H2 Hummer Gas Mileage

With my new truck, I was expecting to get about 8 miles per gallon. I drove it around over 100 miles today, and the on-board computer showed me getting 12.5 miles per gallon overall. Definitely not great mileage, but better than I was expecting.

One nice thing about it is my Toyota Tacoma has a 17 gallon tank and got 16 miles per gallon (272 miles between gas station visits). The H2 has a 32 gallon tank, so 12.5 miles per gallon works out to exactly 400 miles per tank. So the slightly higher fuel costs is offset by saving my time of going to the gas station. 🙂

222 thoughts on “H2 Hummer Gas Mileage”

  1. What an idiot!! You have the gall to be happy with a car that gets the worst gas mileage & emissions rating of any other vehicle. Anyone who would own such a car deserves to suck down the polluted air– what about the rest of us!

      1. sure the car looks nice, however, cars like this driven by un environmentalist people is what is causing all this pollution that is resulting in the biggest problem in all of mankind. So, I would like to conclude with, dont think about yourself and the “kickass” truck, think about the world, the global warming, and how your making it worse, on hummer at a time.


        1. not starting a fight just saying, both Co2 or carbon monoxide (which includes car emmissions) were proven to not cause global warning AND are no longer considered green house gases. Any idiot who came to chemistry class high on marijuana and flunked the class could look at their molecular weights, bonding structures half lives, and percent abundance ratings and tell that they werent. the only reason they were considered green house gases for so long is because radical enviromentalists like yourself shouted the rooftops proclaiming “hey all you ignorant muda fuckas, global warming is true and increasing, and its been increasing ever since cars have been around therefore cars must be responsible! were not gunnu give u any logic or scientific reasonings behind this but its true man, the trees told me themselves last night…” so in retrospect the only-thing wrong with hummers is that unless your one tall mother fucker with a big ass wallet, then maybe a hummer isnt for you.

          1. well said, I’m tired of the environmentalist pushing everyone around. 75% of what they say is BS to begin with, just ask Al Gore who’s house uses more electricity than a automotive plant or AOC who doesn’t know what a garbage disposal is, has a 4. something credit score and thinks she knows everything. burn the under brush California and prevent forest fires, stop being idiots, plant some trees to replace what we cut down and move on.

        2. Global warming is a bunch of BS. The bigger I can make my”Carbon Footprint” the better just to offset u greeny weenies.

        3. So u think that if everyone stopped driving Hummers, global warming would stop? And btw, Hummers are not as bad as you think, my Hummer H2 gets in average 17 mpg…

          1. Global warming is a bunch of nonsense! Drive those big cars! Bigger the better!!! LOVE MY H2!!!!!!!!

        4. Ur an idiot!! Let’s look at our ocean it’s being majorly polluted!!! That’s the problem not air pollution. One of Bocchino a Rupps it produces way more pollution in the air then mankind can do in 10 years with vehicles. So u make no since bro.

          1. Hi very long time ago you said that a hummer cause big problems with carbon foot print
            I do understand were your coming from but please let me explain

            I drive a Nissan Leaf I’ve done over 7000 miles in 7 months and has cost around £30
            Right so I’ve done 7000 miles with no carbon foot print yes every one will say and I did think the same

            But when I looked at were all my electric came from I thought ummm nope these electric cars are causing more harm than good burning coal nuclear and so on and how much carbon is produced installing the rapid charged systems and all the burning of fossil fuels to make my little so called green car so I’ve done some math if I buy a hummer and ran it for 5 years the leaf would of caused more harm due to production and were the electric comes from if humans didn’t produce carbon oxide trees wouldn’t live all I’m saying never look at the clear picture it’s more detailed than I can explain

        1. YOU GOT IT!! LOVE MY H2!! BIG BIG BIGGG!!!!! Everyone worried about global warming is dumb as a rock, put their mouths over my exhaust pipe!!!

    1. The H2 Hummer gets better Milage than the Lincon Navigator and the Ford Excursion as well as many more vehicles on the road. Tha catalitic converter and extensive exhaust system also insures that it pushes out less Co2 than most so called family cars. If your worried about the environment then worry about the fact that it takes 2000 gallons of fresh water to produce one single pound of Almond nuts. Now thats tragic and a lot more harmfull for all of us than a vehicle that does 12 MPG. My H2 takes me places that a car or a standard truck would never get to. I love it

    2. We are doomed anyway… Cutting down rain forrests, dumping millions of pounds of garbage in the oceans, wasting millions of gallons of water to make nuts, cofee, beans ext, and last but not least the thousands of factorys that pukes out toxic gasses & waste. Stop worrying about Hummers…. They are not the reason of global warming & water pollution. Use your energy to protect the rain forrest.

      1. And what’s worse is all the lithium-ion in the batteries how much it takes to get rid of those highfalutin batteries electric cars are actually way more harmful to the environment then any combustion in engine will ever be would like to see a green environmentalist that actually did his homework and I think that the reason why they aren’t considering themselves green environmentalist is because they didn’t do their homework and they realized that they were just following a bunch pot smoking tree hugging idiots and listening to what they say oh well that sounds logical even though it’s not. And another thing if you’re going to plan to be a green person you need to live it meaning you have to grow your vegetables on your own you cannot buy groceries that were shipped here via trucks or trains you should probably also make your own textiles because of all the pollutants that go into the manufacturing of textiles again with the electricity granted not all electricity is made from the burning of fossil fuels or coal but you need to get rid of everything the deals with petroleum I hate to tell you but you’re going to be pretty much living naked and eating only that of which you grow there is nothing in this world that doesn’t come in contact or use petroleum in some way do your homework and quit living your life

    3. you deserve to be killed and nobody cares what you think. Your a child, and h2 and trucks are better than your rusted little honda civic. If you don’t like me, go home, take your sock off, tie around neck, and hang from rope love ya

    4. Hahahaahahahahahha what a cry baby lol… I drive a Viper srt10 I wish I could get 14mpg lmao what about the rest of us lol it’s so sad it’s funny?

    5. Why don’t you suck down my shorts, what do you care you don’t pay for his fule????as far as global warming, don’t believe the goverment, My Saint Hellens put off more Co2 than all the cars in the world and we are still here, not to mention all the other volcanos in the world.

      1. Love it Mitch!! BIGGER the BETTER!! I love my H2!!!! Never will have a small vehicle, global warming is a bunch of shi*! Anyone who believes that nonsense can suck on my exhaust pipe of my awesome Hummer!!!

    6. I own such a car and on the contrary, YOU can suck the polluted air I make as well as something else. You pathetic tree-hugger.

    7. You’re all a bunch of fucking hating idiots go kill yourself in your little neon, you only live once deive what you like and fuck everyone else. there’s more old ass cars getting worse mpg on the road

    8. Kerl. And so you are so concerned about the air. While we can’t use our fireplace because of pollution, what about the range fires? Nobody bitches about that and its millions of times worst. Your religion is flawed and so you suck and I don’t mean air.

    9. Deal with it you tree hugging liberal. We love God, Guns, and Gas Guzzlers!!! If you can affordit….DRIVE IT! Dam Liberals.

  2. Also, you must have a very very tiny penis, jackass. You are everything that is wrong with America today

    1. Lol small dick but with way more Pusey than your sorry ass we’ll ever get hahahaha tiny but being used and not by a hand hahahah

  3. yep hummers are awesome…im looking at them right now…so u all that don’t like em can just eat a cock

  4. Everybody with a nice car has a tiny penis and everyone with a piece of shit has a big dick. Or is just an unsuccessful loser who needs to bitch and make excuses for fucking up their life. Quit cryin ya little bitches!!

  5. Unsuccessful? Not even close! Do I need to flaunt my success with gas guzzlers that pollute the air and use ridiculous amounts of oil that is making terrorists rich?? No way!

  6. I have a Hummer…if you are a gay rule with u Mercedez, if u are a yuppie use u BMW..but when u use a HUMMER all chicks..all people turn their necks, mom, kids, grannies everybody smile when u use u Hummy….well H rules!!!

  7. J + T
    We have a Hummer because we can!!! Those who knock it can’t afford it!!! Keep knocking and work harder!!!
    Na Na Na Na Na!!!!!

    1. That’s how we feel to! We have a modded h2 as a spare vehicle. So do a few of my neighbors. They’re a fun vehicle to have around

  8. Drive whatever you want and don’t worry about what anyone else is doing. If you want to lead America by example, drive a Fiat and do so with pride.

  9. I love how almost all of the people ragging on your fat ride are too lame to leave their real names. Easy to talk shit as “anonymous”.

  10. In response to J+T I am really happy that you are able to afford a General Motors vehicle. You should be really proud.

    What’s this about, “Na Na Na Na Na!!!!! “? How old are you?

    Let’s talk when you can afford a Range Rover or a Porsche Cayenne but if it makes you happy to drive around in a big plastic BOX with lots of plastic dials feel free.

    By the way you can pick up your plastic replacement parts at your local AutoZone store.

    1. 2013 Range Rover great SUV I love it it does amazing I was born loving the land rover owned by ford completely it even a little better than the ford explorer now days but I paid 90k for it I got a deal. I also have an H2 and it’s equally awesome better up slopes and through the slick terrain paid 54k for it another deal for the being fully loaded with 6″ lift and 35s both great so don’t compair plastic to a ford it’s all the same material just shit out in different shapes!!

  11. I’ll be renting a HUMMER H2 to drive out of town and I’m “LOVIN IT”!!!!!! Because, it’s my can of party!!!

  12. Yeah. the Hummer two has a terrible gas mileage, even worse than a Hummer H1. however that is possible. Just glad that the new Hummer 3 seems to have a better gas mileage than Hummer 2.

