Nevada Gaming Device

One of the pictures that almost got us all thrown in jail. We took pictures of our poker table, which is forbidden because it’s a “Nevada gaming device”.

Uhm, how do you like your hand there Shoe’? 🙂

(picture ripped off from Shandy King, so if you want to arrest anyone, it’s him. I know nothing.)


I saw on Shoemoney’s site that he found a video that Brent took (same guy that took the pictures… at least we know who should go to jail for recording/photographing a Nevada gaming device)…

8 thoughts on “Nevada Gaming Device”

  1. Curious how that picture was taken – image quality is pretty good – better than what you see with most Cell Phone Camera’s and pocket digicams.

  2. I don’t see any camera in my hand and I found that picture on the web, so arrest someone else!

    Funny thing about that picture, Shoe showed me his hand pre-flop and forgot. That happened a few times but at that moment I think he thought he had me beat…

  3. Judging from the position the picture was taken, it couldn´t have been me either…
    lucky me – I figured, if they would go after someone, it´d probably the stupid german in lederhosens LOL 🙂

  4. Definitely wasn’t me – I left Brian’s camera behind in the limo. No pictures for me!

    Process of elimination is beginning to make it sticky… Who’s going to jail?

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