Derailing A Train

I’ve always heard idiotic people say if you put a penny on a train track, you could derail a train. Well, I proved them all wrong today. I taped $3 in quarters to a railroad track and waited for a train to come by today. And guess what? It flattened the money, but the train did not fall off the tracks.

The one thing I was worried about was someone seeing me doing “something” to the train tracks while I was down there taping quarters to it. Have them call the FBI and I get arrested as a terrorist or something. heh

You can find some pics here:


20 thoughts on “Derailing A Train”

  1. Pennies are cool to do that with also… even better is when you stack a penny on a quarter or a nickle. You can make some pretty cool designs.

  2. What do you think the 1st thing Stefan said, when I told him you taped some quarters to the railroad tracks…”Don’t you know that that can derail a train?!?!?!”…haha

  3. Im from the uk and im currently studying fine art at college. Im working on thr utban enviroment, which includes graffiti and train tracks. So i had an idea, if the train could create graffiti ( ha sounds stupid i no , but dosent most art?). So my idea was to tape some arclic tubing too the track ( the tubing would be around 10cm by 5cm). But would the tubing derail a train?

    Please relpy with your thoughts cheers!

  4. Anyone who thinks that a half ounce soft piece of copper will throw a 300 ton locomotive off the tracks should put themselves in front of the train to make a coming gene pool a little smarter.

  5. lol… I’m an engineer, a train can go over a bike without derailing, anyone who thinks a penny can derail a train is either a small child or just plain fucking stupid.

  6. You idiots….I clean up train wrecks for a living and in one instance a major derailment was caused by two stupid morons like yourselves who had stacked two quarters on top of each other on a rail…the weight of the locomotives on the quarters caused the rail to crack beneath them as the train was rounding a curve. 38 tanker cars full of ethanol derailed, ruptured, and burst into flames in a wooded area…imagine if that had happened in a residential neighborhood you stupid fools. Un-friggin-believable.

  7. Sam, I don’t belive you even work around trains. and that CANNOT happen. it’s not just impossable because we say it. it is just physicaly impossable. It must have been another cuase wich had nothing to do with the money.

  8. i put a bike infront of a train yesterday and i think the bike got jammed int the wheel becasue it was carried away but the train definatly didnt derail. whats the biggest thing i can put on without needing to worry about derailing?

  9. hey asdfjkl lol no kiddin my friend chucked a 2×4 off a train over pass and the train just clobbered it rox are fun too

  10. ive been putting pennys on railroad tracks since i was a kid. i actually put some quarters on the tracks by my house tonight. never in my life have i heard of coins derailing a train or cracking iron. and if a penny could do such a feat than why don’t cars derail trains when they get hit by them? it tears right through and you can’t say the trains wheels never run over any part of the car. and yet the train remains on the track and intact.

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