33 thoughts on “Gizoogle”

  1. whud it do cuz its yo boi L.Brezzzzy doing the damn thang chillen wid all my 2-7-4 boys yall know how we do!

  2. why would people make this gay ass site bc you know nobody is ever goin to look here for anything so my advice to you is to just get rid of this site bc it is takin up space on the internet and people need more room for science experiments on aliens, people dont think it is real but i know it is real bc i was abducted and i have sex with a very hott alien and then they probed me and it was awful, then we played twister and had a large orgey

  3. I bet you $50 all those people above are white idiots..
    Thats so offensive to African Americans ..

  4. u guys are all fucking wiiger pieces of shit!! learn how to speak !!! i fuckin hate jew niggaz like u~!!!

  5. Yo dawg fo shizzle tha wizzle we iz jus chillin smokiin some budd in tha I.T classrtoom yano how we do!

    Classroom 42, Crypt


  6. yall are wack.
    Wat up wit dis site anyway?
    it’s jus a bunch of ppl tryin to be G’s lmao
    yall need to shut up lmao

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