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Check How Much You Pay For Crap

Geez man… I’ve been paying $140/month for my 6Mbit DSL line from SBC for years. Today I ran across something that shows 6Mbit DSL lines from SBC are $44.99/month with a 1 year contract or $59.99 if you pay month to month.

So I called them and asked what the difference was between my $140/month DSL and their $45/month DSL… Uhm, nothing is different… only the price.

“Gee, can I get the cheaper price then?”

“Sure, let me change if for you.”

“Am I going to have any downtime?”

“No, it’s a price change only. Your service will be exactly the same and won’t be affected.”

Nice… so I overpaid them like $2,000 in the last 2 years. haha Oh well…

Random Email #5

Another weird one I just got…

Hi I am Denise, I have a 1993 Geo Tracker and the check engine light is on. I did replace the 02 sensor and did a tune up with all new plugs and the check engine light is still on. Not sure how many 02 sensor’s are in my tuck but a mechanic said it could be the o2 sensor, so can you assist me on what I need to do.
And let me know how many sensors are in my tracker, Thank You.

{scratching head} Did you try calling a car dealer, or someone that knows anything about car engines? If your car runs on PHP or HTML I could probably help you, but otherwise…

Life Without Electricity

I woke up this morning and there was no electricity in my house…

“Oh yeah… SDG&E sent me a letter telling me it as going to be off from 9:00 am to 3:30 pm today.”

Gee, that sucks. No electricity means no computers, no Internet, no nothing basically. My housekeepers are coming today too… I wonder how they are going to vacuum? hah

In case you are wondering how I’m writing this… it’s a laptop connected to the Internet via my cellphone. Not quite as fast as the 6Mbit I normally get. 🙂

Cheney Shoots Campaign Contributor

Harry Whittington, a 78-year-old lawyer, was shot by our vice president, Dick Cheney over the weekend while Cheney was quail hunting.

He contributed $1,000 to Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign and $2,000 to his 2004 re-election bid.

Nice “thank you” for donating, eh? 🙂


Harry Whittington had a minor heart attack today after a piece of birdshot (from the gun blast) made its way into his heart.

I Need A Job Title

I was thinking today that I’ve never actually had business cards before (never really needed them). But sometimes it might be handy to have them (I dunno… maybe you need something to write on real quick…)

So I decided if I’m going to get business cards, I’m going to make cool ones. But then I realized I don’t really have a job title… So you guys needs to think of a job title for me. The best one I could think of myself is “Digital Inventor”, but I want to hear all suggestions (leave a comment with the suggestion).

I’m Sexy!

Sometimes I forget about how god damn sexy I am.

This is what happens when I’m out trying to pick up cows and my pimp juice is flowing.

If I had an identical twin brother, I would seriously consider a life of homosexuality (and incest I suppose).

So seriously, I want to know what you think… On a scale of 1 to 10 with 6 being the highest, how sexy do you think I am? 🙂

P.S. – It’s amazing that Gisele Bundchen hasn’t called me since her and Leonard DiCaprio split up, don’t you think? Obviously she hasn’t seen *this* picture of me.


I was just informed that Gisele is dating Kelly Slater, so it makes sense about her not calling me now.

The Big Portland Move

I know it’s in terribly bad taste to make fun of someone’s blog (especially since this one sucks), but when someone starts ripping on San Diego, S.D. has to represent bitches! (I’m 3rd or 4th generation San Diegian) 🙂


Actually, now that I dig into it a little more, I don’t even have to say anything, all I have to do is quote his blog (keep in mind this is a dude)…

He can knit, so I guess it’s not *all* bad. 😉

Our good friend and neighbor Wendy has taught me how to knit!

I will be hanging out and just knitting up a storm…

…knitted for about two hours while watching “The Muppet Show”…

S.D. in da’ house!

Osama Bin Laden’s Niece Poses In GQ Magazine

I wonder if Osama bin Laden is super stoked about one of his “blood” posing for racy pictures in GQ magazine…

“The niece of the man who orchestrated the destruction of the World Trade Center seventy-eight blocks to the south has a point. After September 11, the name bin Laden (which is how it’s spelled when referring to Osama) turned radioactive, borderline satanic-by-association. It made her feel cursed, presumed guilty—made her wonder if it might keep her from ever getting a record deal. So she took her mother’s maiden name, Dufour, which makes for a better first impression, even though the bin Laden taint is always there.”

Wafah Dufour (changed her last name from bin Laden) is in this month’s GQ:


Making Money On A Bad Day

Anyone can make money in the stock market when it’s a bull market and running up like crazy. The stock market is going to have good days and bad days… If you want to measure your (or your money managers’) success, don’t measure it based on what you made on a good day, instead check to see how little you lost on a bad day.

