Motorola RAZR V3 + Bluetooth + Powerbook = Bad Ass

I picked up a new cell phone that I had a little blurb about over here. It’s a pretty awesome phone from a design standpoint, in fact my only complaint with anything about it is the address book, which requires a new entry for each phone number they have.

The day after I got it, I was traveling to San Francisco (which is where I’m writing this from). And just for fun, I decided to see if I could get it to act as an Internet gateway for my Macintosh Powerbook wirelessly via Bluetooth. Low and behold, it works! And without even needing to install anything. It just works like magic. 🙂

For those of you that also have a RAZR V3 (or are thinking about getting one), this is the info you need to make it work with Cingular as a Internet gateway for your Mac via Bluetooth:

  • Download these modem scripts, unzip them and drop them into “/Library/Modem Scripts”.
  • Detect the phone with the Bluetooth Setup Assistant
  • When it asks you for the Internet settings, this is what you want:
APN/Telephone Number: WAP.CINGULAR
Account Name: [email protected]
Password: CINGULAR1
Modem: Motorola GPRS CID1 +CGQREQ
  • In the network control panel, go to the Bluetooth setup. Under the PPP Options tab, turn off Send PPP echo packets, Use TCP header compression. Under the Bluetooth Modem tab, turn off Enable error correction and compression in modem and Wait for dial tone before dialing.

Now you should be able to connect to the Internet via your Bluetooth port. Weeeeee… 🙂

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  1. Shawn you are my hero!

    I’m so astounded right now that I didn’t have the patience to register but will shortly so that I can thank you personally. Just the same, I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude… why? Briefly, I had been looking for a new phone for some time (previously using a Sony/Ericsson T610 with T-Mobile (as phone and with unlimited data plan). I had been considering a convergent device such as the SE P910 or the upcoming Treo 650 (as I won’t consider any device that isn’t Bluetooth enabled).

    However when the Razr came out, Cingular offered it unlocked and with 30 days to try it out, I couldn’t resist! Like yourself, I use a Mac (Powerbook 17″). To me at least, the Razr is the Powerbook of cell phones; sleek, capable, elegant (except I fully agree on the address book weak point as well as my other nits being the lack of a to-do list, no Edge support and the rather sparse 5MB of memory) but these facts are well offset by it’s design elegance and ability to pull in great signal strength. Simply put, I loved the phone, especially considering that it fits into my wallet!

    BUT, after many hours tinkering with settings, provisioning my account for Cingular’s rather expensive data service (and then eliminating it after repeated failures to make it work), being on the phone with Cingular tech support (which knew far less than I seemed to), Motorola tech support (completely useless), and even Apple tech support, couldn’t get my Razr to function as a GPRS or DUN modem or dial-up device. I even had already downloaded the Motorola scripts after exhaustive research online. Still I couldn’t get past the authentication protocol. Nonetheless, I took the plunge and committed to the Razr with the feeling that someone would eventually ferret out the right combination. Low and behold, you did it!

    Shawn, I don’t know how you deciphered the correct combination, but I’m in your debt for making my holidays bright again! I now have my cake and can eat it too… By the way, if you need to set your Razr up to pull in mail from any of your POP accounts automatically, I did decipher those settings and was prepared to live with that until your wonderful solution! THANK YOU A MILLION TIMES!!

    One last thing, like you I too own an H2, and truly appreciate where technology and design meet! If you haven’t done so already, check out the Roku WiFi music bridges. They work seamlessly with your Mac (as well as PC’s) and iTunes to bring your music library into any room in your home (it’s my newest toy). Also Best Buy has the Roku Soundbridge 1000 model on sale for $200 right now (a savings of $50).

    Sorry for the extended diatribe, but I felt compelled to tell you my tale of woe until finding your holiday miracle of a post (at least for me).

    Happy Holidays Mate,


  2. Shawn you”ve made my holidays! Thanks for passing along the insight, how ever did you figure out the right combination, Cingular tech support (as well as Motorola & Apple) were of absolutely no help when I tried to configure mine with my 17″ PB?

    I tried to post (a rather long reply) yesterday, but it didn’t seem to take, so I just thought to try again with more brevity. It (the AI Powerbook & Razr) truly is a class act and match made in heaven!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you… & happy holidays!

