Airline Power Adapter Plug

Since I’m going to be on an 18 hour trip (3 flights) to Moscow next week, I checked to see if there was an off chance that the airline had power plugs in their seats (most airlines do in first class, but I’m not flying first class). And guess what? They DO! And as far as I could find, the airline (US Airways) is the only airline that does have power outlets in the coach cabin. All you need is a normal Empower 15V plug (which I already have). So that will be nice to actually kill time playing a video game, watching 8 movies or whatever else. Yay for US Air!

Now I just need to get an adapter so I can plug the AC power cord into the european sockets, and I’ll be set.

4 thoughts on “Airline Power Adapter Plug”

  1. I’m not stupid with my money. I’m not going to pay $9,000 for a first class ticket vs. $1,000 for a coach. If I did stuff like that, I probably couldn’t afford a Hummer to begin with. 🙂

    For long trips, normally I use my sky miles to upgrade to first class, but in this case, I used my sky miles to get the ticket itself, so I can’t upgrade it.


    That is almost word-for-word what Bill Gates used to say … heck, even when we was pretty darn wealthy, he still flew coach … although no more. At the rate Shawn is going, he will soon have his own private jet! 😉

    I agree with Shawn – do the math to figure out the delta in terms of $$$/hour you are paying for a nicer seat and meal – my approach is exactly the same as Shawn’s – work the miles angle – for instance, I did this when I flew to Africa and that is a LONG trip!

    Plus at least for me, if I can work an empty seat next to my window seat, that is actually more comfortable to sleep in (especially if I’m super-duper lucky to get 3 in a row) than a Business Class seat, since the arm rests don’t go up in the later, but do in the former.

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