She-She Hoity-Toity Do-Do Dah-Dah

I heard what appears to be a new language today. Does anyone know what it means? If so, please leave a comment so myself (and the rest of the world) can find out.

2 thoughts on “She-She Hoity-Toity Do-Do Dah-Dah”

  1. it means:
    according to article 23, page 456, paragraph 6, the parties involved in said employers contract, not withstanding technical issues, must inititially pay said fee upon completion of proposed project, under artcle 56. This proposal must be completed by november 1956 or no later than december of 1958 or said employees must pay a due fee of no less than 56.00 due on the 8th of august 1959. until then, the word”hoity, toity” must be used in conjunction with the word “fuddy duddy” according to the laws governing the current state of residency in which the above parties reside. no person or persons may use the words “hoity, toity” without the written permission of the current licensed owner, of whome has exclusive, contractual rights. the words “do dah dah” are of public domain and may be used for childrens parties, mentle institutions, volkswagon ads and songs performed by the former rock band, known as the police.

    i agree to the above————
    i do not agree to the above, please send me more information———

    yes! i want to be an areonautics engineer! here is my application from the back of fruit loops and one dollar!

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