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Funny how things work out… I was meeting with my architect this morning, and he showed me a lot for sale right down the street from my existing one. To make a long story short, I put an offer on the new property today, so hopefully I’ll get that and sell my old lot.

The old lot is really nice, but the new one is 10x better…

  • No other lots on either side (I wouldn’t have to look at the side of people’s houses)
  • The property itself is 3x larger
  • The useable pad is 2x larger (the old one is still one of the biggest around)
  • There is an area below the slope on the property that I could put a full-on orchard without needing to use the normal lot pad
  • The views are amazing (ocean, lake, golf course, city skyline, etc.)
  • Private driveway off the main road, so you don’t even see the road from where the house would be.

So basically I could put a big house, a 30 car garage, have a huge backyard and still maybe have room for a football field. 🙂

Weird how things happen…

9 thoughts on “New Property”

  1. A 30 car garage? Are you serious?! Wow. The new lot is pretty sweet compared to the old one on the map there.

    30 car garage = DP meet at Shawn’s new house.

  2. 20-car garage?!? 😉

    And I like your sister’ idea – she can look after your house too when you are gone – go VS and Kuta!


    P.S. Shawn: I can TOTALLY relate to your comments about architects (and construction people in general) – why they wait a few weeks and then say “I was waiting for whatever” but neglected to simply call ‘ya is beyond me – don’t they want the business?

  3. My aim in life in to move to the states and live in a mansion (like yours)

    PS: Am I the only getting an alert on this page saying the google api map key used on this site belongs to another?

  4. Shawn, since you’re not putting a football field up, you should put in a disc golf course!

    Also have a nice large area for an Ultimate Frisbee match… =)

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