Xbox In A Car

While it would be for no real reason, other than just to see if it could be done, I think I ruled out putting an Xbox in a Hummer 2. There just isn’t enough room to put it anywhere without loosing functional space.

Actually, now that I think about it, I guess it could serve some useful purposes:

  • Something to do when I’m waiting in the car for something (parked of course).

  • Mod the Xbox so you can put a bigger hard drive in it, and put a few hundred DVDs I own on the hard drive so people could watch a movie in the car without actually needing to physically bring the DVD.

Still the problem of no room though. Might be able to gut it and build a ultra-low profile case with just the motherboard and hard drive (drop the case, the power supply and the DVD-ROM), and pop in a smaller DC native power supply (really no point in getting an inverter to convert 12V DC -> 120V AC just so the power supply can turn it back into DC.

Hmmm… {thinking}

2 thoughts on “Xbox In A Car”

  1. I’m thinking about doing something like this too. Looking around at what I can find for low-profile cases… I’m thinking about checking laptop power supplies for power — the Xbox has relatively low power demands compared to actual PCs… there’s considerably less space in my new Scion tC but I’m sure it could be done! 🙂

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