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Now that I’m moving forward with having my house designed and built, I just wanted to say how nice it is to have an architect that actually does everything when he says he is going to. No nagging necessary… which is a welcome change from every other architect (individual and firms) I’ve dealt with in the past.

It’s really early at this point, but it’s SO nice to not have to follow up with them on things they said they are going to do. If Dan says he will call me in 2 weeks with something (for example preliminary design ideas), I’ve found you can bet money he will call you in two weeks. Other architects I’ve worked with went something more along the lines of… “Gee, I haven’t heard from them, and it’s been 4 weeks now.” So then you call them up and they tell you they haven’t started anything because of whatever (insert random reason here). Hmmm… were you ever going to call me? 🙂

Anyway, just figured I should mention that since the little things like that often go unnoticed, and you usually only read about the bad things when researching a company.

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  1. Shawn- I read your comments about my husband, Dan. You’re so right about usually only hearing about the negative experiences we have with people- thanks for complimenting him on his integrity. He is for sure a man of his word and I’m glad that your experience with him and our company has been a positive one so far- you’ve been a dream client to work with and I just know that your finished project will be all that you had envisioned and hopefully a little more- a place all your friends will love to come and hang out at (if they’re lucky enough to get invited that is!)
    Chris Castillero

  2. Shawn & Dan(builder)
    My name is Jay Mann ‘Sales’ with http://www.avalondoors.net, have you been to the Showroom yet? If you haven’t already feel free to call my Cell (760) 522-7815 and I’ll plan to walk you through anytime!
    We are a Custom Exterior/Interior Door Builder. Our custom doors are handcrafted with only the best African Mahogany Pre-hung/Pre-finished including European ball-bearing hinges, custom wood threshold and unsurpass 19-stage finish for exterior doors. We’re located in Encinitas!
    Congratulations on your Success Shawn! Dan, your vision of Architectual Homes & land are Amazing! Definitly “a Trade Mark” throughout Southern California!
    Any questions feel free to call me.

    Best Regards,
    JAY MANN- [email protected]
    (760) 943-1259 Hm.Office Fax

    1542 Encinitas Blvd.
    Encinitas CA.92024
    (760) 633-1474 Off.
    (760) 633-1476 Fax

  3. Hi,
    I read your comments about Dan Castillero. You are 100% right! Dan is just finishing my house in Encinitas. I gave him a book to look at a few years ago with the style that I loved (island style). He got it better than the book! He is an unbelievable artist and the best builder anyone could ever find anywhere! I feel blessed to have Dan Castillero as my designer/builder. And so honest and always acts with such integrity!
    P.S. Look for my house in San Diego Home Gardens Magazine. It deserves recognition! Dan is amazing!
    Best of luck to you with your wonderful endeavor. I hear about it all the time! It is going to be awesome.

  4. I wanted to let you know that we worked with Mr. Dan Castillero at a project at the Bridges. Because of our high end door designs we usually see the most beautiful homes across the country. Dan Castillero’s design of the home in the bridges left me completly impressed. I have done doors for across the country and Mr. Castillero’s rank among the best. I even have the door on our website http://WWW.LibertyDoorsInc.Com in the gallery page and the door is the Tlaquepaque. thank you for making our work look so good on your projects.

  5. Mr. Dan Castillero has used Ziegler Door, Inc. / Door Sales Inc. in the past for his custom wood garage door applications and it has been quite a pleasure working with him. As indicated by Liberty Garage Doors, they were allowed to use the “Tlaquepaque” style door to post on their website as they’re only starting out and have limited work proofs. This collaboration is in cooperation with the custom wood garage door guru — ZieglerDoorsInc.com who is the intellectual author of many of the designs used by other garage door companies. Anyhow, thank you very much, Mr. Castillero for using our products and we hope to serve your future customized applications our number is (714) 565-1010 and remember, we haven’t been in the industry for 30 years for no reason . . . kind regards!

  6. Hi Shawn and Dan,
    It has been such a pleasure to work with the both of you, as well as Damian, on your project. Your vision and creativity has been inspiring and the ending results are coming together so well. I can’t wait to see the finished product.
    Shawn, you are laid back and welcome new and creative ideas. It has made my job so much more fun and exciting. Dan, thank you for choosing to go with Craftsmen In Wood, Mfg. for the doors and hardware. I am very proud to be a part of such a quality project and look forward to the results. Your professionalism and management to stay on top of everything has been more than impressive.

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