Random Email #8

This guy is lonely… πŸ™

I need true, real, good friend.

That’s the entire email… nothing else. Maybe if you would tell me a little about yourself, your desires in life or whatever else, I could be your one true, real, good friend.

I Can Drive A Golf Ball?

Uhm… something strange happened tonight. Julien and I went to the driving range to hit some golf balls… and much to both of our amazement, we were both able to hit the ball relatively well with our drivers (this pretty much was a first for both of us). What in the hell happened? Must be something in the water.

That’s the good news… the bad news is I lost $34 to him in our “pitching challenge”… probably because he cheats somehow.

Random Email #6

What the hell is this person sending me this for?

Have a list of Credit Card numbers, CVV numbers, phone numbers and addresses of American and British citizens. Have got these from BPOs. Let me know if youre interested.

Uhm… do I look like the credit card fraud auction center to you dude? I don’t even know what a BPO is. I don’t think you are allowed to use other people’s credit cards without their permission, so what good would a bunch of other people’s credit cards do for me? Nada.

MySQL 5.1 Out Of Alpha

With version 5.1.7, MySQL 5.1 (which is something I’m [not] patiently waiting for) has gone from alpha to beta status.

The stuff I’m really looking forward to is it’s improvements to the NDB Cluster engine…

  • Disk Data tables (before NDB Cluster required everything to be memory-resident)
  • Integration of MySQL Cluster and MySQL replication
  • Variable sized records

Now hurry up through the beta phases! πŸ™‚

The only thing (that I can think of) that MySQL Cluster will be lacking for 5.1 is support for FULLTEXT indexes… not a deal breaker though since you will be able to replicate to a MyISAM to get a FULLTEXT indexed table. Should see it in MySQL 5.2 though (hopefully). Oh, and the ability to alter live tables sure would be nice.

Coldplay and The Magic Numbers

How in the F did Coldplay and Magic Numbers sneak into my iTunes/iPod? Somehow I have the full albums! They have been there for like 6 months, and been to lazy to delete those albums (they do suck). Coldplay are a bunch of whiney bitches.

I think someone broke into my house and put that crap on my iTunes.

I’m A Cowboy!

After playing some frisbee gold yesterday, Julien, Jay and Paul dragged me to Incahoots (a cowboy bar/line dancing place) because on Thursday, you can get a steak, potato and beer for $5.95. Not a bad deal even if it was a crappy steak… but amazingly enough it was actually a pretty good steak too.

Steak, Spuds, & Suds – Enjoy a sizzling steak, baked potato & ice cold draft beer from 5:00-9:00 p.m. for only $5.95.

The best part about it though is it’s an absolute requirement of this place to have your shirt tucked in (out of respect for the cowgirls)… So we were looking pretty good with our t-shirts tucked in. Especially me because I had shorts on. πŸ™‚

But whatever… I guess $5.95 for dinner and beer is worth looking stupid, so I’ll be there next week! πŸ˜‰

(this isn’t us, just a picture from their site)

Making Kids Cry

I saw this a couple weeks ago and forgot to post it on my blog, so a little late is better than never I suppose. πŸ™‚

What a nice dad… make your kid cry (and probably crap his pants) and videotape it for your viewing pleasure. haha

Voice Controlled Blender (Blendie)

Okay, this is kind of odd… this is a blender you scream at to make it work. πŸ™‚ (link to blueprint)

People induce the blender to spin by sounding the sounds of its motor in action. A person may growl low pitch blender-like sounds to get it to spin slow (Blendie pitch and power matches the person) and the person can growl blender-style at higher pitches to speed up Blendie. The experience for the participant is to speak the language of the machine and thus to more deeply understand and connect with the machine. The action may also bring about personal revelations in the participant. The participant empathizes with Blendie and in this new approach to a domestic appliance, a conscious and personally meaningful relationship is facilitated.


Check How Much You Pay For Crap

Geez man… I’ve been paying $140/month for my 6Mbit DSL line from SBC for years. Today I ran across something that shows 6Mbit DSL lines from SBC are $44.99/month with a 1 year contract or $59.99 if you pay month to month.

So I called them and asked what the difference was between my $140/month DSL and their $45/month DSL… Uhm, nothing is different… only the price.

“Gee, can I get the cheaper price then?”

“Sure, let me change if for you.”

“Am I going to have any downtime?”

“No, it’s a price change only. Your service will be exactly the same and won’t be affected.”

Nice… so I overpaid them like $2,000 in the last 2 years. haha Oh well…