Realtime Photovoltaic Output

I finally got around to switching from MRTG to Cacti for SNMP monitoring… and in doing so, I started to use it for other things that aren’t SNMP based. One of those things is charting electricity output from the solar panels I have at my home…

It’s kind of a fun thing… so here you go. You can see realtime electricity output from my solar panels (updated every 5 minutes).

Daily Yield: (today)
Total Yield: (since installation)

Daily (5 Minute Average)

Weekly (30 Minute Average)

Monthly (2 Hour Average)

Yearly (1 Day Average)

4 thoughts on “Realtime Photovoltaic Output”

  1. How big is your array? Is it ground or roof mounted? Do you use tracking or fixed mounting? Thanks for the info and sharing your impressive output generation data.

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