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Spam in my “normal” mailbox has gotten crazy lately. I get *maybe* one actual letter per day, and then 10-15 spam mails (free magazines, catalogs and all sorts of other crap). So today I decided to actually call these places and get removed from their mailing lists.

Guess what? You can’t be removed. Their suggestion is to put it in the trash (well that’s what I’ve been doing for years). But you *can* update your address with them, so I figured out what to do. Just change the mailing address to one of the other spammers. So now Holiday Express catalogs go to the BtoB magazine office, and vice versa. Man, I wish I thought of that earlier. I’m gonna see if I can actually eliminate my postal mail spam.

For ones just addressed to “Resident” (like the “Have you seen us?” mailings), does anyone know if I can refuse delivery on those and return to sender? 🙂

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  1. In the uk I write “Not known at this address, return to sender” – don’t affix a stamp or anything.

    It soon dries up not sure on US postal law.

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