  13. I own a Hummer H1 that gets 7 milses per gallon. I love it. I hate liberal bastards that protest HUMMERS. I am thinking about getting an H2. People that have piece of shit cars have PUSSIES.

  14. All of you guys that spend your free time argueing over whether or not hummers are cool have no life. Just pay attention to your own car and grow up. HUMMERS ARE AWESOME

  15. Stop haten!!! This is a free country you can buy and drive what ever you want. HUMMER kick AZZZ!!!! Nothing but love to you haters!

  16. you’re right it is a free contry but why hate those who want a hummer i mean come on it’s their decision and you can’t change that

  17. I served almost 30 years in the military. I drive a Mercedes SUV now along with a Cadillac, and a HOG(Harley Davidson) I am 100% disabled and I plan to buy the biggest/baddest Hummer I can find. I think I deserve to drive whatever I damn well please.

    1. agreed this hero here is risked himself so you people can drive your cars or trucks whatever you prefer hummers are like tanks and honestly i rather be in something that i am safe in then be in something thats gonna crumple up if some jackass is driving dangerous and risking my life and others.

    2. Must be a dumb liberal Democrats if you believe the global warming farce “idiot’s
      And more power to you Mac you earned it for sure I just bought s awesome H2 yesterday and love it.

  18. I currently have an Avalanche North Face edition..it is so bitching and I totally love it…the Avalanche has a slight bit of p envy for the Hummer…and so do I. They both rule! I drove a 2 cylinder Saab in the seventies…so the gas I saved then I’m using now…Hummers rock! so do thier little brothers the Avalanche’s…if you dont like well there is our way or the highway….

  19. 2 married couples

    1) Husband drives fuel friendly SUV exploer, wife drives explorer. Both suvs get 20mpg making the average mpg for the couple to be 20.

    2) Husband drives Hummer H2 which gets 14mpg, and wife drives Cavalier that gets 35mpg. Average is 25mpg for the couple.

    It all evens out, stop bitchin.

  20. When your own kids or relatives are shot in the face or blown up by a roadside bomb because we have to invade Iraq to keep your stupid Hummer’s tank full, I will not feel sorry for you. You had it coming.

    1. That’s fine and dandy when you live in princess town but it’s 30 below here today and we just had a ton of snow. The toolcat rolled over and the bobcat gelled up . The 250 pickup is too light to get traction and even though the 550 would pull over a house it can’t get through the snowbank. Only thing to do the work and pull the toolcat upright and out of the ditch is the h2 . Believe me your fiat wouldn’t get 6 inches down my road . As far as a bunch of hippy war protesting it’s not always about oil. If you are referring to Iraq that was about Saddam killing millions of innocent women and children. Get out of princess town for a bit and see how the other half lives and I bet you would change your mind

  21. Well I like the Hummers ~ I don’t have one, but I will get one within the year. I love to collect cars ~ I have a ’55 Porshe, a ’64 Vette Stingray & a ’76 Vette Stingray, but when I was in an accident with one of my Firebird’s I decided to trade up ~ I currently drive a Chevy Silverado Full Size truck with extended cab and I can careless if I get bad gas mileage. If I am in an accident I have a greater chance of survival for myself, my family and any passengers than those driving in an Accord. For me my life, my family and my passengers are more important than how much gas I use. The fact is that Hummers and trucks can take more damage and give out more damage than they take. Now I don’t want to take lives, but if its a choice between the lives of strangers and the lives of my family ~ my family will when every time. Live with it!

  22. Well I like the Hummers ~ I don’t have one, but I will get one within the year. I love to collect cars ~ I have a ‘55 Porshe, a ‘64 Vette Stingray & a ‘76 Vette Stingray, but when I was in an accident with one of my Firebird’s I decided to trade up ~ I currently drive a Chevy Silverado Full Size truck with extended cab and I can careless if I get bad gas mileage. If I am in an accident I have a greater chance of survival for myself, my family and any passengers than those driving in an Accord. For me ~ my life, my family and my passengers are more important than how much gas I use. The fact is that Hummers and trucks can take more damage and give out more damage than they take. Now I don’t want to take lives, but if its a choice between the lives of strangers and the lives of my family ~ my family will win every time. Live with it!

  23. You Hummer Heads have got to be kidding. Your only argument for other people not having a hummer is “you can’t afford it, nah, nah,” or “you’re a wuss if you don’t like it,” and “big cars are safe,” etc. The entire mindset behind the Hummer is what’s wrong with America and what will eventually lead to the downfall of our great country. Let’s all consume as much as we can and have the biggest, baddest equipment to show off to other people and make up for our other inadequacies and our lack of thought, empathy, and foresight. Those Hummers will be sitting rotting when in 10 or 20 years gas prices are though the roof as you hyperconsumers guzzle more than your share and the reserves run out. Take the time to think a moment about what you are consuming, where it comes from, and what it leads to. We’ve killed over 2000 American patriots in the Iraqi conflict, partially fueled by our oil consumption. Tread lightly, reduce, reuse, recycle, and give a damn about something other than yourself for once. People that care about the environment are not wimps, pussies, poor hippies, slackers, or whatever else you call it. We just think about more than ourselves and we care. Self-centered jackasses can waste their money on overpriced manhood-trophys, I’ll be fueling my mercedes on biodiesel for $1.50 a gallon.
    As an ER doctor, I can afford to buy a Hummer, a porsche, a landrover, etc, but I choose to ride my bike to work, drive my ’84 mercedes wagon on home-brewed biodiesel or my Honda Element because they are practical and I choose to care a little about the rest of the world instead of myself.
    Please think about what you are doing.

  24. it’s truly pathetic that some of you men actually think driving a Hummer makes you cool. You basically flaunt your lack of manhood by driving a Hummer. Your clearly not confident enough in yourself as person so you hide behind labels of coolness or representations of machismo. The rest of us smell your weakness, your desire to be admired and respected for once in your lame lives. You wont! it doesn’t matter how big of a car you drive or how expensive your house is. We all know your just a dumb loser with a tiny penis.

  25. To Matt:
    Just to creect your math:
    If he has 14 mpg and she has 35mpg the average is 20 mpg and not 25 mpg (assuming both drive the same distance). You cannot use mean average in this case. The correct math:
    2/(1/14+1/35) = 20

  26. All you suckers who drive h2. Why do we need those cars anyway. Gas price is still too low in the States, h2 is one of those cars wich prove my point. Oil resources won’t last forever! More economic cars and we can drive longer but still comfortable!

  27. First off I want to start by saying I DO NOT support the war and I have lost three freinds to those assholes in Irac..You can drive what you want..If you drive a h2 you do not support terrorists if that was the case people that drive foreign cars would be antiamerican..think about that..People get gelouse when the cant afford somthing or can not get it so they make comments like you have a small penis and other nonsense such as that..drive whatyou want to hell with what people think my penis is pretty dam big ( over 8″) and i drive a vette and i am not trying to compensate for shit..I just enjoy driving nice cars and when somone makes a comment about me trying to compensate for somthing..I just let go and laugh when the droll and stare at my bad ass ride and my hot ass woman

  28. I support My Gov. I bought an H2 which they paid to develope with your Tax Money.
    I Love it and will Drive it until I decide to get an H1 Alpha.
    So all you omegas can kiss my A__.

  29. I’m saveing fuel.I just increased horse power to about 390 and now I’m getting 13.2 MPG.
    All it takes is something you people who bitch don’t have—– MONEY. Get a GOOD JOB off your kness.


  31. With sixteen years in Intelligence concentrating as a terrorist analyst and the Middle East I can say that vehicles like the H2 are a huge part of the problem and I consider the attitude expressed by many here reprehensible and unpatriotic. My 31 years in the military wasn’t spent to see my brothers shed their blood for cheap oil so that someone can have a cheap “party ride.”

    The world will hit peak oil output sometime between now and twenty years from now. Even the big oil companies have acknowledged that fact. That means no matter how hard we try the world will no longer be able to pump out more oil than we were able to before. Why? Because it’s all gone. Even Saudi Arabia is starting to go beyond its peak, Russia peaked in the 80’s. The Chinese and the Indians are just beginning to develop a huge middle class and by 2050 they will demand over half the world oil supply.

    Are you ready for that war? Because the U.S. doesn’t have any more oil. The stuff in the Arctic is a drop in our gluttonous Hummer consuming wasteful bucket. Moreover, some of us are tired of watching our friends die for those of you who couldn’t care less.

    1. …..all of this talk about vehicles and their gas mileage….um…what about starting at the top and working our way down to whether or not a Hummer is a gas hog for men with small privates. I am a female, and I have a hummer. What does that mean?
      But back to my point. How far can you drive a hummer to equal the fuel it took for our president to jet his wife to a broadway play?
      Ok, wait, that’s not the top. There are factories and other businesses that use and waste so much fuel and other pollutants, but is that the top? Does anyone really even know where all of the waste happens? If we all drove compact cars, do we KNOW that it will even make a difference?
      Back in the day, if you had the BEST work horse on the face of the Earth, when cars came along, did it really matter anymore?
      My point is, we WILL run out of fossil fuels, or pollute the air so much we have to stop consumption – And as humans, not Americans, Canadians, Europeans, etc, but as humans, we will see a need and we will create what we need and want. Like we always have – we always will. Drive what you can afford. If you can afford more, drive what you can for comfort and for safety. When the time comes, we will move on, and the disputes about who’s car automatically increases or decreases the size of your private parts will be moot.

