Peeing Statues

These Czech animatronic statues realistically urinate on the trough before them, moving their hips and organs in concert. Their “pee” spells out quotes from famous Prague residents.

While they are peeing, the two figures move realistically. An electric mechanism driven by a couple of microprocessors swivels the upper part of the body, while the penis goes up and down. The stream of water writes quotes from famous Prague residents.

Visitor can interupt them by sending SMS message from mobile phone to a number, displayed next to the sculptures. The living statue then ‘writes’ the text of the message, before carrying on as before.

4 thoughts on “Peeing Statues”

  1. Wow…..
    i want one. well, two, maybe…but one would be enough. But they should be modified, to dispense potable champagne. =P
    You should put some up at that home you’re developing, Shawn. ^_^

  2. well i dont know what your home looks liek shawn, but i think they should go at the END of teh driveway being sure to meet and greet the visitors. Free Tire Rinse. no?

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