Those are my wise words of the day. hehe

Google and Apple

Both Google and Apple stock are currently trading at their all-time highs. What’s even more impressive is they are both up 19% in the last 30 days. Not a bad gain for a month. Both stocks are well over 100% gain for the last year.

What do these two companies have in common? They both are innovators. Just when you think there is nothing else cool they could do, they do something amazing. Then all the competitors scramble to play catch up.

I own a decent amount of both companies, and I’m not going to be selling those shares anytime soon. In fact, I might buy more (even at their all time high). Although you could just not listen to me, and instead listen to the “experts” who were running to sell Apple 4 years ago

“Don’t buy Apple’s stock. And if you own it, sell it.”

If you would have invested $10,000 on the day he said that, it would be worth $86,675 today (roughly 4 years later), a 766% gain. I don’t know of many other stocks that have averaged an 85% compounded gain year after year for the last 4 years… do you?

It will be interesting to see if Google follows the same trend for 4 years after their IPO… After 15 months, they are averaging a 315% gain per year. 🙂 If they could sustain that for a total of 4 years, their stock price would be $25,212 per share (of course there would be some splits in there) 4 years after their 2004 IPO and not only make them the first trillion dollar company, they would be a 7.4 trillion dollar company. If any company could pull that off, it would be Google (although don’t bet it will be that quick), they certainly are going to be the first trillion dollar company at some point.

Stock Market Prediction

I think the stock market is about to start a pretty big run up until at least the end of the year (bigger gains than we have seen all year). Tech stocks are going to be the industry that is the driving force for this bull run. We’ll see how my psychic prediction is come January 1, 2006.

Google Shares Up $14 Today

Google’s stock closed at $372.14 today (up $13.97 for the day), which I thankfully I own some shares. I wonder how much higher it’s going to go before they announce a stock split. Even as it is now, it seems like a 10:1 stock split would be “reasonable”. It’s not the first day that their market cap was over $100B, but they are a pretty solid $100B company right now (with $4B to spare). Coincidentally, Google’s market cap is exactly twice what Yahoo is worth. 🙂

The only stock that has done better in the last year is Apple. Considering I own that too (for longer than a year), maybe I should stop being a programmer and be a stock broker. haha

Two Stealth Fighters Outside My Window

So I’m sitting here working, minding my own business, when I happened to hear the roar of a jet engine somewhere close. So make the huge trouble (hehe) of turning my head to look out my window, and two Stealth Fighters were cruising by (maybe 500 feet off the ground). Obviously they just took off from the Miramar airbase (which is a few miles away). Probably going “home” after the airshow over the weekend.

One thing I noticed about them… they aren’t all that stealthy. I could hear it and see it perfectly fine. Aren’t they supposed to be invisible? 🙂

Snail Mail Spam

Spam in my “normal” mailbox has gotten crazy lately. I get *maybe* one actual letter per day, and then 10-15 spam mails (free magazines, catalogs and all sorts of other crap). So today I decided to actually call these places and get removed from their mailing lists.

Guess what? You can’t be removed. Their suggestion is to put it in the trash (well that’s what I’ve been doing for years). But you *can* update your address with them, so I figured out what to do. Just change the mailing address to one of the other spammers. So now Holiday Express catalogs go to the BtoB magazine office, and vice versa. Man, I wish I thought of that earlier. I’m gonna see if I can actually eliminate my postal mail spam.

For ones just addressed to “Resident” (like the “Have you seen us?” mailings), does anyone know if I can refuse delivery on those and return to sender? 🙂

The Wall Street Journal

Dude, sometimes when you get free stuff it’s more annoying than anything else. The Wall Street Journal started sending me a free 6 month subscription out of the blue.

That’s cool and all, except I don’t have a fireplace where I live, so I don’t need newspaper to start a fire. Nor do I have a pet bird that needs their birdcage lined with papers. So really I have absolutely no use for it.

No biggie… just throw them away, right? Wrong. They are so big the post office can’t put them in my mailbox. Which means now I get to pick up my mail AT the post office. That’s awesome dude! I get something “free” I don’t want and now I have to drive to the post office to get my mail because of it. Rad.

DMV Locations

So my birthday is coming up next week and I realized my license expires this year (on my birthday), so I went to the DMV to renew it. Now what I want to know is when did going to the DMV become a pleasant experience? I went to the DMV today at like 8:30 am, thinking I was going to spend half the day there in line or whatever. I ended up filling out the dumb little paper, taking the eye test and getting my picture taken. Total time elapsed? 14 minutes from the time I walked in the front door to walking out. That’s too easy… what the hell dude??

