vBulletin 3.5

The Digital Point forum is now live with vBulletin 3.5 beta 1. I spent some time today and last night recoding all the little hacks I made on vB 3.0.x, and turning them into plug-ins for 3.5 (yay for the new plug-in architecture).

Along the way, I even found some bugs (some of which I fixed on my own). Hopefully it will get fixed in the distribution though so I don’t have to fix it every update. 🙂

Most of the changes are for admins and moderators (inline moderation, plug-in system, template history system with diff, etc.), but man it’s nice!

There are some cool things for end users too though, like AJAX stuff… you can double click a post to edit it “live”, pretty tricky. Also dumped vBulletin’s internal search engine for MySQL’s fulltext search engine. It also support persistent marking of read threads which is so much nicer.

Uhm… does anyone care? If you read this far, you have less of a life than me. heh

4 thoughts on “vBulletin 3.5”

  1. hello guys! this forum is good, but i am a newbie in this thema.
    Please, tell me where i can read more about this problema.
    ^^ many thanks, korra#@%@*^#@! ^^

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