Texas Cheerleaders

I don’t know why I find this funny, but I do…

Texas lawmaker Al Edwards proposed a bill (which passed on a 85-55 vote) that specifically forbids cheerleaders to do “sexy cheers”, “shake their behinds” and/or “break it down”. What exactly is “breaking it down” anyway?

That’s our tax dollars being well spent. 🙂

BTW, does anyone else think Al Edwards looks like Morgan Freeman’s long lost twin brother?

7 thoughts on “Texas Cheerleaders”

  1. Homey got to be crazi, how do you outlaw that in the state of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

    Has to be for attention only because it has zero chance of passing in the state of Texas.

    Funny stuff, G is nuts, they should outlaw this lawmaker.

  2. Whoa…I’m am definately not going to Texas if I can’t “break it down”. Do you think the law extends to former cheerleaders visiting from out of state? Isn’t targeting cheerleaders discrimination? I mean, come on, cheerleaders arn’t the only ones that “shake their behinds” or “break it down”.

  3. yeah lol umm how can we cheer and dance if we cant!!!!!!!! its like a big part of our job!! seriously thats stupid!!

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