  32. Wow, this back and forth is great. I love being an American and having the internet at my fingers is the best. At one time or another I have embraced each of the opinions put forth here. From being self centered, to being very concerned with others, and then somewhere in between.

    Today, I am afraid that our indifference to others is making great press release against us for the Jihad Muslims. We really do look like we don’t give a shit about anyone but ourselves.

    I grew up in fear of the cold war Russians and now they are my neighbors and friends. Christians, Muslims and Judaism all have elements of religion in common. Someday the terrorists may be our new best friend. Hopefully, before the fall of Rome.

    We do sound hollow to many other people in the world when we invade Iraq and then burn oil as fast as we can get it here at home.

    That said, if I am going to write this crap, I should sell my low mpg F-150 4×4 and start riding the bus.

    This has been a blast.

  33. Hummer Rules! You broke ass people that hate them cant afford them. Its not about showing off its about feeling good about an accomplishment or in lamens terms, its about having money to affordthem. So Rule on Hummers, WIll get one soon!

  34. Who gives a shit if we drive hummers. I say we should keep using all the gas while its still cheap. The lower class people and the middle class people are going to be the people that get affected by all this in the long run so f-um.

  35. I didn’t really care one way or the other about hummers until the other day some FUCKING IDIOT pulled his H2 out in front of me while I was going down the road at 40mph. Pulled out no more than 1 second before I would’ve been right in front of him. All the brakes in the world couldn’t have stopped that accident. Son of a bitch is lucky I didn’t get out and kill him right then and there. My point is, if you’re the biggest fucking moron in the world, buy a small piece of shit car that will be easy for you to die in when you get hit by an H2. Oh, and a big shout out to all the seatbelts and air bags in the world!

  36. No matter what you drive you want the best Gas mileage you can get.I have added a Vortex.cool air system and more to try to improve my mileage,at great expence may I add.Yes I drive an H2 and I’m LOVEING IT.
    You people should start picking on Dodge,Chevy,Ford,who make the big Trucks that get less mileage than the H2.
    It must be that you just can’t stand to see people that are better off than you.

  37. Yeah i was just tryin to do this school project and uh i wanted to know the gas mileage of a hummer and it was going good and then i saw this and just thought hey ill right something because its fun you know. ok sorry for wasting you time but thanks for reading this. later dawgs.

  38. HUMMER’s are for rich ppl so stop fuckin complaining “ohh there too god dam expensive” and “the gas mileage sucks” good thats why you dont fucking have one, i have one and i dont fucking care
    haha jealousy is a bitch… isnt it

    so stop hatin on the hummer… go buy a fuckin toyota prius if your so concerned about gas mileage fucking bitch

    i bought this H2 for the look mostly and all you ppl who feel me on this and have a HUMMER yourself then this isnt to you but if your a hater then FUCK YOU

  39. HEY MAC,

  40. how the fuck needs a guzzler like a hummer.those pieces of shit are not even nice and they look like extra full size jeeps.if you go of roading far from a gas station your fucked.i preffer to get a toyota fj cruiser which has almost as much capability than a fucking hummer.a hummer gets less than 13 mpg’s.a fj cruiser gets more than 21 mpg’s idiots.buy a jap instead of a gays ass american guzzler.

    1. My well-maintained Toyota FJ Cruiser gets 15 mpg if I’m lucky – and I almost never drive over the speed limit.
      How come I never get blasted for driving a gas guzzler??

      I’m thinking of getting a Hummer.

  41. By the way AnonymoASS godd to see that you support the US.Move to Japan you like it so much.They have cheap shoe’s too.Have a nice walk when your walking from your 4-wheeling.

  42. Wow, it’s amazing to see the contrast in grammar, sentence construction, and amount of abstract thought put into posts from the hummer-heads and the obviously more educated and intelligent.

  43. Since this started out as a H2 mileage question let me open everyone’s eyes. I drive a Ford F350 crew cab dually 4×4 with a 7.3 Turbo Diesel. I have no choice since I own quite a bit of land and pull multiple trailers and VERY heavy loads. The single wheel F350 w/diesel gets around 15-18++mpg with the 373 gears. I average 11 with 411 gears. The H2 hummer gets a little better mileage than this. Chevy and Dodge Duallys are the same (around 11mpg), so the Hummer isn’t as bad as you may think. PS My brother occasionally drives a restored 64 Galaxie that only gets 8mpg and it is stock!

  44. I am thinking about buying a HUMMER H2, I test drove one about a month ago and it was AWESOME. I am only 19 and FINALLY got my parents talked into one. Gas prices are a little high right now and i was just wondering what kind of mileage you PROUD owners have been getting?!

  45. Greg Ford F350. I’m Greg on this sight.I hate fords and would’nt own one.Change your name on this sight.I would’nt want people to think that you speak for me.

  46. Okay, I read those comments about married couples with SUVs, I hate Hummers as much as everyone else and I’m a car enthusiast (just thought I’d drop in my 2 cents worth), but the first guy who said the hummer and cavalier average is 25mpg is right, the equation for mean (which matches median in this case) is (14+35)/2 = 24.5 or about 25

  47. I am looking at buying the H3, same fuel mpg as the Wrangler, and Cherokee, and Trooper and pathfinder and many other vehicles, in fact the SL 500 has worse mpg than the H3……but even if it was a H2, I can’t believe any of you….you are all ridiculous….do you know how many gallons one Plane takes for one trip…even a small trip…forget about LA to NY….heck do you realize that you can run all the cars in the US for a year for what the planes take in one day…..well probably I’m not right there but you get the point….don’t bother replying to me, cos I’ve got better things to do than be back here…..see ya.

  48. quit all your bitchin. i served my country and earned to drive whatever i damn please. that’s why we are over there fighting wars for oil? give me a break. you all would by ocean front property in arizona. it’s because our government is run by pussies (the bush’s) the first one was to scared to attack baghdad the first time around and the second reacted to late to 9/11 and let the bastard get away. drive what you want to because you can. if you don’t like it get the fuck out of my country you green day lovin losers. H2’S RULE WITH AUTHORITY..

  49. im buying a H2 tomorrow. what is the correct mileage, thats why i logged on to this site. around 10? mpg. i didnt know so many people were sore about owning one. only reason more to drive one. my girlfriend still walks bowlegged after 2 years together, shes verry happy huandai or hummer, so the dick/size problem is bullshi! goodfellowstats.com i tattoo

  50. note all 30 of the 04 chevy trucks i drove for the landline telephone company i worked for have the same engine/drivetrain. only difference is the pretty and intimidating sheetmetal wrapped around it. i wonder how the emissions and mileage, and everything else mentioned mechanical can be so poor?i was always taught to not speak if i didnt know what i was talking about.looks can be intimidating. sorry about your luck if i have a fender bender, i can see why foreign cars feel so bad. escalades- same drivetrain same do you also hate them? chevy and gmc 3/4 ton pickups also.

  51. First of all id like to say that for all you hummer own …. Keep it cool … i just bought an H2 about 1 month ago and its awesome!! For all you jealous ppl out there.. and who only talk
    shit about the H2 .. Get up off your lazy ass go work and buy one urself.

  52. Hello All,
    I just stumbled acroos this site while trying to find out mileage for hummers. Personally I think the HUMMERS are a great ride and very safe and also MADE in the U.S.A.
    But feel free to correct me if I am wrong. How many people did it take to run that factory where they were made. Point being there is a downside to everything and lately everything is revolving around the war. Everyone makes their own choices and if I like the hummer and if I can afford to drive one you can bet your ass I am not going to ask ANYONES approval….Yes I love HUMMERS.

  53. My lord…. For all ya’ll (yes I do talk that way) who keep sayin that the middle east provides so much of our oil, keep dreamin. The majority of our oil imports comes from Canada. And we would be able to use much more domestic oil if we wouldn’t keep selling it to Japan and east Asia.

  54. I plan on getting an H2 the first of the year. I think that they are bad ass and if you don’t like them its because you probably can’t afford one. Quit mcdonalds and burgerking and get a real job then get a real car!

  55. No different gas mileage than my husbends dodge truck or my 2003 tahoe I had.Im sorry my family comes first and if I get in a wreck I know I will be ok.I have seen what happens when a small great gas mileage car gets in a wreck and if its with a bigger car of even a semi its(NOT GOOD).I had a vw bug and got ran off the road buy a truck and left me and my little girl in the ditch.I traded it in for the h2. I had it 3 1/2 years and love it.No one runs my off the road.

  56. Canada has more oil (Sand oil) than all of the middle east combined. So when they eventually find a better and faster way the process that into crude. My hummer will rule.

  57. Oh come on! Hummers are THE single most capable off road machines available to the american public. I would absolutely LOVE to have one. Unfortunately, at this point in time, that is just not feasible.

    For all you folks knocking the hummer, and those who drive them….. Get a life. Are you all driving hybrid vehicles? After all, that would be the “evironmentally responsible” thing to do. Save the petrol products for your children! If someone can afford to purchase, and drive a Hummer, more power to them! If you cant, stop whining about those that can. And I would like to point out…. The governor of the most environmentally concious state drives a…… HUMMER!!!!

  58. Andria Gonda: Your H2 is little more than a poorly engineered body on a lightened GMC truck frame. Statistically, the cabins perform worse than their GM relative, Saturn. Check out this:


    The Hummer was travelling about 35mph according to the news article. A variety of vehicle crashes can be found here (no blood or gore at all on the site):


    Combined with the typical attitude Hummer drivers seem to have here in California, they’re far more dangerous other drivers and their owners.

