San Diego Padres

I’m really not a baseball fan, but what I want to know is how in the hell the San Diego Padres all of a sudden are awesome?

They went 22-6 this month (May), have won 6 straight, 11 straight at home, are in first place, etc, etc… What the hell? I thought San Diego sports teams were always supposed to suck?

Maybe I should go to the stadium for a game one of these days (I haven’t been to the new stadium at all, and they have been using it for 1 1/2 years now).

One thought on “San Diego Padres”

  1. My best team of MLB is The San Diego Padres . This why I always fallow their games especially whenever I have some time. I’m always trying not o miss any of their game and hear about the team’s news. But The San Diego Padres tickets get more pricy especially when there are some hot games. But, if we’re really good fans we should try not to be mean when we’re talking about a favourite teams. It’s not only the Padres tickets that got pricy, but there are other major teams too, so the team needs our support and we should provide as much as we can.

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