seem to get the key in the car door.

  2. Absolutely!

    I thought Blackberries were designed to double as flashlights! Saved me couple of times while walking into a completely dark room to find the switch.

  3. my phone actually has an ultra-bright LED flashlight built into it… its a Nokia 3200 (I think), comes in really handy when you’ve dropped the door keys 😀

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