Islamist Terrorist Group Threatening To Behead An Action Figure

Say it isn’t so! Special Ops Cody (a $40 action figure toy) has been captured by terrorists in Iraq and they are threatening to behead him if Iraqi prisoners are not released by the US.

One thing that really bothered me though is that the US military apparently is forcing action figures to serve in Iraq. They are helpless little pieces of plastic, and I just don’t think it’s fair for them.

This is the picture that was posted on a website by a group calling itself the Al Mujahedeen Brigade:

I thought it was a nice touch (and very clever) that they also used the plastic military assault rifle that came with the toy in the picture.

It seems that terrorists in Iraq must be on a shoestring budget these days. Unable to carry out kidnappings on personnel, they are now kidnapping their toys. Maybe if they go find Osama Bin Laden, they could collect the reward money to fund their little terrorist posse.

I just don’t know what else to say about it. It’s horrible and God will have his vengeance if they carry through with the beheading. Maybe they will make a video of it and post it on their website. hehe

One thought on “Islamist Terrorist Group Threatening To Behead An Action Figure”

  1. lol – our boys know enough not to go down without a Bowie in the boot or a .45 in the underwear. The funniest thing is that the group points a sterile plastic m16 at the marines head, yep, standard soviet-surplus m16 :p

    What a joke. This is more than a joke for anyone who inspects Photoshopped nipples…also for anyone who can flip hamburgers or count to 10 without using his fingers.

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