  59. ^ I meant to write “they’re far more dangerous to other drivers and their owners” in that last comment…

    Another quick note, thsi one to Brian: With their low-slung solid axle housings, H2’s have very poor ground clearance. I’d hardly call them “THE single most capable off road machines available to the american public.” If that were the case, wouldn’t we see more of them in professional and serious-amateur off-road events? Apparently, a little unpacked snow is all it takes to immobilize them:


  60. Whinner and haters, If you can drink 5 cups of Dunkin Donuts or whichever coffee you buy every day thats about 5 dollars and change a day and you are here whinning about the h2 having bad gas mileage you burn $35 weekly on caffiene and probably another 30 to fill up your cars, I dont drink coffee and spend $70 on gas for my H2 to fill up the tank.

    And anyways my job pays well so I can afford to put as much gas as I want to in my guzzler without worrying about the price or mileage. So stop whinning goo back to your daily lives and drive your hondas. Am happy with my h2.

  61. What is all this nonsense about “people hatin’ ’cause they can’t afford an H2?” Don’t kid yourselves. The H2 is a glorified Tahoe, so quit trying to pretend it is some top of the line SUV. It’s just a cheap-ass chevy with a differnt emblem on it I assure you I can afford better than an H2, though it is apparantly the standard by which all others are judged. Has it ever occurred to any of you that we don’t all pinch every penny we make to buy the biggest, most bad-ass vehicle on the planet, despite the fact that we could “stunt” and seemingly get all the ladies with one? Seriously, you sound like a bunch of fucking gradeschool kids talking about who has the coolest bicycle. Grow the fuck up. Nobody cares how cool you think you are in your H2 or whatever you drive. Cars are cars are cars. They are a means of conveyance. But please, by all means, seek out the least fuel efficient vehicle you can find. Every time you fill it up, you dumb shits sign my paycheck and add to my bonus. By the way, I do drive a hybrid and earn a very comfortable (can we say early retirement) living as a petroleum engineer. Don’t get high on your own supply. Suckers!

  62. you know what all of u losers can cant afford a big car can suck my dick just cuz we can buy whatever we want and afford the gas doesnt mean that u broke bitches gotta hate so suck a dick

  63. What a surprise to see that every person praising the Hummer in these comments can hardly spell or string a sentence together. Yes we’re jealous that you’ve got a ridiculous tonka toy that you can’t even park and if it makes you feel better keep thinking that we’re “jealous because we can’t afford one” as if there aren’t better similarly priced vehicles to be had.

  64. Don’t bother, almost all stupid people will never know how truly stupid they are. Yes, it is a “free” country with a “free” market economy and I support that.

    The demand for Hummers is directly related to the supply of stupid, selfish, short-sighted people. If we decrease the supply of retards, we decrease the demand for this ridiculous vehicle.

    I suppose it’s just up to those of us that have some intelligence to make sure to support legislation that can help these retards avoid unplanned procreation, it’s all we can really do.

    For those of you who don’t understand how owning a Hummer can be unethical, maybe you should look beyond your own personal reality and see the world more objectively. But if you already own a hummer, you might as well be saying that you refuse to even try that in the first place.

  65. Why do ppl drives Hummers? Because it’s SEXY!!! When I go clubbing I’m like every other girl, we always check out a guys ride, and a guy who has a hot suv is just irresistable. You just wanna ride with him in it, and HUMMER is definitely the best one. Everybody looks at you and wants to be you. Recently I met a guy at a club I found out he drove a HUMMER, and I just wanted him so bad (so did all the other chicks lol). His HUMMER had tvs in it and the stereo was sweet, so much bass. He said a lot of girls like to give him head or fuck in his HUMMER, and I have a tongue ring so I gave him head in his HUMMER, it so it was awesome he said I was the best he ever had, because most girls couldn’t deepthroat, since his cock was nine inches.

  66. Wow…This is almost too easy.

    I’m a Chevy guy, but the HUMMER is an overdressed tub o’ shit. I’ve got a $60K 4WD diesel truck that will out run the Hummer, gets twice the fuel milage, and will tow 6 Hummers, 8 liberal-tree-huggers, their trees, and probably a few of their tub-of-shit hybrid cars at the same time.

    Lets get real people. The “oil crisis” we keep worrying about is not a crisis at all, compared to everything else brewing on this god forsaken mudball called Earth, it’s a mere drop in the bucket. There is a massive caldera bellowing in Yellowstone National Park, that will send us into a nuclear winter that we’ll play hell trying to survive. The point, to all of the left-wing tree-hugging hippie-liberals, is that when mother nature is ready to rid herself of us tyrants, she will. No matter how much we try to “reduce-reuse-recycle”…she has other plans. The dinosaurs didn’t make it…and neither will we. As for all of the idiots walking this earth in this day and age…blame the san-francisco hippie movement that created the baby boom. Quit being naive, quit listening to the PSAs on tv, quit reading the warning labels, and educate yourselves on the real happenings. Darwinism and natural selection will prevail, until mother nature says otherwise.

    Also, if you honestly believe what Tim Robbins and all of the other uneducated liberal movie stars tell you about “the war in Iraq”, then by all means run for president and change it, but shut the fuck up about it. In the mean time, you keep with the “reduce-reuse-recycle-” THEORY, and I will continue with the “drink-smoke-pollute” way of life.

    Drive or ride whatever you want. Who gives a shit. Just come correct with an educated idea, or don’t come at all. I’d love to create my own biodiesel, but not to save the earth (couldn’t give a shit about that)…but to keep more money in my pocket for my gun collection (God bless the second amendment). Also, for everytime I have to endure a night at the bar where I can’t smoke, or have to hear another stop-smoking ad, it just makes me care even less about the liberal beliefs. Long live the freedom of choice, and I choose to educate myself on the facts, and ignore the tree-huggin hippie bullshit…

    God…doesn’t it just eat your ass when someone lays it all out so smoothly for you reading enjoyment?

    Good Times,
    The Republican.

  67. So your theory is that we have already screwed the planet up beyond repair so why bother changing our ways?

    Well, you might be right about the beyond repair part, but all these over-consuming assholes out there (you included) will be the ones crying the loudest when the cheap gas runs out and your whole world changes.

    Natural selection will definitely win out though, which doesn’t bear well for your idiotic line…

  68. Well played, but, I don’t use gas. I use diesel, and after that, there is biodiesel…it is what is know as, a renewable fuel source. Once again…come correct with an educated idea, or don’t come at all. It’s not that we have screwed up the planet beyond repair, but that the planet will do away with us and everything around us long before we can “destroy” it. It has been proven that this earth has survived several ice ages, as well as many different species’ affect on it over millions of years. But, the species’ themselves have been the one not to survive (except for the cockroach…it’ll never go away). We have yet to trully figure out the earth’s entire cycle. We don’t know that the “hole in the ozone” wasn’t part of it’s natural cycle as opposed to it being an effect from our irresponsible use of anything containing CFC’s. Whatever it is…chaining yourself to a tree isn’t going to change a damn thing in the long run. I’m not against conserving. But, when it infringes on my life and my rights…then it becomes a problem. I will cut down a tree…but I will plant two in it’s place. That’s the meaning of “conservative”. No different than hunting one deer, so two other deer can survive off of the available food (natural selection). People have to die, in order for others to live. The same goes for animals, trees, etc, etc, etc… All I am saying is educate yourself on that facts before enetering an opinion or an idea that Hillary Clinton gave you. Once again, no matter what automobile you choose to drive, it is your right to choose. Believe me, mother nature will have her wrath on the owners of hybrids AND gas guzzlers. It’s only life boys and girls…none of us are getting out alive.

    P.S. See what I mean, it was laid out so smoothly for your reading enjoyment.

    Thank you…come again!
    The Republican

  69. Hummers are great, fun to drive, practical and unlike anything else including most of the foreign junk on American highways. I get 14 mpg on average which is as good as a jeep wrangler.
    Hummers are awesome. If those that have issues would drive one ,they would change their minds, but we know that will probaly never happen.

  70. I am a woman of color, I have owned two H2 Hummers so far. I love them! I work and pay for these vehicles myself, no assistance from anyone. I work hard and should be able to buy what I can afford and like. That is the freedom of this country. I have friends who say would love to have my Hummer (behind my back). They cannot afford one so they say they tell me “I wouldn’t drive a gas hog”. Of course it never stops them from asking me to take my Hummer when we go places! Some of their Fords do not even get the gas mileage my Hummer does! An Expedition 4×4 at 10-12 mpg, and you people talk about my Hummer? I get 14-15 mpg. Yes I am an easy driver. By the way I had an Excursion V-10 4×4 that was lucky to get 8-10 mpg that I traded in on my Hummer and never once while I owned it did anyone say “what kind of mileage do you get?” Talk about over comsumption? How about two people living in 6000 sqaure foot plus houses? I don’t give a s—- what anyone thinks about my little custom $92,000 Hummer SUT. Bought & paid for and enjoyed everyday. Can you say that? BTW I also drive a BMW that gets 20+ mpg so it all equals out! Get off your lazy a—- and get to work!!!!!

  71. My H2 gets about 12mpg unless I’m towing my 38′ Cigarette Top Gun… Then it gets about 8. But tow it it does.. even the steepest boat ramps are no problem. All you class-envy liberals need to stop bitching, stop smoking weed, and get jobs that will let you enjoy life’s finer things. Call a Waaaambulance Al Gore! By the way, the Cigarette has TWO 540 cubic inch supercharged big blocks with 850 horsepower each!! Lots of dinosaurs died to give us this much fun. Keep driving your piece of shit Prius… I’ll try not to back over you. See ya at the gas pump!!

  72. Save a horse…. Ride a Liberal! I just threw a big bag of trash out of my F-350 in a wildlife refuge!! Fuck The Earth Let tree-huggers pick up the garbage!

