Publish To Blogger Via Email

Did you know that you can publish to your blog simply by sending an email? I didn’t until I noticed it under the Email tab under Preferences.

This is my first post ever that I published without logging into Blogger. Let’s hope it works. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Publish To Blogger Via Email”

  1. It automatically publishes the post when you send it.

    I noticed this when I first set-up a blogger account as I went through every feauture they have and must say its great.

    I sometimes even publish on the go by using wap, check out this post – the only problem I have is that I have a limited of amount of characters to submit and have to enter new lines by inserting \n into my phone.

    If I had a pda that would be great

    Toseef aka Seefy aka Piniyini

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