Hydrogen Powered Hummer

Hummer made a “proof of concept” vehicle that basically turned the Hummer SUT (which is what I have) into a hydrogen powered vehicle. The engine actually stayed the same (the Vortec V8), but was modified to work on hydrogen.

Now for the funny part… 🙂 The hydrogen system is less powerful than the normal gasoline system, so they added a super charger to bring it up to 180hp (a little more than half the horsepower of the gasoline version without a supercharger). Which gave it comparable performance to the gasoline counterpart. You think a gasoline powered Hummer uses a lot of gas? The hydrogen powered version needs to be refueled every 60 miles. 🙂

Oh well, at least they are working on it…

Speaking of which, some Australian dudes may have come up with a way to economically (and quickly) generate hydrogen from water using sunlight. The current way to make hydrogen in large quantities involves using a whole bunch of fossil fuels… Kind of stupid to burn up a bunch of fossil fuels just to make a clean burning fuel in the end… stupid.

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