  73. LOL! I have owned & driven many collector cars that get worse mileage than my Hummer! I consider the Hummer my “gas miser”. Nobody ever asked what gas mileage my 435hp Corvette got. They just said how they loved the way it looks! 8 mpg on 100+ octane fuel for that Corvette. Hummer gets 13-15 mpg. Better than my last Ford truck!!

  74. Let’s not forget that one volcano erupting spews more waste in the air than all the Hummers in America.
    get a real brain you fuckin tree hugers.
    lefty liberal pinkos suck……….

  75. hummers don’t kill the enviroment its just that they take a lot of gas because they have big engines and they burn the gas well and some cars are even worse then that car.

  76. Y ou all Hummer haters need to realizes that the way this whole country gos around with the gas problem is not to just blame on Hummers. Hummers did not make this gas war happen they have only been around 3 yrs. All trucks on the road eat fuel, all the race head hobbie guys eat fuel, any hobbie that uses gas eats fuel. You all haters I bet many of you own boats, do I need to say any more? I own a h2 and it sits in front of my work for ten hours a day, not burrning much fuel now am I ! GO GET A LIFE YOU LOVE NOT HATE !

  77. ahh,I like Christies comment..shallow as it is..Who doesnt like a hummer..
    One thing I have not read in this informative area is who actually uses there H2..I do..and so do many others..I have a problem with soccer moms driving around, there are better choices than the H2,, but its their choice..remember that, we do have choices so far in this country..even with the current state of our GOVT…DRIVE LIKE YOU STOLE IT…

  78. Hey, If you are all complaining as to why my Hummer gets such bad fuel mileage, it does not get that bad (14-15). Ask the EPA and DOT why I cannot import KEI series trucks from anywhere else in the world to use on US roads. KEI’s get 45-50 MPG but they say they are not safe to use on the road as bigger vehicles also use those roads. Well have you seen a Electric GEM (they run all over here in Palm Springs with California plates on them. They are smaller than a KEI, have no doors and are a glorified golf cart. Also nobody says anything about my motorcycles having to share the road with every big vehicle out there. You want to solve the problem, give us options of having cars the rest of the world has access to. Hell, Canada is way ahead of us!!

  79. Walking up to my parking spots and seeing my 99 Vette, 99 Harley Night Train and my new Hummer makes the years in college driving a Suzuki Samurai and a Honda Civic hatchback all worth it.
    I busted my ass to live the American dream, don’t hate…

  80. whal the h2 gets 13-15 mpg. i have a 02 dodge dakota extended cab that gets 15mpg. with a 4.7 lit. v-8 and i use the 5w30 oil it reccomends for better gas mileage, so it sounds like the h2 has a very efficient engine for its size,and i think they look pretty cool

  81. Wow i love how yall say that osama loves the hummer…what the hell do you think you put in your vehicles? non…middle east gas? dumbasses…get the hummer if you want it, i wanted it but the gas mileage is too low. but apparently since your car is heavier than most, you are using dead soldiers in iraq to fuel your car…just get it to spite these fags!

  82. Lets do some calculations here. I’ve heard that Hummers get everything from 8 to 15 mpg. with a 32 gallon tank, as Shawn said, that works out to 256-480 miles per tank. on the flip side, there is the Toyota Prius. The web site says it gets 51-60 mpg, but lets be be nice to the Hummer people and give it 45 mpg. With an 11.9 gallon tank, that gives Priuses 535.5 miles per tank. now, lets go driving. lets drive 10,000 miles this year. using the Hummer’s generous 480 miles per tank figure, thats 20.8 tanks, or 20 refills. with gas prices at about $2.50, thats $1600 on gas. Now for the Prius. 10,000 miles means 18.7 tanks, or 18 refills. again at $2.50 per gallon, that’s $535.50 on gas. that is LESS THAN A THIRD of the price for a Hummer. you’ve just saved more than $1000 and added about 10 years to your life from the saved air pollution. So if you’re saying that I am not buying a hummer because I can’t afford it, you’re basically right. And If you’re saying Hummers are just cool, too bad. the future is coming. countries in Europe are getting 50 mpgs average nationally. China has an average of 35. even India is 40+. America needs to get with the program, or get left behind.


  83. what about tall people? I am almost 7 feet tall and toyota prius aint gonna cut it for me, Hummer is the only ride that fitts me like a glove.

  84. Hummer H2 owner here…absolutely love my rig!! Buy what YOU can afford, enjoy it, have fun with it, take care of it, be proud of it. keep those you care for and love safe within it. do YOUR part for the environment. Respect other poeples choices and live your life to the fullest…after all, life is just wayyy too short to be blaming all the worlds environmental woes and wars on a single vehicle, and pitiful shame on those blaming the deaths of troops on Hummer owners…very sad!


  85. Yeah right my family chooses not to buy a HUMMER because they can’t afford it. Rather we are just secure in our image and not asshole enough to buy a road-hog like that. By the way we purchased an Acura TL in cash so I think it’s safe to say that a HUMMER wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. I think all short, tiny penis, assholes driving HUMMERs should be forced to breathe in all of the excess pollution so THEIR lungs can filter out the smog for the rest of us who enjoy breathing. Trust me, people are gonna start SHOOTING at you assholes when temperatures in LA reach 130!

  86. I am Jesus Christ, your lord and savior. There was a scripture that I wrote myself that wasn’t included in the bible. As you know I didn’t put it together. Some middle aged white men did. This scripture said, “Thou shall buy an H2 Hummer motor vehicle if he wishes to go to heaven. Women that buy an H2 are simply dikes and they will go to hell. Men that buy the H2 are simply those of style and will go to heaven where we will all drive H2 vehicles. I made everything, why not use what I gave you, you bastards. Screw the environment, animals don’t go to heaven anyways. Ahhh, when I was a little boy my camel only got 42 mph so I killed it then raped it. Then I bought a horse and it got 12 mph. So then I made love to it. Oh, sorry I was writing out of my scream of consciousness again. Well, H2’s are your ticket to salvation. Amen.”

  87. I just bought a 2003 H2 with 40 inch tires and all the trimmins….It gets 10 miles to the gallon, and you know something? I will drive it wearing a baby seal skin coat, smoking a crap load of cigarettes, eating a huge roast beef sandwich while getting a BJ!!! and you know why? because I am an American and I can!!!! to hell with all you granola eating, tree hugging morons

  88. Nice. It appears that once again, conservatives cannot have a civilized conversation…especially without being crude and calling names. Name-calling is the sign of a weak argument.

  89. First of all people the Hummer H2 is not the worst gas eating machine out there, I get 12.5 MPG I know a guy who has a chevy 2500 truck it’s a 2004 it gets 11.1 mph What’s up with that….I am sure Ford has there gas eaters also.
    True.. the hood is fiberglass (Plastic) but the rest of the car is not…It’s nice to know your wife and kids are some what safe with a tractor trailer wreck
    Try that with your geo
    Next, We are not in war with the gas sellers just the scum bags who ran in to the trade towers
    This war is bush’s baby
    Next, Texas is floting in oil also alaska & off the cost of california,
    It’s said that america has 200 year oil supply under the ground WHY are we buying oil??? over seas??
    Lets boycot the gas some how with the million dollar a day ceo gooroo… Did you happen to see that on yahoo news it was very sick

  90. I would like to say wtf?? and lol.. this is a debate between what the haves and have nots? or the xyz vs zyx.. it doesnt matter. I am a former marine, disabled and own an h2. Like mac said i also was in intelligence for a number of years and he is wrong. We as a whole meaning earth are putting an increasing strain on the oil/reserves. What no one is complaining about is why dont the automotive makers provide us with “”the cool car” that does the environment good? They have all the money, the power and support campaigns for politicians so gov regulations dont put a dent in their pockets. Yes i understand i can just say no!! and buy something more eco friendly, but a) typically more expensive with not enough improvement to rate downgrading the cool factor..yes i am selfish i know. But i put my time in and believe i deserve one, who knows maybe im wrong… but the he said she said, small large have havenots… take a step back and look how ridiculous you all sound. Take another look at why prices go up at the gas pump.. exxon doing maintenance for 2 months and the other companies rotate the same shut down procedures= companies driving and maintaining the high cost. The oil in alaska is actually the largest around, we also spent gazzillion dollars for it to just sit there.. i can go and get all the facts if u need, just post and when or if i get back to this posting i will reply.
    Factors: I like it so unless its killing you do as your mom said if you have nothing nice to say then keep quiet. Its big its red and people tend to see me more easily. They are effecient for their 7k curb weight.. it is a topic alot of the time and a showroom the others but its fun, not bragging if you wanted to drive it show me a license and come ask me..
    For those who say about pollution.. please my truck has outstanding emmission readings, better than most luxury cars. If you think ur helping cool buy an american vehicle and really help with pollution, price, pride in american made, that way u also help with jobs/retention and money back into the american economy.. or just buy your Acura TL for cash and not pollute but cause another american company to lay off more.. oh wait that would mean im judging and im not.

    For you non war/military proud people, all i can say is the service given to the USA by its members, all and personally known from the MC is utmost faithful, and yes in any service we will have bad apples and are held at a higher degree than others for responsibility.. i gave up many personal rights to guarantee others would have rights at all, i joined and became a stronger person with high character and slightly crazy.. crazy is a side effect commonly put on the side of the jarhead like a label.. ok i thought it was funny… I suggest to push for the vehicle you like or own and be a part of future developments.. like the hydrogen h2, at least it sounds and looks cool even if it still not effecient. i love its look, its drive its off road capabilities, i love the visibility both on the road and off, i love the stories created with it.. i am also the first person to stop when your brokedown while others laugh or continue on. I call in to get you towed, i pull you out if needed, i am there when u need me.. ddddddd… i am victory red hummer man to the rescue.. told ya i was crazy..lol but hopefully you get what all i was saying, even if it is only half understandable.. must of been when i was exposed to that thing when i was still an 0311.. 😛

    Anyways lighten up on each other, if ya own cool have fun be safe and be a good american.. if ya dont.. so friggin what, if ya want one..cool best of luck… if ya dont know what ya think just go back to the corner till you do.!!

