“A Law Firm I Like: Winn and Sims”?

I just found out today that it’s the professional opinion of Brian Winn (of Winn and Sims law firm) that my Winn and Sims blog is not only “infringing on their intellectual property rights”, but is a flat out “illegal site”. Not only that, I’m somehow “spreading misinformation” about them. It all seems like a very strange choice of words considering it’s nothing more than a factual timeline of events that transpired.

I would think that if it was the true belief of a lawyer that I’m trying to “malign his company’s reputation”, they would be quick to file a libel suit against me. Then again, maybe I was already served another mystery summons and I’m due to appear in court. 😉

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  1. LOL. Looks like Wins and Sims is trying to do a little seo themselves by setting up a bunch of free accounts and writing about how great they are! I won’t even bother linking to them…I’m sure you’ve seen them already. A lot of them have the wording

    “Hey Everyone! These are just a few of my law firm links, including my favorite Law Firm: Winn and Sims, APC. I just love working for them! ”

    righ in above the part where they talk about you.

    Too funny.

  2. That site makes a good point, though. It refers to linking to winn-and-sims.com but making it look like a link to the company’s official site which I find misleading. I think it would be better to call the link Winn and Sims vs. Me, or something that tells you what you are really linking to. More honest anyway. Thanks for providing a perfect example of that and illustrating my point Vicious!

    Also, I have to agree that you are infringing on their rights when you register a domain name winn-and-sims.com right after you agreed to stop using winnandsims.com. Do you really think the hyphens make any difference? I mean, if waltdisney.com told me to stop using their domain, and then I turn around and register walt-disney.com, I think they would have a case against me. So why winn-and-sims.com instead of winnandsims-vs-me? or something more descriptive?

  3. I was not under any sort of legal obligation to stop using winnandsims.com. It was just something they asked for in the settlement agreement (actually they asked for much more as you can see here, which I did not give them).

    Basically they knew there was no possible way they were going to win this if it was taken to court, so not only did I cut out all the “dumb” things they asked for in their settlement agreement, I made some of my own additions (no confidentiality on the agreement and any future disputes between Winn and Sims and myself have to be handled in a San Diego court instead of me going to their court district).

    What they ended up getting was nothing more than this.

  4. Winn and Sims are bunch of crooks a relative of mines had a furniture bill account with heliz meyers this store closed down and they let it get up to 1600.00 winns and sims charged me $3,000 for the it wasnt even mine and didnt serve me I wish i could take them to court for fraud. They also said theyd work with me but still attached my wages scums and they have a arrogant crook there name Erica M. he told me since I didnt want to work with them to dont call there well sob it wasnt my account

  5. Odd how you only link to actual Winn and Sims sites Jon. ;-p

    Personally I think most people would be more than thankful to come across Shawn’s page before ever having to deal with those guys. It’s too bad he’s not ranked #1 on Google, but #2 or 3 isn’t bad… and he is #1 on Yahoo. Besides it’s not like his title in the search engines doesn’t say “Winn and Sims vs. Me”

  6. I just searched Google for “winn sims”, and winn-and-sims.com was #32.

    Let me see if I understand you. It’s okay to use a derivative domain name as long as your title is accurate, right? I just love the illogic behind that statement.

    Oh and if you want to know one reason why the site ranks so high on Yahoo! — check out these slick domain names with links to the site such as ccapplication.com, sendmoneytransfer.com, etc. all owned by ???

  7. I just got off the phone with Nicole at the Fullerton office of Winn and Sims. They are after me for a leased Ford repo of
    almost 4 years ago. In the agreement they sent me, they totally want to strip me of my rights. I mentioned to her that she should google her own company. She replied to the effect that they are in good standing with the BBB. They
    are bottom feeders. I told her I google them all the time for entertainment. I actually went to court for a Motion to Quash because I was served illegally in December. In the proof of service, it said the summons was left with my
    co-occupant on a Saturday and I live alone! But the judge sided with them not really understanding simply that if I live alone I have no co-occupant. And why did I find the summons on my doorstep on Sunday evening?

    I will be so happy to just pay them a monthly amount if they can be more fair in the wording of the agreement.

  8. Shawn , winn and sims did the same to me , served mystery people and sent a copy of a summons that never arrived , Then got a default judgement on me. Is there any way I can talk to you? or maybe you can send me an email. I have some info you may be interested in.

  9. Add the fact below to their long list of crookedness!


    file has copies of the letter and the fake money orders.

    Winn & Sims law firm tried to get me to endorse fake US Postal money orders to pay off a debt I’m not personally responsible for.