  3. Does using your phone in this way create per minute charges from cingular or does it fly under their radar somehow?

  4. The Internet connectivity does not go against your voice minutes. You get charged the normal data rate. In my case, I have the MEdia Works ($19.99 per month) package which gives me unlimited wireless internet express usage (and 1,500 text messages).

  5. Hey Shawn, any chance you know or can point me in the right direction to get my Razr working as a WAP connection on my Tapwave Zodiac (Palm OS 5x) with Cingular as well?

    I can get close, but without any script for the Razr phone on the Zod, I don’t think it can make the connection. It does have a generic GPRS setting, but that doesn’t seem to do the trick?

    By the way, if you haven’t cheked out the Tapwave Zodiac do so, I know “You” will get a serious kick out of it. Works briallantly as a Palm PDA, Full motion Movie viewer (can watch converted DVD’s on it easly) with only a two step conversion process, plays games and audio better than most anything out there, has 128MB built in Ram, 2 SD slots, Bluetooth, and much more. Very sweet indeed.

    Now if I could only get my Razr to serve as a connection like it does for my Mac, I’d be in heaven!

    Thanks (anyone) for help on this issue!

  6. Hi Shawn:

    I feel like a major lunkhead, in that I am unable to make sense of your simple instructions. I can’t even download the modem scripts. I just get a browser window full of garbage whem I click on the link.


  7. You need to right click on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS or SAVE LINK LOCATION. (It will be something along those lines depending on your browser.)

  8. Dear Shawn!

    I was so glad when I finally found your modem scripts after long frustrating configuration sessions with my V3 and my G3 powerbook (Lobard) connected via bluetooth. I never got that far before and your scripts proved true my suspicion, that everything depends on those annoying modem scripts. It seemed to be a ray of hope. But unfortunately even they do not work properly. The V3 logs itsself on (which it absolutely did not before – so far, so good), but then after 3 or 5 seconds the connection is disconnected and I got the problem report “the modem could not connect to the ppp server, please check your prefs.” Even if I daintily follow your instructions, the modem tries to connect with the ppp server for 10 to 15 seconds, there´s some modem small talk and that´s it. After that it just hangs up with the same problem report.

    I’m a mariner and it´s important for me to communicate with my family. To use the ships satellite systems is very unaffordsable even for officers, so it would be fine, if someone here could give me another tip to try out. Is the V3 working better with a USB connection? If so, please let me know. It´s not important for me to have a wireless connection between the devices, I just need a running system.

    Here I give you the last few lines of the logfile. I´d be great, if anyone here had an idea. (I had to replace the “>” and “<" against "•") Greetings from germany,
    email: [email protected]

    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : Motorola GPRS CID2 57.6k +CGQREQ
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : CCLWrite : AT\13
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : CCLMatched : OK\13\10
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : CCLWrite : AT+CGMI\13
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : CCLMatched : Motorola
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : CCLWrite : AT&F0&D2&C1E0V1W1S95=47\13
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:39 2005 : CCLMatched : OK\13\10
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:41 2005 : CCLWrite : AT+CGDCONT=2,”IP”,””;+CGQREQ=2,2,2,2,4,16\13
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:41 2005 : CCLMatched : OK\13\10
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:42 2005 : Making GPRS connection
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:42 2005 : CCLWrite : ATD*99***2#\13
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:42 2005 : CCLMatched : CONNECT
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:46 2005 : Serial connection established.
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:46 2005 : using link 0
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:46 2005 : Using interface ppp0
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:46 2005 : Connect: ppp0 •–• /dev/cu.Bluetooth-Modem
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:47 2005 : sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 •asyncmap 0x0• •magic 0x22e7dbe5• •pcomp• •accomp•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : rcvd [LCP ConfAck id=0x1 •asyncmap 0x0• •magic 0x22e7dbe5• •pcomp• •accomp•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : rcvd [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 •asyncmap 0x0• •auth pap• •magic 0xbb743bd• •pcomp• •accomp•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : lcp_reqci: returning CONFREJ.
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : sent [LCP ConfRej id=0x1 •auth pap•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : rcvd [LCP ConfReq id=0x2 •asyncmap 0x0• •magic 0xbb74477• •pcomp• •accomp•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : lcp_reqci: returning CONFACK.
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : sent [LCP ConfAck id=0x2 •asyncmap 0x0• •magic 0xbb74477• •pcomp• •accomp•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : sent [IPCP ConfReq id=0x1 •compress VJ 0f 01• •addr•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : sent [IPV6CP ConfReq id=0x1 •addr fe80::0250:e4ff:fe25:8d32•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : rcvd [LCP ProtRej id=0x1 80 57 01 01 00 0e 01 0a 02 50 e4 ff fe 25 8d 32]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : rcvd [IPCP ConfRej id=0x1 •compress VJ 0f 01•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:48 2005 : sent [IPCP ConfReq id=0x2 •addr•]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:49 2005 : rcvd [LCP TermReq id=0x3 05 00 00 0a 00 00 00 00 00 00]
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:49 2005 : LCP terminated by peer (^E^@^@^J^@^@^@^@^@^@)
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:49 2005 : Hangup (SIGHUP)
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:49 2005 : Modem hangup
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:49 2005 : Connection terminated.
    Thu Jun 30 01:43:50 2005 : sent [LCP TermAck id=0x3]

