Chechnya’s War With Russia

Just a little note to let everyone know how super stoked I am (Yelena too) that Chechen terrorists are hitting Russia 2 weeks before we go there. In the last week they blew up two planes, suicide bombed a subway station and now they took a school hostage and are killing kids.

Can’t wait to go to Russia! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Chechnya’s War With Russia”

  1. I though you already had gone to Russia 🙂

    Hopefully the Russian goverment will increase security to a point where it will become more difficult for the rebels to operate. In any case I do not think they will dare to target US citizens.

    I must admit that I would not dare going on a trip to Russia atleast not now.

    I hope you two will have a nice vacation, regardless of the current events.

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