    I turned the fake money orders over to the postmaster at the Spurgeon Post Office in Santa Ana, California.

    My theory is they tried to trick me into committing fraud in an attempt to blackmail me into paying a debt I personally dont owe.

    This law firm has a history of crookedness.

  10. Petition the California Attorney General’s Office. Ask them to overturn the judgments of Winn & Simms since most of them have been preceded by improper summons service.

  11. These people don’t even try to work with you. I’ve had two screaming matches with Erika and Bryant. They didn’t even want to work with my debt settlement person. Now they garnished my wages and I have to now get an attorney to try to fight it. These people are bastards. They are just like those places that NBC Dateline and 20/20 go after to under cover fraud. They are the only ones who will not and refuse to work with people. Bastards!!!!!!!

  12. ok everyone this company is now called Winn Law Group, APC when u have a company that does debt collections u must remind urselves to read the FDPCA LAWS no i am not on their side on ur if u know the laws u can understand what is next. Once a Letter of Debt Owed is sent to ur home address u have 30 days in which to write or call them regarding this said debt. once u do u can tell them not to contact u by email(which they are not allowed to do so by their company) telephone or work only by mail u also want to tell them not to contact ur relatives or previous address as they do have skip tracers (people who look up ur credit & previous places of employment and homes) When they do serve u they can personally serve which means u are actually present in front of the server at home or business they cannot contact u for about 30-35 days in which u have to answer them and the court, if they sub serve u this means that another person that leaves at ur home (residence) is 18 or over whether they accept the papers or not can be used “as they did serve u” this means that the person they spoke to must have 5 destinct features such as height weight approx. age gender such as 5’3″ 210 lbs age 15 asian blue eyes female black hair this is on the report from the process server and a first name or they will write Jane Doe when this is completed u have 45-50 days to answer answer means when u contact them regarding the letter or subopena in question. Remember u have to Contact them and the Court if u wish to negoitate that they can usually only accept 70-100 % or the amount per their clients usually it’s 80% depending on how much u owe their client in regards to their “client” themselves has bought from several other companies such as HSBC aka HOUSEHOLD Bank Corporation (Company) gives out credit cards to other banks and companies such as VISA, READ THE WHOLE AGREEMENT ON LINE OR WHEN THEY SEND U THE AGREEMENT these companies are allowed to have an ARBITRATOR which is a person who is working on behalf of the client and it can be any LAWYER or LAW FIRM by the way WINN LAW GROUP just bought the remaining Accounts from another firm that just went out of business for the same thing If u leave this outstanding bill for 4 years from the charge off date they cannot go after u again also the legal amount of interest per day per the contract that they can get u on is 10% per judgment and if u sign a Stipulation meaning that u agree to pay a certain amount but then DEFAULT (means u forgot a payment ) (if it is only 1 pymt missing they might let u slide but not always if u default u default) then u must pay the Original Principal Amount, Original Interest Percentage, Attorney Fees, Costs (which was the filing fee) now if u were making payments they have to apply the payment amounts to ur Costs 1st, then Attorney Fees, then Interest, then Principal Last If Ur Interest is Paid then they should not be charging interest anymore and pay off the amount left on principal ALSO they mainly work on Bankruptcy Cases and Credit Card Cases so If u have a student loan just pay it for some reason I can’t see why those never get charged off but i am still looking into it GOOD LUCK and Hope this Helps by they way The people on the other end of the phone it doesn’t help on either side if u guys both CURSE at each other u both know that people owe money get over it I owe $9K for my student loan I am still trying to pay it off since 2003 so i hear u and a good negoitator does NOT YELL BACK

  13. Had a summons at door. Tried to negotiate — forget about it. Called me at least 3to 4 times at work! Every day for months. Garnished wages as I couldn’t pay what they wanted. I’m soooo sick of this. Solution: Got lowered payment — but guess what? On a owe of Capitol One card from 2001–yep I’m stupid and said it’s my bill of $900.00 (of course CapOne won’t work with you just kept you on hold for 1/2 hour and never returned then had the nerve to turn you over to these crooks) court lowered bill to $20 every two weeks. Already gave them $2,000 overnight…but nooo Winn wants more… had to file bankruptcy. Otherwise I would be paying $40 a month of a $900 bill their ‘fees and court fees’ another $7,000.00! Bankruptcy only way to go. … .. Can u believe it? Cap One wants me to get another credit card with them. Ughhhhh!!! No more credit ever again. I’m debt free and remain that way. I have a Bank of American Visa card — that’s all i need. Winn & Co can go to the devil, cause that’s where they are from…

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