  9. What kind of speed are you all getting.

    Using this method, I was finally able to connect (thanks for figuring this out) but it is slower than dial up. I went to a speed test sight – 14Kbps. Slower than the 28.8 modem that came in my first computer.

    Maybe I am mistaken, but isn’t GPRS supposed to be 3G? Isn’t it supposed to be “almost as fast as DSL”?

  10. Thanks for replying.

    That is depressing. Especially after paying as much as I did for this phone. I do believe I will be canceling the internet portion of the phone service.

    I have read some reviews of the Verizon network that have said they do get near broadband speeds, but I can’t stand that they cripple their bluetooth phones.

    Either way yo go, it’s a no-win situation.

  11. Thanks for taking the time.

    Shawn, thanks for the quick fix. I travel all the time, and it’s nice to know I can get connected. I just bought my Razr this week, and before now, I was always connecting via dial-up through t-mobile, but hadn’t had any success with Cingular. Now I’m on everywhere I go. One note, it seems that in Tiger, the fields you need to fill in are a labled different, but they work just the same. Thanks. GA

  12. It looks like the post from Marinero
    below was done recently (in the past week) but I’m going to ask my question anyway since this original post was from December 04- has Cingular started using the higher-speed service with this puppy yet? I only use dial-up when I’m away on weekends, and yesterday I downloaded Sprint’s Treo update and I can now connect via the Treo with my Powerbook at like 230kBs. I was going to get a Razr from Cingular and use it but if it’s still coming in at 34kBs it would not be worth it, despite the much more compact size of the Razr, which is what I was after. Oh well… anyone know? Thanks, Greg in Camel City (Winston-Salem NC)

  13. I havent read all of the followups so this may already have been mentioned.

    If you sign up for cingular data services with your voice service you can use the GPRS network which is mush faster the WAP


    User [email protected]

    Also, the V3 does have EDGE network support. I loaded the Cingular Connection Manager on my work XP laptop and it will ask if you want to use EDGE during setup if the service is available.

    It works on both USB and bluetooth but USB seems to be a little faster. Turn off software header compression though.

    The one glitch is that you have to manually select the modem in the Connection Manager setup when switching between bluetooth modem and motorola USB modem. Otherwise ti wont find the device.

    I also have my Palm connecting via bluetooth on GPRS but I haven’t found the trick to enable edge service from the Palm yet.

    This took me a lot of trial and error to get working so I would be glad to help ease the pain for others if I can.


    [email protected]

  14. Wow! I have been looking for this information for a month. Thank you *so* much. I’m posting this using my RAZR as a modem.

  15. Dear Shawn:

    I am trying to use my razr v3 as a bluetooth modem to retrieve my emial via an IPAQ 4100 with Cingular. I have been doing it for years with a Sony Ericsson t616.
    With the RAZR V3 I keep getting the message “Answering modem has disconnected. My devices pair ok and I can get to the internet with the RAZR. Cingular has me using: *99# or *99***1# as the dial number, [email protected] as username and cingular1 as password.
    They have given up trying to help me.
    Can you point me in the right direction?

    Thank You, Joe

  16. Shawn, I was able to do this w/ my t-mobile account w/ similar settings, but when I press connect with your settings for my Cingular account, it just stops dead in its track and says can’t connect to device. I have the V3 linked to computer, though, through bluetooth. Do I have to change any settings on phone?

  17. Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
    and everything I would like to be?
    I can fly higher than an eagle,
    for you are the wind beneath my wings.

    YOU *Insert Expletive* RULE!