    PS: even if you dont support the war for whatever reasons, please support our troops, they dont need the distraction of our protesting etc.. (now that doesnt mean u cant protest) but if it involves protesting at the endangerment of our troops, i pray to meet you.

  91. I bought a 2005 Hummer H2 because I wanted one. It gets 14.7 mpg going to/from work (highway) with cruise control set at 70 (65 mph speed-limit). It rides well, has a decent interior and even pulls my work trailer well. I also own a Grumman Cheetah Airplane and a Honda VTX-1800 motor cycle so I have plenty of toys. My job as an engineer has been to make American jobs for Americans. I do that well. I am 64 years of age and am just getting started. If you don’t like what I drive, that’s okay, but you don’t have a clue if you think it has anything to do with sexual equipment.

  92. H2 rules 🙂

    Only bad thing driving H2 in Finland is fuel costs 6,7$ per gallona, but shit walks and money talks!

  93. I read through this dialogue and am saddened by the notion that I put in 22 years of my life to preserve and defend our right to free expression and you waste it like this. I retired out of Special Operations and have earned the right to say we can drive whatever we can afford and be happy with it. These fools that harp about Hummers being fueled by dead soldiers are so offensive to those of us that know better. I suppose Al Gore’s jet and limo(s) are fueled with celery stalks? Such fools you are. Drive on, Hummer owners.

  94. I think Hummers are the coolest vehicles I have ever seen. I thought about getting one myself but common sense and logic won out. Besides, when the time comes and my children’s children ask me why people were so greedy and thoughtless about the next generation I can tell them that I wasn’t. Furthermore, I envy no one for what they have. I find that it’s usually the person that seeks the bigger, better thing that is seeking the attention and approval of others. I pity you that you can’t be happy.

  95. I laugh whenever I see someone driving a hummer. It’s not a small penis issue it is called “low self esteem”. If you need to drive a car that looks like an 8 year-olds fantasy then you are telling the world, “I am all cheese, I have low self esteem, and I am trying really really hard to make myself feel important”. Sorry, we all still laugh at you.


  97. You cant blame Hummer because of George W Bush’s invasion of iraq, how can it be Hummer and there consumers fault? i think whoever here has posted negativity about shawn or hummer and making obsurd comments about him supporting people being blown up or terroists need a massive reality check and to go play in traffic.

  98. I own a 2006 H2, a 2007 Escalade and a 2006 350z, and a 2006 GSXR1000. Yes, a majority of my paycheck goes towards vehicles and out of all my vehicles, my boat (mastercraft x70) sucks the most gas. And im ruining the earth. But guess what, I make the money, I pay for it, and I’ll be dead before I really need to worry about it. So, hopefully you’re kids develop a way to fix the results of my fun. REMEMBER, There’s NO draft, so the people in Iraq signed up KNOWING they might go to war, so just shut the fuck up about that little inconvenience.

  99. “I am 100% disabled and I plan to buy the biggest/baddest Hummer I can find.”

    I suppose 100% includes the brain.

    “So your ideal guy would drive an 82 buick century and make 22k a year?”

    So your point is? I make 50k a year (I’m 28) and don’t have a car at all.

    “One more thing.Women Love it and would rather ride my Hummer”

    than ride you? Quite understandable. Despite its low gas mileage, the Hummer lasts longer than two minutes, and the sound is not as disturbing.

    “Let’s not forget that one volcano erupting spews more waste in the air than all the Hummers in America.”

    Let’s also not forget that the effects of pollution are cumulative so two wrongs don’t make a right after all. And let’s also not forget that what a volcano spews out is mostly removed from the atmosphere over the course of a few months to years while carbon dioxide can stay there for centuries and cause the atmosphere to heat up.

  100. For all of you that don’t like hummers…..”You must be the ones that keep getting stuck in my tire treads!!!”

  101. hey all i have an 04 h2 hummer and the best gas m ileage i got was 15mpg @70 miles an hour steady.i got tired of the gas mileage so i bought a device that increased my mileage by 4mpg its aturboeffect device its all physics.
    it only cost 10.00

  102. To everyone out there that keeps bringing up the ridiculous statement of the war in Iraq is over oil,I say, I spent 10 years in the Army some during the 1st war in Iraq and nearly every vehicle we drove was a Hummer.
    If this war is over oil, why are prices double what they were before the war started. We liberated a country that run by a murderous villian, dont you think we would get oil cheaper not higher prices. If you want to blame anyone for the higher prices blame the fat cats that sit on the board over at Exxon/Mobil or the Facist dictator that hates Americans and owns Citgo.

  103. Just so the 2-car calc is clear, 20 is right – you can’t do a mean calc. Well, you can do it, and it would be 25, but it wouldn’t apply to MPG. It would apply to, say the average number of apples if you have 2 bags of apples. It would apply to a lot of things!! But not MPG.

    Here is the key – imagine that the 2 cars are one combined car:

    (MilesCar1 + MilesCar2)
    (GallonsCar1 + GallonsCar2)

    And the above formula used with 100 miles each comes to:

    7.1 gallons
    2.8 gallons =
    10 gallons

    100 miles
    100 miles =
    200 miles

    200/10 = 20……..

  104. Look, All of you that think a hummer or any “Gas Guzzler” at that matter is supporting terrorists you need to get out and see what is happening outside of your gay little world. Yes it is easy to say the war on terrorism is because of gas and oil. Come on now!!! Do you beleive everything any two bit pansy posts. Maybe, Just maybe thier is a bit more to what is going on with this world than what you read in your gay/lesbian/ tree hugging magazines. Trust me I know. I have dealt with it. I Was a Marine (Former Marine) I now work overseas dealing with this situation. I have lost 23 of my closest friends in the “WAR ON TERRORISM”. So you unedgucated retards saying wait till you lose a friend or family memeber shot in the face or killed by a roadside bomb……… I have. Many of times as you have read. I earned my right to drive whatever I want. And I treated myself with a Hummer H2. Because I deserve it. Maybe if you have ever done anything, even close to the sacrifices I have made I will listen to your ignorant b/s. I am an avid outdoorsman. I Rock climb, kayack, Ski, the list goes on my friends. But guess what? The vehicle that I drive does not put a damper on any of those activities. Take the joint out of your mouth and get a job. Or go join the military and make a differance in the world.

  105. What the hell has gotten into everyone, I thought we still lived in the USA. Why should it matter what someone drives, or were they live or were they work, as long as you pay your own way why should it be anyones concern how you spend your money. The day you start judging people on what the drive is the day your no better than the towel head fuckers that crashed the plains on 9-11. That incluedes you JO friedman and all the rest of you that are pre judging people just for what they drive.

  106. Drove my first H2 today. Loved it. Hope to buy it. And for
    all you out there, did you realize America buys more gas
    from Canada than anywhere else. Do your homework
    before you fling stones at our hummers. Is the gas
    situation good, no, but its still the cheapest in the world
    except for NZ. We had good times for a long time-now we adjust but we don’t stop living and having some fun.
    Had fun in my 8.1 Liter Chev Silverado, had fun in my ’85
    Corvette and now its Hummer time. If I end up living in
    it that’s okay too. Can’t dance. Hats off to ALL MILITARY SERVICE PEOPLE. For Clint-yaaa you have great grammer, did you risk your life to protect your fellow Americans yet?And you Joe, keep laughing at us if it makes your day. Maybe you need to get a life and if we see you broke down on the side of the road, we’ll leave you alone cause you would never want to ride in our H2’s.

  107. Well I think I’m happy that I did buy the Hummer H2 but
    my daughter pointed out that its a bit scary because of
    some of you extremists. Do you people know what our
    Country was founded on…freedom. Do you know what
    the Military Service People fight and die for…freedom.
    How dare you tell everyone else how to live. Who elected you as the car gastopo? You people REALLY are
    scary! You have several notes here from Military People
    who MIGHT know more about the war than you and you
    refuse to hear what they are saying about protecting
    rights, even your ungracious rights. Please sit back and
    cool off. Surely you realize that 3/4 ton trucks, vehicles
    with hemis, Cadillacs, etc. are things people have the
    right to purchase and drive. I don’t do Starbucks, I don’t
    shop at the Gap, I don’t buy Lobster but other people do
    and I don’t hate them. I don’t hate anyone. Disagreements and debates are fine but hate doesn’t
    help anyone or anything. I also agree that people with
    their own planes and people with huge homes they heat
    and cool are making choices some of us wouldn’t agree
    with but I’m not out to get them. Really sounds like some of you might be borderline dangerous. Did you help make that extreme H2 sight-you know the one I’m
    tallking about-I could feel the hate streaming out of my
    computer screen from that site. If I could I’d send you
    some Dr. Scholl’s (sp?) and you could
    start gellen! Got to go gas
    up now-just kidding!

  108. Look at gas prices now bitches. Hope all of you are having fun paying to fill up those tanks! And this argument is not about money or people being “jealous,” it’s about being smarter and less self-centered than buying extra necessities that are not needed. Now look where the Hummer is going….BEING DISCONTINUED..!

