Nazi Buildings

After seeing the “Jesus In The Sand” image from the Google satellites, it reminded me of a Nazi building a saw here in my hometown (San Diego).

I don’t know what is actually in it or anything, but it sure seems like a strange to design a building in the shape of a Nazi swastika (even pointing in the right direction if you look at it with the North at the top).

Anyway, click here to see it in Google Maps for yourself.

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  1. The swastika is originally a Hindu symbol that is used in Buddhism too. There is even a Japanese kanji / Chinese hanzi that is a swastika shape and means err…. “swastika”. You can see little swastikas all over city maps in Japan, as they are used to indicate Buddhist temple locations.

    But, you have to wonder who the architect on this thing was…

  2. What makes that EVEN weirder is that is the Naval Amphibious base next to Coronado! I wonder what kind of joker architect pulled that off AND haven’t any Navy aircraft (like North Island is right there on Coronado) noticed. That seems CRAZY that a US Navy base would have a Nazi building!!!

  3. I think that the image is mirrored. This confusion is caused as there are two popular SWASTIKAs. One is the Nazi symbol, and the other is te auspicious Hindu symbol. The one we see above is the oriented in the same way as the Hindu Swastika. The Nazi one is a mirror image of this with the spiral arms pointing anticlockwise. I have often seen these two symbols being used interchangeably in the past.

  4. It’s interesting to say the least! is it just a convenient design or is it part of a larger conspiracy such as the Free masonic pentagrams layed into the streets of Washington DC. One would have to question the mentality of the design architect of the US Naval base as to what his esoteric intentions truly are. I think it’s nothing more than an unfortunate coincidence.

  5. bends in the right.direction its good.for the all anti-nazi ignorants:the swastika isnt just nazi…its a nice moto and simbol!

  6. First of all let me say, that swastika isn’t a symbol invented by German Nazis. We all know Hitler and his ideology was build very much around ancient mythologies, north bileafs and past of the middle eastern civilizations, as well as they were into biblical artifacts.
    Saying so, I mean that each symbol they had was somehow related or represented the ancient past; They were showing their “ancient origins” as the “purest race” with it.
    So as Stephen already said, Swastika was very common symbol in hinduism, as well as in other civilizations. In some civilizations, Swastika is different with it’s form, or the direction it looks. Look for example at ancient Georgian (not usa state, but Georgia in caucasus, europe) swastika, named Bojgali… but also original and most-known formed swastika, some thousends of years old was found recently in western part of Georgia.
    it’s all symbol of sun, which in turn symbolizes eternity, eternal shine, eternal source of life.

    So, all I wanted to say with this short lecture 🙂 Is that whoever architecture of that building is, it’s not 100% that he is nazi… there can be many other hidden meaning in that 🙂

  7. what the hell are you guys thinking? Hitlers swastikas arms always went to the right. this image is correct not mirrored.

  8. Oh my God! You people, not the building. Cleary, the building was designed because of space. Perhaps, going the other way wouldn’t bother you? Perhaps, the symbol has been around for centuries before the Nazis. I guess the Rainbow for the Fleet in Hawaii means they are gay, right? Get real people.

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