  18. Those instructions worked perfectly.

    Razr V3 + Bluetooth + Mac + your instructions = BAD ASS

    Thanks for the help! – Sean O Boston MA

  19. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    I have been beating my head against the wall trying to
    get iBook + BT + Razr V3 to play. APN WAP.CINGULAR was the key (after trying many *99# combos).

    Good Job!


  20. hi , i am new to this , but i want to connect my cellphone as a modem to use dial up internet .. i have my own dial up account with bellsouth .. my question is what else do i need ??? do i need a data thing of cingular ?????? does it cost ????

    i have the razr v3 and when trying to connect it .. it start dialing but then it hang up automatically and say that the service does not respond ???

    can anyone help me ?????????????????

  21. I just got my razr from Cellular One/Dobson Cellular. I can see it via bluetooth, have installed the modem scripts, but can’t find what I need to put for the acct/number info.

    Anyone get this working out there?

  22. thank you so much for posting this site. it worked perfectly. i have been looking how to do this for quite some time and you were the answer to my prayer. thank you

  23. Thank you so much! I was trying to figure this out today with some of the “tech geeks” (as they call themselves) at my local Cingular store … but they don’t know enough about Macs to figure it out.

    You’re awesome!

  24. Thank you so much,went from Windows to Mac a while ago, and got a new RAZR, was listening to Leo LaPorte and a caller had a similar question (Razr as a modem), and Leo said to check the web, the land of all answers, followed your instructions, works perfectly, now another way to get on line when there is no wi-fi, Thanks again, Ken

  25. Thank you! I wanted to post to let people know that you can use:
    APN/Telephone Number = ISP.CINGULAR or WAP.CINGULAR
    Account Name = [email protected] or [email protected]

    Test them both. See which you like in your area.

    Whether you use WAP or ISP the Razr V3 is a class 10 modem and will only max at 48k. So it will be slower than what most people are used to i.e. wireless @ 54mg/sec. The key is the phone number. If you call Cingular they will tell you to use *99# or *99***1# but it doesn’t work. Ross Barkman’s modem script is key also. (Motorola GPRS CID1 +CGQREQ) Thanks Ross.

  26. I have palm t\x. I would like connect to the internet using my v3 razr from cingular. I got the palm and the razr to hook up using bluetooth. I can transfer pictures, and dial phone numbers from the palm to the phone, but when I try to connect to the internet. the palm will send the internet provider’s number to the phone. Then the phone will dial and will make two beeps. then the palm will say ” error: no carrier (0x1102)”. Can someone help me find out why my palm and phone con not connect to the internet?

  27. I woud like to know if this the device works after say the first month or somehow cingular won’t let you access it after a few weeks? I apreciate any effor by anyone to answer my ? Thanks!

  28. Shawn I recently found this site I do not use the net very often but I went back to college and unfortunely were I live is a very rural community and therefore only dial up internet is avaliable. I happen to own a mac { power book } and I thought that perhaps I should get me one of those razr v3 phone and put it to work for me insted of getting a PC card which by the way it seem that only business people can affor that. Could you please let me know if this metod still working or if cingular somehow only lets you use it for say a pair of week and after that you no longer are able to use your razr v3 as moden. I would appreciate if let me know soon my email is [email protected] thaks for the time that you take to answer this!

  29. Shawn- Your instructions look great, but can I do the same thing using a RAZR+Mac with verizon instead of cingular? Your instructions seem to be for people using the cingular network is that correct?

  30. Hi
    I have a v3 RAZR and a palm t/x both with bluetooth. How do I use the 3V RAZR as a dial up modem, with GPRS account

    Thank Okezie

  31. I was wondering how to unzip the script files. Is there just one file to unzip, the MotorolaGPRS2004-05.sit?

    Thank you

  32. Is there a way to pair the Verizon V3c with a powerbook using bluetooth?

    I think those directions only work for Cingular, yah?

  33. Dude. I love you. (not in that kind of way)

    I travel a lot and it took forever for me to set it up on my computer, yet it wouldn’t connect. Then I found your site and tried what you said and it works fine now!

    Thanks so much.

    — Justin

  34. ok. i have the same problem most of you all have. i have a motorola razr v3, and a palm tx. i can connect my palm to the razr with gprs, and that it’s it. but i figured out how to do it, and hopefully it can work for you all. trust me, this has been a long and frustrating problem.