  109. I would just like to say for all you people who do not like H2 Hummers.

    1. Gas prices are what they are. We are so spoiled! Look at England $12.00 per gal. STOP BITCHING. Tell me, If you are paying $20.00 dollars more at the pump per week now. Stop and think, what was I spending that money on 6 months ago, DA. Oh, I know Bull Shit Items. Look in your closet have a Garage Sale 1 x per week hahaha. Because it sure did not go in your savings. Get Real People!! Your wallet is not broken just your consumer confidence. Its not the gas the H2’s use it the spending habits you have and we need to sharpen our budgets. It cost me $120 per week for gas, Before it was $90 to fill up. Hmmm, $30.00 more per tank and $120 more per month. What did I cut back? Instead of going out to eat 4 x per month I go out and eat 3 x per month. Oh my god is that so hard. Cut out the burgers and fries and get a grip. Try taking Business 101 learn to budget. In business you have to sometimes cut to gain.
    GET IT!!!! GO H2, its not the gas its the consumer who is screwed up. You need to find a balance in life to off set the supply and demand issues. CUT BACK ON THE BEER AND CHIPS. DO THE MATH!!!!!


  110. Wow, I’m 16 and I don’t act like any of ya’ll (I’m assuming “adults”) so, what does that say about ya’ll? Come on! We’re all Americans we should be supporting each other, and if you don’t like how someone else lives their life then get over it! (I might be sounding like a hypocrite for saying this), but this just really bothers me that this is how people are spending their time, I agree that Hummers are a terrible investment, and just cause you can afford doesn’t mean you SHOULD buy, but if you really want it then go for it, and all you people that don’t like it, chill out! You’re not paying their gas, so just live your life and forget about the douches that need gas guzzling cars to make their lives happy! O, by the way, I had the balls to leave my name, unlike a few, so suck it!

  111. Also, I just read Kristee(the hoe’s) comment about how Hummer’s attract girls…….really? That’s all it takes is a nice car?………omgosh, this is the saddest reply I’ve read so far……if that’s all it takes, then that makes you a nasty hoe who probably gave that guy a sick STD, and I get head from my girlfriend in my gas-saving VW any fucking time I want, and it’s just as good in a car that saves gas then wastes it, so go on giving out your nasty pussy to every guy with a nice car, but one day you’re gonna realize how much of a stupid dumnb-ass bitch you are and you’re going to kill yourself…..and I’m waiting for that day where all you stupid easy girls just off yourselves to make room for the more intelligent classy girls that are trying to make a fucking difference, this whole stupid blog just made me even more pissed about hummers, I tried to be nice and a good fucking sport about it all, but this is so gay. I hope I’m the last to comment this God-foresaken conversation. This car is stupid, but buy it if you feel you need to. It doesnt fucking matter to me, but think of the gas you’re wasting and the harm you’re doing. So fuck your dumb-ass muther fucking car right in the stupid-big ass tail pipe, with your little-ass dicks and go off-roading the side of a damn cliff. Ya’ll piss me off seriously, enjoy life burning in hell for such stupid poor judgement, I hate you all and I would guess God is on my side for not buying a harmful car. So have fun being raped by satan’s cock and eating demon sperm for the rest of your afterlife you dumb pieces of shit…..P.S. If you read this whole comment just because you’re a hummer owner, then guess what, you just got served by a 16 year old, who can’t afford shit (hugs and kisses mutha fucka’s!!)

  112. OH MY GOSH….. I am on my way out to buy a super HUMMER 2 right now… Perfect to haul my Huge Logan horse trailer…. PRICELESS

  113. I recently bought a Hummer sut and maybe there is something wrong with my carburator, but I’ getting a mile or two better than I did with my F150. So with mileage the same does it really matter what I drive?

  114. I think hummers look cool, but they do get horrible gas mileage. If you can afford it tho, then good for you, but if you don’t like it because of the “green-house effect” then read online test results, because apparently the carbon-dioxide humans put back in the air is only 3% of the total amount of carbon put into the air, the rest is nature, so chill the (bleep) out and stop worrying about it…….peace, love, and hummers

  115. God do you people have nothing to do with your lives. Its just an automobile, that uses up more gas then other vehicles…THATS IT!!!!!




  116. I have a H2 so FUCk You bastards you know ur dam self if u had a chance to get one you wouldnt think 2wice So dont give us you hypacritical bullshit

  117. This is pretty sad. As a Hummer owner, I find it way out of control to say that it is the Hummers fault we went to war in the Middle East. Does anybody remember 9/11???? You all act like you care so much about our country and yet you do not even remember why it all started, in Afghanistan etc……. all you can do is reach for straws and blame the Hummer???? And I can promise you, if 9/11 or any other disaster, natural or otherwise happened in your hometown, and all the National Guards showed up in their Hummers to help you and your family, you would not think that a Hummer is so bad. It is a car, nothing more, it is not alive, it did not start the war, it is not why the world is the way it is these days, it is just a truck, and an incredible truck at that. If you don’t like it, fine… but be realistic. Also, just because a guy drives a Hummer does not mean he is a loser, or has a small penis. By the way there are a lot of women who drive Hummers as well, which proves just how stupid many of you are to only focus on that men drive Hummers, of course most of these women that have Hummers also have a job that pays them more than minimum wage, so maybe you should cut them down to… Down with the rich, right???? IDIOTS!!!!! If a person drives a Hummer it simply means that the person likes the truck. Get over it already. Hummers ROCK, as does our MILITARY, and you people should be ashamed of yourselves.

  118. i just got my 07 h3, with 20,000 miles on it, and it gets the same mileage as a new wrangler, and 1t was 12,000 cheaper, and is a much better car, i love it, and to thr whiners ,, its just a car, get a life

  119. When the Taliban decides to invade America (AGAIN) and lets say we are required to evacuate our home and survive on our own, lets see what you say when you all of a sudden must go tactical with your little cute cars. There will be no space in my gas guzzler for you. I personally own a Dodge ram and a Hummer H2. This is America people we have earned the right to choose. Think about 911 and the possibility of it happening again. ARE YOU READY. IIEEYA

  120. Hey all of yall that hate on Hummers get a life really i thought this was America.DRIVE WHAT YOU WANT. Oh and all of you that talk about gas and being over in iraq cause of it thats stupid America made a law where civilians couldn’t drill for oil here.Why? Cause America has the largest oil supply out of every country do some f$%k*** research god its just a car. Oh and for the down fall of the country go look at congress. I’m going to buy a hummer deal with it, and about polution look at electric its worse than cars and your on the net what a retard.

  121. Hello :
    I m planning to buy 2004 H2 , any one have suggestions? please be my guest, new for this big giant 4WD

  122. If I make 900 dollars a month, is there a Hummer dealer out there that will give a monthley payment arrangement I can afford. I think Hummers are cool. I dont care if they use more gas and cause more pollution I want a yellow H2 hummer. My email is slouchypaul at yahoo dot com.

  123. For all you sitting home or at work nice and warm on your computers putting down people with hummers please remember this: when there’s 6″ to 18″ of snow on the ground and “you” need help because your sick, hurt, can’t breath or house on fire or maybe in a flood and you need emergency services, We are their for you so stop putting everyone down who owns a hummer because they might just be the person who saves your life someday.

  124. I have a 05 H2. Yes I am not a porn star when it comes to penis length, but hay lets get real neighter are 99% of the rest of the world or we would be porn stars. The nice thing about the H2 is it is easy to get in an out of. Which for me allows me to go to work, shopping, the movies, and to my kids. It is very nice to drive and was easily set up for hand controls for my prosthetic leg. Yes I could buy a Yoda Yaris, but becasue of I am an amputee I could not drive it. Not to mention it gets better gas milage per tank then my ford crown victoria I traided in on it. And the 28 gal tank allows me not to have to fill er up as much. Which if you are handicapped is a bitch. Did I mention it is a breaze to clean snow off of too.

  125. ok all you guys need to shut up because hummers are polluting the air and our world is dieing because our world has the green house afect and our world willl flood and we will all die…so fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk yyyyyyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. You people that worry what other people do with there money go look what you ass holes do with yours. If anyone fucked with my cars or trucks i would hunt your ass down and make you a lil bitch. THE CAMMERS IN THE HUMMERS THAT MOST OF US HAVE WILL SEE THE ASS HOLE THATS GOING TO BE SORRY THEY EVEN CAME TO THIS SITE LIL BITCHES.

  127. Hummer H2 is based on a Yukon platform. No one thinks a thing about people in Yukons. Hummer H3 is based on a Trailblazer platform. no one thinks a thing about all the Trailblazers running around. The H3 just uses the Colorado/Canyon engine instead of the 4.3 V-6.
    No, I don’t cuss. I won’t get that far into the gutter, but if that’s you’re thing, go for it.
    I’m 60 and have an H3 and absolutely love it and I WILL have an H2 very soon.

  128. I Just got a nice used H2 and I love it. It doesn’t get the best mpg but it’s only about 1 mile per gallon less than the 03 tahoe I had. I wonder how all these people complain even hate h2’s. Its funny how at a stop light I look around and I can see a gmc 1 ton truck on one side and a suburban on the other Getting the same if not less mpg. I feel it’s our right for now in America to drive what the hell we want…Talk about discrimination in America, All you liberals need to look at yourself’s. In this country Black,White,Brown,Tan,yellow,Male,Female,Rich,Poor you should be free to do whatever with your life or drive what ever you want without being discriminated against. At least until Obama has His way with America making us all Equal and Bowing down to other Leaders and making us seem pussified to the World. Enjoy life.