1,200 Hour Work Day

When the earth was created, it rotated pretty fast (a day was about 6 hours). The moon’s gravity has slowed that down to 24 hours now. But in about a billion years, the moon will have slowed the earth’s rotation do a day is 1,200 hours.

How’s that for a work day? 🙂

Training To Be A Ninja

As many of you know, I’m in the middle of fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a ninja. At this stage of training, it’s just a lot of book work, but hopefully someday it will be all worth it.

Today we learned about the Monkey Steals The Peach move. This is where you take your opposition, and physically rip their balls off. It’s pretty effective I would imagine and I can’t wait to try it out on my fellow students.

Thanks to Boing Boing for the picture.

I’m Nervous

SDG&E are working on something to do with the electricity under the streets tonight where I live. Which means they are shutting off all the power to my neighborhood between 10:00 pm and 8:00 am tonight. If I don’t go to bed right away, it’s going to be strange. Sit around and do a puzzle by candlelight or something?

What in the hell did people do before the Internet? Hmmm… I guess they watched TV. But what did people do before TV or electricity?

If you never hear from me again, we probably went mad and killed each other.

T-minus 21 minutes…….

How Will You Remember President Bush?

Election day is finally here. I’m a registered voter in California, but I’m not going to vote because the electoral voting system is stupid. California is a lock for Kerry, so he gets all 55 electoral votes regardless of what percentage of California actually votes for him. If I lived in a state where the vote could go either way, I would get out and vote.

I’m also a Republican, but not so much that I would ever vote for someone simply because of their political party. I thought Ronald Reagan (R) was a great president, I thought the first Bush (R) was a mediocre president and then I thought Clinton (D) was a great president.

In my opinion, the 2nd Bush is a terrible president… not because of anything specifically he did (or did not do). While I don’t agree with some (most) of the things he does, I don’t think it makes him a bad president. If he gets reelected today, I hope things go much differently in his second term, although I kind of doubt it.

The reason I think George W. Bush is a terrible president is because he is the first president that actually made me feel embarrassed to be an American, and if the president makes people feel that way (however it happened), I think they are a terrible president.

Home Mortgage Interest Tax Deduction

Sometimes I really feel like people are incapable of thinking for themselves… Let’s take a home loan for example.

It’s widely known that you can write off the interest of the loan (not the principal) in your income taxes. Soon I’ll be building a house, and everyone keeps telling me that I should get a loan so I can write off the interest. Okay, that’s nice… but why not just pay for it outright I ask them? Their response is always, “Because then you can’t write off the interest.”

So if people would stop repeating what other people say and actually think about it, they might not think that way. Let’s do the math here… A 30 year loan for $1,000,000 at 7% interest would be $6,653.02 per month. That means you have paid $2,395,087.20 over the course of the loan (roughly $1.4M in interest). Wow, that’s fantastic, eh? Now you can write off $1.4M that you paid out that you otherwise could have simply kept. Which at a 30% tax bracket would be a savings of $420,000 because of your write off.

Hmmmm… pay $1,395,087.20 so you can get back (“save”) $418,526.16. What a deal!

It is a good thing, but if you can pay cash, that’s better… it’s funny to see people argue that you should “keep” your money rather than pay off your loan so that you can have the tax “break”.

If you are reading this, and you think it’s a good idea, maybe you should shop around for the highest interest rate you can find, because then you get a bigger tax write off. 🙂

Retarded Car Salespeople

Of course I’m sure there are some nice and normal car salespeople, but this was just too funny… I started to inquire about a Hummer SUT to a few dealerships, and this was one of my conversations:

Me: I want this color and these options [boring stuff cut out]. If you have that exact vehicle with no extra options and no options missing [remember this part] then let’s talk.

Them: Yep, I have one of that exact vehicle.

Me: Okay, How much is it?

Them: $87,000

Me: Hmmm, you really are asking $35,000 above MSRP for it?

Them: No, not at all. It’s totally tricked out with a chrome under-body, DVD entertainment system, turbo charger, 20″ wheels with low-profile tires, etc.

Aside from this guy just being deaf or retarded (maybe both), why in the hell would anyone put low-profile racing tires on a Hummer 2 is beyond me.

Irish Spring Soap

I would just like to say that after been stuck with Zest soap for awhile before going back to Irish Spring soap, I truly appreciate what a superior soap Irish Spring is. I don’t think I’ll ever use anything else for the rest of my life. That’s terribly interesting, wouldn’t you say? 🙂

BTW, the corned beef turned out really good.