    Service is: Cingular WAP GPRS
    User Name: [email protected]
    Password: CINGULAR1
    Connection: LAN MoHiSp Data

    connection type:PPP
    Idle timeout: Never
    Query DNS: check
    IP Address: check (automatic)

    i launched the gprs, connected to, or whatever the default page was, and the globe finally started spinning. it was going pretty slow, so i checked out, and it loaded almost right away. also, i don’t have the internet active. i did update my drivers, which you can do at you do need to register, but it’s totally free and takes a few minutes. you can find it under downloads>usb drivers
    there is midway also, which you can load games on your razr too, using .jad files. i think that’s pretty much it. i truly hope this helps someone.

  35. I was finally able to connect using my T-Mobile internet service and my Motorola V3 Razr phone.

    Here are the details you must be aware of:
    You need to add the following extra INIT string:


    Both the username and password are “t-mobile”

    The phone number to dial is *99#

    Hope this helps!

  36. This is all really awsome, but I have tried everthing posted and when It tries to log in a gets as far as Authentication then disconnects. Anybody have any ideas. This is on my mac. On Windows it works like a charm.

    Thanks this…

  37. Guys … its pretty simple….
    I just paired my Razr with my laptop… called cingular to set up CSD ( Circuit switched data ) plan for $3.99 mo… they don’t know what it is… politely insist that your friend just hooked it up! Make them keep checking.
    They may try to hook you up with the encripted plan for $9.99 mo.
    Politley ask for the $3.99 mo plan… they no longer offer it , but will make exceptions if you give them a hard luck story… ( ie …its for my son in the navy.. he can’t connect otherwise )
    Once connected… you will be surfing the net at a blistering 9.1k download speed… makes you feel like you were back in 1992 again!
    All it uses are your regular plan minutes.. no data costs… at least …from what I was told by customer support!


  38. I was worried about the Cingular to AT&T name change but when I should have been paying more attention to my phone, my phone was asking me to approve the data access from my G5. It works like a charm. I even used the bluetooth setup assistant to get me going, and using the configurations on the top of this page made me one happy guy. $20 a month is way cheaper than to $99 a month for unlimited data card, plus an additional plan, plus a set-up fee. AT&T had was no help, in fact they were a waste of my time, they only had info for PC’s, even told me I had to download “Motorola Phone Tool.” and when I looked that up it was for PC’s only.

    Shawn… you da Man!!!

  39. I’ve been trying to do this for 5 years. I’ve gone so far as to partition my Mac with boot camp, install motorola phone tools on my XP partition and have to leave my Mac environment to access the internet via my Motorola Razr V3xx (Works like a charm, by the way). I can now trash my XP (might not) and restore 30gb’z back to my mac (I might leave it 10).

    Thank You so much for a clear and concise solution that worked the 1st time I followed the instructions.



  40. Follow up: Not only does this work for me but it worked to connect my Motorola v3xx to the internet as a bluetooth modem on MAC 0S 10.5 (LEOPARD). Warning! When using my phone as a bluetooth modem with Motorola Phone Tools on Windows XP (via bootcamp), I had to exchange my phone 4 times before I caught on. I like to watch sports events (MLB, NBA, etc.) while at the Park, outside my home, or at a local coffee shop. The data transfer is too large and WILL BURN OUT YOUR BLUETOOTH (unless you find some other modification {please post if you do}). I avoided this by using the Razr V3xx’s usb port. No problems.

    Good Luck and thanks again Shawn

  41. im a novice i want to down load multi media via pc to cell raz v3m ive tried all tech suporrt & have been told verizon blocks blue toth multy media from pc to mobil is there any backdoor such as software downloads for thjs thanks for any help

  42. How do you down the phone book from a Motorola V3XX to a Dual Core Mac Book Pro? Do you need to have internet connection service for your Motorola V3XX to do this?

  43. the .sit file that gets downloaded from that link installs office 2004 for the mac trial and opens word with nothing in it ??? no modem scripts

  44. Thanks, at&t said mac won’t work. They also said my razr didn’t support bluetooth+modem. Your mojo was magic.

  45. question…^^

    can i use bluetooth to send file from V3x to other model….how? help..

    it appear “try again”
    does it require a setup?


  46. i m a subscriber of motorola razr v3 and connected with gpinternet at bangladesh. at this model i have found gprs and
    gsm. but for to get better speed EDGE class 32 handset is needed . is there any way to make my set edge supported and how can i do that plz,inform me.

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