  129. To the Hummer camp,
    As a world we are starting to understand that the worlds resources are finite and must be shared, metal deposits, arable land the atmosphere. This idea has been gaining momentum steadily and it is getting stronger every day. This is the challenge of our era and it is a tough one.

    You cannot shit in my back yard on your way home, that is illegal, but currently you can pollute the air and squander the resources of our planet for kicks by paying a few pathetic $$ and that is not right.

    Just because you have a few $$ in your hand does not give you the right to permanently consume some resource or pollute in a way that affects another persons environment forever, your $$ were never worth that much.

  130. So in fact if you take more than your share, you are stealing, and our laws haven’t yet caught up to this, but they will, because it’s morally wrong. That is the nature of our society, we don’t allow one person to impinge on the liberties and freedoms of another by his actions. Whether those actions be murder, theft or boring old pollution.

    Times are changing and this may be scary and make you angry and outraged but it is inescapable.

    Everyone will need to learn to share sooner or later. If it is sooner we may keep our technology and factories and luxuries, if it is later we may end up cooked out of the mid latitudes of the earth in a shitty pre-industrial society up in Canada.

  131. The Hummer may not be the most polluting car but IT IS the most potent symbol of American hyper consumption, wastefulness and what the world sees as the Iraq oil war.

    So you can either accept the changing times or you can get all bitter and twisted as your Hummer is taxed and gas goes up and complain about the fairys and liberals until you die.

  132. just because you choose to drive a car that doesnt give off as many emissions does not make you a “citizen of the world” and all loving and stuff. Vice versa just because you are driving a big car doesnt mean that you are a bad ass. there are way to many problems in this world. do what you do out of the kindness of your heart and love, and you will make a difference. trust me, no matter what we do, few changes are ever made, because the people at the top are concerned with profit margins and quarterly reports. if you like hummers great, if you dont great,… the problem with america isnt repub. or dem. its people wanting to “win” rather than work together to make positive changes. 10 yrs from now we will still be arguing the same point in different words… just be respectful of eachother, we are all americans we are not versing eachother.

  133. Im about to get a vehicle and i am stuck im thinking abut a caddy avalanche and an h2,or h3 hummmer dont know the gas mieleage on eiter does anyone have any feedback

  134. for all the haters out there on hummers, here’s something to think about……it was the hummers that drove supplies to my unit in the heat of battle, it was also the hummers that pulled our behinds out in the heat of battle, so who gives a damn about gas mileage when your life is at stake..
    Ill drive a hummer anytime anywhere, its not only saving american troops lives now, But its the choice battle transportation of our country. try going into battle in a escalade or mercedes ml, not saying nothing wrong with them, only stateing what our goverment choose for our military.If you dont like them …..DONT BUY ONE!!!!!

  135. Ok, I came to this site because it was one of the results returned by google when searching gas mileage issues with the Hummer and some ways to increase it. I started reading thinking MAYBE, just maybe someone might actually comment about what the original statement was and not about “saving the environment” and how “driving a hummer makes you a wimp with a tiny penis” or “not driving a hummer makes you a pathetic loser that can’t afford one”. You can all point fingers and blame the people that don’t drive hummers and vise versa for the problems with America, but yet in reality, you all are. Ok, so someone spends their hard earned money and buys a hummer, so what? That is their choice. If they wanna spend their money fillling it up with gas… LET THEM. And those of you talking about your “fuel efficient homebrewed biodiesel”… Guess what? You make a hummer run off of Biodiesel also! All of you guys are spending this time arguing back and forth talkin shit to people you don’t and probably never will know. You gonna go to everyone that drives a hummer and find someone with the same name as someone on here arguing with you and kick their ass? No, didn’t think so. Grow up! If you wanna drive a Hummer… go ahead and those of you that don’t… let them g about their bussines. And the same goes for those of you that don’t drive Hummers and don’t want to, go ahead and those of you that do, let them go about their bussiness. This was probably one of the most pointless articles I have read. Yes, I realize that I am wasting just as much time as you guys did, but honestly, someone needed to say something. I am seventeen years old and I have wanted a Hummer since I was old enough to know what a hummer was and I plan on getting a Hummer hopefully within the next year. And I couldn’t care any less if any of you think I have a tiny penis or am “supporting the terrorists”, Because what the Hell does the kind of car you drive have to do with the size of your penis? And the terrorists don’t have a damn thing to do with the money you spend on gas. That is what is wrong with America. People like you that think that ust because you’re of the same decent as a terrorist is, then you’re a terrorist. No, yea, a lot of our oil comes from Iraq and surrounding areas, but guess what, the money we pay for it does not in any way shape or form go to the terrorists.

  136. Hahaha for all the haters out there do you think your car runs on water?? Don’t be jealous because we can actually afford a Hummer & you can’t it’s simple unless your car runs on only piss or mind power then shut up & take your thumbs outta your mouths & grow up any machine ruins the air it’s what we have created.

  137. My Hummer H2 is a hydrogen/water/gasoline hybrid. Last time I smog checked it, zero Hydrocarbons. The tech was baffled. 15-18 mpg. Eat your heart out tree huggers.

  138. Seriously, for all the people in this blog who are BITCHING about what the f**k people drive, GET A LIFE! Who gives a shit what people drive. For all the people that are talking about how driving a large vehicle is polluting the earth, well I hope that you recycle everything. Paper, plastic, glass, old cell phones, cloths…everything. Because if your not then, well…..your polluting as well. Everyone from the person driving the Prius to the person driving the Hummer pollutes, so seriously…before you go pointing fingers and telling everyone what they are doing wrong, look at yourself and your household!

  139. Ha ha ha the dumb idiot who said the other fella couldnt afford a hummer….. Have you people looked at all new car prices . Most of them r up in the 40 or way above range. shut the Hell up

  140. haha i actualy like the hummers and thats what i want when i get 16 but all the poepl posting negavtive comment get over yourself hah you just mad cause you dont have if he/she has the money to pay for the gas then who are to tell that person that they cant have it its there money not yours and just because you have a nice car doesnt mean shit you think beyonce or chris brown or lil wayne have bad cars no i mean why should you have to have a sucky ass car when you have the money i mean seriously suck cause all you are , are haters FAGOTS hahah

  141. i am currantly 14 and when i turn 16 i want a luxary hummer in fusion orange pacific blue glacier blue silver ice black or victory red…anyways i am not rich but i still can afford the hummer h2 sut but rich or not i think any1 can get whatever they want im with all the hummer lovers…but for the people who dont like them why waste your time argueing about it us hummer lovers gone get our hummers no matter what so your opinion is really not needed on what you should get and a hummer is really not that bad i have been reseaching hummers and know about all you can know about them and if you really look it up hummer h2 sut got better gas mileage than some small cars so what can you really say they are not that bad…and so you know i have a good reason for buying one we have a farm and we always have our trucks off the road so no rude comments please but…:)I ******* LOVE MU******* HUMMERS(: HUMMER H2 SUT YA BABE YOU REALLY DO RULE THE ROAD


  143. well most of these coments were left 7yrs ago. hummers have seemed to have lost that wow factor in fact i have noticed a lot of poor people driving them. my gardener wants to sell his 08 h2 so i was just trying to get some info on mpgs, was wanting to find a diesel conversion. i like the size but i dont like throwing cash out the window

  144. Ok seriously this shit is ridiculous a bunch of fucking sissy ass cry babies bitching about something that you know absolutely nothing about!!! Sooooo lets explain me and my bf have just bought a Hummer H2 and its big and bad ass and this is coming from a tiny girl I’m not some fat beast I’m 5’5 and 105 lbs and I love driving this vehicle I can see everything and have never felt safer in my life than in this Hummer…. You people are fucked up saying that its a gas guzzler that’s a bunch of bullshit lets compare our Hummer gets 12 mpg (city) and 21 mpg(highway) which is pretty damn good now a Dodge Ram 1500 gets 8 mpg (city) and 10 mpg (highway)….. So really this site should be called I hate Dodge Rams not Hummers…. Also if you go to a gm dealership they’ll tell you that they have the same engine as the Chevy Silverado….. Hummers are not killing the environment there are so many things polluting the earth just like you guys are polluting the internet with this filth…Hummers arent even making a dent!! You know the Prius the one that uses gas and electricity? well lets see when your plugging that in to charge up your tin can your using a lot of electricity which creates a lot of pollution do you even know how how much coal they burn at the electric company just to charge your piece of crap Prius?? You people have nothing better to do than hate on someone who’s doing better than you because your really just jealous that you don’t own one and that you can’t afford one!!! So keep hating your only making us and our Hummers more popular and famous….So next time you decide to hate on something why don’t you look into it and get your facts straight….. And take a good look in the mirror because until you get a decent vehicle your never going to get any good looking pussy just fat ones enjoy!

  145. Guys, hummer owners and lovers just calm down ,I already know why haters for hummer are many .
    Definitely if your driving a golf , toyota raum etc .You should not even talk about a Hummer ,your wallet is still small .You should not hate hummer owners just work hard and forget about the jelousy you will tomorrow migrate to an SUV .

  146. For real get a life . its a car not a full not a terrorist if u got so much time to bitch about hummers just give me a hummer?. Live your life and leave everyone else the fuck alone nosey bitches.

  147. This is a joke, people talking crap about cars and mileage, we are still free in this country for the time being to make the choices that we want to. I am on my 2nd H2 I have 2 full size vans, mini van, 3 sedans, and HOG, the mini van is the only vehicle that breaks 15mpg and that is fine. Drive what ever you want and makes you happy gas is a small price to pay for being happy.

  148. What is the cost per year on gas for the H2 Hummer? hummers are great a great vehicle to use on tough terrain and good for career jobs. lighten up.

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