How Will You Remember President Bush?

Election day is finally here. I’m a registered voter in California, but I’m not going to vote because the electoral voting system is stupid. California is a lock for Kerry, so he gets all 55 electoral votes regardless of what percentage of California actually votes for him. If I lived in a state where the vote could go either way, I would get out and vote.

I’m also a Republican, but not so much that I would ever vote for someone simply because of their political party. I thought Ronald Reagan (R) was a great president, I thought the first Bush (R) was a mediocre president and then I thought Clinton (D) was a great president.

In my opinion, the 2nd Bush is a terrible president… not because of anything specifically he did (or did not do). While I don’t agree with some (most) of the things he does, I don’t think it makes him a bad president. If he gets reelected today, I hope things go much differently in his second term, although I kind of doubt it.

The reason I think George W. Bush is a terrible president is because he is the first president that actually made me feel embarrassed to be an American, and if the president makes people feel that way (however it happened), I think they are a terrible president.

9 thoughts on “How Will You Remember President Bush?”

  1. Oh my god! Someone that thinks the same way about voting that I do?! I just love it when people give me shit for not voting and they don’t even know what the electoral college is…=)

  2. When you say “…because he is the first president that actually made me feel embarrassed to be an American…)
    I can’t agree more. A very simple way to put it and it is completely true. Everytime I see him make some silly face I’m reminded of this embarrasment.

  3. Easily! Have you tried getting out of the country? Say going to France or Italy or hmmmmm how about almost anywhere in the world?

    Do you think the people look at you the same if they know that your an American?

  4. Most of american people travelling abroad are educated people, who have voted Kerry. The ones who have voted for Bush are the vast majority of uneducated people who stay home, and who don’t give a fuck about what other countries think of America anyway.

    I have the feeling some times that in america, people tend to mix up politics & nationalism. these are two very different things, and while strong politics often leads to strong democracy, strong nationalism leads to wars.

  5. What a silly, uneducated comment! Some of those who visit Europe frequently ARE conservatives who did not vote for Bush. And, we find (believe it or not) that many in Europe are highly supportive of many Bush policies. There is growing concern in Europe about the rise of fundamental, militant Islam…and many (believe it or not) are delighted with the leadership the U.S. and George W have shown. Sadly, these views are not reflected in the press on either continent, hence the silly perspective of being ’embarassed to be an American.’

    Grow up.

  6. There’s nothing wrong with being an American (although I’m not).

    There is something wrong with being a jingoistic ignorant idiot and an unfortunate number of Americans (such as your current president) seem to fall into that category.

    By the way, I’m one of those people who is a little concerned by the rise of militant Islam – but not nearly as much as I am by the rise of militant conservative Christianity.

  7. [quote]he is the first president that actually made me feel embarrassed to be an American[/quote]

    Copyright Infringement! 😀 I said that myself, I believe on your forum, or it may have been, not sure.

    We are very much the same shawn, except for the good 20 IQ points you have on me.

    anyway, I can’t wait for 2008, perhaps the president elect will be a man I can respect.

  8. God Bless George W. Bush. He is going to be vindicated by the world for what he is doing, as was Ronals Reagan. Liberals are consistenly on the wrong side of history. They were wrong when that said Reagon was an idiot when he went after communism, and they are wrong now when GW is going after Terrorism. As far as the French not liking soon they forget…where would the French be without us? They wouldn’t be. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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